K-Power (July/August 1984)


Source: K-Power Issue (July/August 1984)

K-Power was a magazine oriented towards teens published in 1984. Only eight standalone issues were published until it merged with Family Computing and became an insert there. The July/August 1984 issue includes:


  • How Teen Tycoons Take Care of Business – Some savvy hackers make big dough with their computer skills. How you can, too!
  • Computer Comix – Here’s a “Gee, Whiz!” another K-Power laff-riot!
  • Computers Go for the Gold – Will computers help cyclist Rebecca Twigg or archer Becky Liggett win a Gold Medal?
  • K-Power Picks – Olympics software get K-Power’s highest rating.
  • Test Run: IBM PCjr – Forget the rest – read the best! K-Power tells you how the much-heralded PCjr really rates.
  • The Making of a Hacker – Can anyone be a hacker? According to Andrea Leptich, the answer is Yes!
  • Computer Superstars – A look at some of everybody’s favorite computer cartoon characters – Q*bert, the Zerks, R