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  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (DOS)

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo (DOS)


    There were sooo many Street Fighter II games. Super Street Fighter II Turbo was actually the fifth game in the Street Fighter II series (and never mind about the original Street Fighter). This advertisement is for the DOS port of the game that was released in 1995, only about a year after the arcade release. At least by this time they had gotten things in gear with the PC release. The original Street Fighter II was ported to DOS also but three years after the original port to the SNES and it was pretty horrible.

    Thankfully, Super Street Fighter II Turbo is a much better port. With a decent PC at the time, the graphics and animation were reasonably close to the original with the biggest problem being the fact that the graphics were ported directly and the aspect ratio was a little off vs. the arcade. There was a little less horizontal distance available in the game. This wasn’t a huge deal though.

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo introduced a few new play mechanics to the Street Fighter II series. It added new combinations including super combos and air combos. It also features the first appearance of Akuma as a secret character.

    This game was also ported to the 3D0, PlayStation and Sega Saturn (as part of Street Fighter Collection in the case of the last two). Arguably the PC version is better than all of these but there is something to be said for the convenience of a game console hooked to a tv. This is especially true today for this game because getting a DOS game to work on a modern PC takes a bit of work. However, there have been a number of re-releases of this game over the years. It was released as part of Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 for the PS2 and Xbox (though these had various glitches) and then there were rearranged versions for various systems that were somewhat different games.

    As far as the original ports, short of emulating the arcade version, your best bet is probably the PC version with the Saturn and PlayStation versions being close seconds. If you are looking for a modern remake, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008 and offers a classic mode.

  • EZCosmos


    Source: Sierra News Magazine – Fall 1990

    This ad appeared in the Fall 1990 issue of Sierra News Magazine. I though that was kind of odd given that this does not seem to be a Sierra product but I guess they didn’t have any astronomy related programs that would have competed. I never used EZCosmos but I used to love the idea of these astronomy programs. It was like having the universe (part of it anyway) inside your computer. As relatively limited as it was, I loved Sky Travel for the Commodore 64.

    EZCosmos is a DOS program developed by Future Trends Software and there were at least three version. Eventually it was acquired by a company called Software Bisque and incorporated into an astronomy program called TheSky for Windows. This company and software still exists today and is available in several editions for iOS, OSX, Windows, Linux and Raspbian. It has come a long way since its original DOS incarnation.

    From the ad:

    “Journey through space and time, exploring the vistas of the universe. EZCosmos reveals the entire celestial sphere for any date, time and location from 4000 B.C. to A.D. 10000. You can choose your location from one of 560 cities around the world, or you can input your own lat/lon to see the sky from anywhere on Earth.

    Explore the vastness of the universe. EZCosmos displays more than 10000 celestial objects, including the sun, moon, planets, stars, constellation lines and deep space objects. Use the arrow keys or your mouse to position the box cursor on any object, or find the object and its location simply by typing in its name.

    Discover the wonders of the universe. Zoom in on binary stars. Verify historical observations. Watch solar eclipse animations. Restrict the skyplot do display just the navigational stars. EZCosmos is informative, educational, useful and fun.”

  • Computer Gaming World (January 1993)


    Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 102 – January 1993

    Computer Gaming World really was the best computer games magazine. It was sad when it evolved into the short-lived Games for Windows. The January 1993 issue includes the following:


    • Ultra Bots Exclusive Coverage – Johnny Wilson Proves That War Is What you Mech of It
    • A King’s Quest VI(th) Sense? – Chuck Miller Gets Under the Scalp of Missing Heirs
    • Carusoe-ing For A Bruising – Giligan has Nothing on Dynamix’ Johnny Castaway – A Note in the Bottle from Alan Emrich & Johnny Wilson
    • Accolade’s Summer Challenge Leaps For The Gold – Reviewer Gordon Goble Checks for (Foot) Faults
    • Sierra’s Clueless Gobliiins – Chriiis Lombardiii Buys Them A Vowel
    • The Quest For Glory Series Takes a 3rd Turn – Players May Not Mind A Couple of Lumps of Cole in Their Stockings As Dug by Jeff James
    • Bela Lugosi Lives On In Plan 9 From Outer Space – By Alien Abductee, Charles Ardai
    • Is Jack Nicklaus Golf Driving You Bunkers? – Mark Willet Guides Course Designers Through the Rough
    • A Composer’s Symposium on Sound Support – Donald Griffin Explores What’s in the Cards & Gives Sound Observations
    • Surveying the Realms – Virgin Games Sallies Into Strategy Gaming By Jeff “The Conquering Commentator” James
    • Heimdall – The Party Viking? – Ragnarok n’ Roll With Allen “Bjorn To Be Wild” Greenberg
    • Evan B(r)ooks A Flight on Air Bucks – A Solvent Review for Soldiers in the Fare Wars
    • The High & Dry Way to Fly – Stealthy Strategies for Happier Landings in Air Bucks by Jennifer Schlickbernd
    • Learning From The Prophecy of the Shadow – SSI Reaches Out For New Role-Playing Converts By Jeff “Voice In The Wilderness” James
    • How Do You Spell Excitement? N-H-L-P-A Hockey! – Electronic Arts Shoots and Scores on the SEGA As Glossed Over by Zamboni Drivers Chris Lombardi & Alan Emrich
    • A Different Slant on Wayne Gretzky 3 – Gordon Goble “Checks” Out Bethesda’s Latest
    • The Deciding Point is a Spear of Destiny – Back To the Bunker on Another Wolfenstein 3-D Mission Bryan Walker Takes a Careful, Reviewer’s aim
    • Making One’s Mark in Darklands – Fighting For One’s Reputation part II of Sam Baker’s Strategy Guide
    • Charles Ardai Takes a Spring Break – Legend’s Spellcasting: 301 Works Its Magic Through Another Naughty, Sophomoric Rump (Er,…Romp)
    • Phone Stone – GEnie’s Gemstone III Gets Reappraised By the Pawnbroker of Panache, Johnny Wilson
    • The Consumers Strike Back! – CGW’s Annual Top Ad Contest is Launched And Will be Decided by Our Readers

    Computer Wargaming World

    • Red Baron Mission Builder in the Crosshairs – Becoming the Ringmaster of the Flying Circus A Review of Dynamix’s Toolkit by Doug “Flying” Fick
    • Naval Miniatures on a Microcomputer? – SSI’s Great Naval Battles in the North Atlantic Sails With Nautical Nuance by Johnny “Range Finder” Wilson
    • “I’ll Meet You At Midway” – A Rip Roaring Replay of A Carriers at War Scenario By Michael “Nimitz” Peck and Carlos “Yamamoto” Gomez
    • B-17 – On Target? – Reviewing MicroProse UK’s Flying Fortress Simulator Flak Fired by William Shefski
    • Having Conquered Kingdoms At Your Feet – Alan Emrich Previews the Latest Offering from QQP And Sees Magic in the Strategy Gamer’s Future
    • Advanced Squad Leader Meets IBM – A Game Assistance Program lends Support to a Wargaming Classic By Richard “10-6” Savage
    • Gunship 2000 Over Islands and Ice – A Helicopter Gunship Flight Simulator Supplement Reviewed by Bryan Walker
    • Reviewing the Fronts in Theatre of War – Tim Carter Witnesses A Strategy Gaming Spectacle
    • Talons & Claws in Operation Fighting Tiger – Spectrum Holobyte Gives a Boost to Falcon 3.0 An In-flight Review by Tom “Crash” Basham
    • Garage-Built F-16? – Mike Weksler Straps into Homemade Cockpits for Flight Simulators


    • Scorpia’s View: Clouds of Xeen
    • Over There: European Software Report
    • Scorpia’s Tale: The Summoning
    • Best of the Rest (Shareware)
    • CGW Stock Watch: Sierra
    • Company Profile: QQP
    • Conversions Received
    • Letters from Paradise
    • The Rumor Bag (Artis Fartis)
    • Computer Wargaming World Editorial: Roger Keating Interview
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    …and more!