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  • Space Quest V (DOS)


    Source: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment – June 1993

    Space Quest V is one of a long line of point and click adventure games from Sierra. Both the Space Quest series and the King’s Quest series used basically the same interface, at least during this time period. Game play is pretty simplistic. You just click on an action and the game takes care of the rest.

    The Space Quest series was somewhat unique in that it was a science fiction parody. It makes fun of a lot of science fiction shows like Star Trek through exaggerated imitation. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of the better Space Quest games. It’s not that it’s terrible or anything but it is way to short (it can easily be finished in a day) and the plot is mostly forgettable.

    However, if you love point and click adventures and/or the Space Quest or King’s Quest series and haven’t played this one yet, then it is worth a play through. If you are intent on playing the Space Quest series though and haven’t played the other yet then you might as well start with the first one. You can of course track down an original copy on eBay and get it running in DOS Box or you can go the easier route and get it on GoG (https://www.gog.com/game/space_quest_4_5_6_). You’ll get three games for a lot less than you’ll probably be able to get one of them on eBay.

    The review above is from the June 1993 issue of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment.

  • MDK (PC, Macintosh, PlayStation)


    Source: PSM – Number 1 – September 1997

    MDK is a third person shooter initially developed for the PC and then ported to Mac OS and later the PlayStation. While it was developed at a time when 3D accelerators were starting to take off in popularity, MDK was developed without as hardware based 3D graphics. All rendering was done via software and the requirements were still relatively modest at the time…a Pentium 60 with 16MB of RAM. The graphics were pretty good for the time too.

    The game was originally to be called “Murder Death Kill” but was changed for marketing purposes. Even the MDK became more ambiguous as there were a few instances of that acronym in the game. The most obvious of which was the name of the mission being executed which was called “Mission: Deliver Kindness”. The game has a rather humorous backstory though the main plot is pretty simplistic…save the Earth from invading aliens. You must accomplish this, in part, using a newly invented “Coil Suit”.

    The PlayStation version of the game was released about 7 months after the original PC version though development overlapped somewhat. Graphically speaking, there are some things better about the PC version and other things better about the PlayStation version. Personally, I prefer the PC version and that’s probably the easiest version to get as it has been released on both Steam and GoG. The PlayStation version shouldn’t be too hard to find but you will have to track down an original. A sequel (MDK2) was released in 2000 for Windows and the Dreamcast and in 2001 for the PlayStation. A third game was planned but never released.

    The ad above is for the PlayStation version of the game and it appeared in the September 1997 issue of PSM (the first issue). Screen shots are from the PC version of the game.

  • Computer Gaming World (September 1989)


    Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 63 – September 1989

    I think without a doubt that Computer Gaming World was the best PC games magazine. In 1989 they were still covering other computer systems and the magazine was only at 50 pages but it would reach it’s peak in the 1990s with the development of the 3D accelerator and the subsequent explosion of PC gaming. There were some truly massive issues then. The September 1989 issue includes:


    • SSI’s “Curse of the Azure Bonds” – Scorpia Explores Another “Forgotten Realm”
    • Epyx’s “The Omicron Conspiracy” – “We’d Tell You More, But…”
    • SSI’s “Hillsfar” – “It Takes A Thief” To Be The Best
    • The Sounds of Silicon – CGW’s Test Lab Explores IBM Sound Boards
    • “Chessmaster 211” vs. “Sargon 4” – Software Toolworks and Spinnaker Face-Off
    • It’s A “Grand [Old] Fleet” – SimCan’s World War I Naval Combat Game
    • SSI’s “Red Lightning” Strikes Twice – Modern Warfare on the ST and IBM
    • Here Comes the “Fire King” – SSG’s Action/Role-Playing Game
    • How to Plan for a Long “Journey” – Game Hints from Abroad
    • Star Saga Two: The Clathran Menace – Masterplay’s New Adventure Game
    • Linking Up for “Tournament Golf” – Playing a “Mean[er] 18”
    • Hints for Infocom’s “Arthur” – Scorpion’s Tale Offers “Roundtable” Discussion
    • “Name The Game” Contest – Win A Free 3-Year CGW Subscription


    • Letters from Paradise
    • Taking A Peek
    • Conversions Received
    • Rumor Bag
    • Inside The Industry
    • Game Ratings
    • CGW Hall of Fame
    • Reader Input Device

    …and more!