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  • VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (June 1992)

    Source: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment – June 1992

    VideoGames & Computer Entertainment was my favorite video games magazine of the late 1980s/early 1990s. The June 1992 issue featured the newly released Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo on the cover and included:


    • The Conquest of Cron: A Player’s Guide to Might & Magic, Part I – Might & Magic for the Genesis is one of the largest role-playing games on any game system. Our game guide will help you get over the worst hurdles, so you can get down to serious adventuring.
    • Superheroes on the Scrolling Screen – Comic-book heroes have long been the focus of some video-game related companies. Join us as we take a look at characters that have made the successful transition from comics to video games.
    • A.C.M.E. Show Report – Held once every year, the American Coin Machine Exposition exposes electronic gaming’s latest entries in the coin-op division. This year’s offerings in San Antonio won’t disappoint you.
    • Bringing The Hardwood Home: Electronic Basketball – 1992 Style – The basketball season ran longer this year, giving software developers extra time to produce more entries. Join our expert as he surveys the best three-point games around.
    • Video-Game Reviews – Street Fighter II, The World Warrior, Splatterhouse 2, Defenders of Dynatron City, The Blues Brothers, Spanky’s Quest, Gunbota, Raiden Trad, Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Rival Turf and Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston.
    • Gaming on the Go – Crystal Warriors, Turn and Burn and Basketbrawl.
    • Computer-Game Previews – John Madden Football, A-Train and American Gladiators.
    • Computer-Game Reviews – The Taking of Beverly Hills, Populous II, The Simpsons: Bart’s House of Weirdness, Elvira II: The Jaws of Cereberus, Flames of Freedom, Bush Buck Global Treasure Hunter, Bloodwych, Super Tetris, Out of This World, Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood, Glider 4.0 and Falcon 3.0a.


    • Editor’s Letter
    • Reader Mail
    • Tip Sheet
    • News Bits
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Inside Gaming
    • Game Doctor
    • Advertiser Index
    • Computer-Gaming Strategies
    • Fandango

    …and more!

  • PC Review (June 1992)

    Source: PC Review – Issue Number 8 – June 1992

    PC Review was a U.K. based PC magazine with an emphasis on gaming and entertainment. The 8th issue from June 1992 (a year before I upgraded from my Commodore 64 to my first “PC”) includes:

    • Free Game Guides
    • Features
      • Thanks For The Memory – Peter Gloster has plenty of advice for anyone who finds their PC has trouble remembering all that it should. In this installment of the first steps series he takes you through all the advantages and pitfalls of adding extra memory to your machine.
      • On The Spot – Read all about three readers’ recent visit to Sierra On-Line’s UK headquarters.
      • Warmongers – SSI may have built its reputation on its AD&D series of games, but, as Paul Rigby has been finding out, the company began life designing wargames and is now planning a revival of that side of the business.
      • Competition – You could win an Orion games PC bundle…
    • Cover Disk
      • Disk 8 – We’ve a bumper crop this month, kicking off with a complete match from European Championship 1992. There’s also a set of useful utilities, two more games from the author of Blox, and more…
    • Shareware 123 – Software doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, as we prove in our comprehensive shareware guide. You’ll find a list of recommended titles, each one described in detail and an exclusive order form.
    • Cover Story
      • PCs Made For Playing – Since Amstrad launched its PC games pack last year, half a dozen manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon. Christhna Erskine looks at the pros and cons of games bundles and puts three recent offerings through their paces.
    • Buyer’s Guide – About to upgrade your PC or expand your software collection? Then check out our fully updated guide to PC hardware, software and peripherals before you part with your hard earned cash.
    • Regulars
      • News – At last, there’s news of Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker, and Cineplay are to launch a Claymation graphics package.
      • Coming Soon – Can Digital Integration revive its reputation for simulations with Tornado? Will MicroProse Golf prove worthy competition for PGA Tour Golf? Who’s responsible for the crises in the Kremlin. Find out the answers in our previews section.
      • Tips – Civilization and Star Trek get the QED treatment and there’s the final part of our Gods solution.
      • Letters – From the bizarre to the regular, it’s all here in the pages that are written by you.
      • Q & A – Mike James answers your PC queries.
      • Quit

    …and more!

  • PC Player (April 1994)

    Source: PC Player – April 1994

    PC Player was a U.K. based magazine for PC games. PC in this case means DOS. The April 1994 issue includes a cover featuring one of my favorite game series of all time and includes:


    • News
    • Competition: US Gold
    • Games Round-Up
    • Column: CD Revolution
    • Back Issues
    • Subscription Offer
    • PC Problems
    • Letters


    • John Nichol Interview
    • Book Review
    • Intercept


    • Air Force Commander
    • Arch