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  • Apropos Technology (1984)


    Source: Commander – June 1984

  • Commodore World, Issue Number 6


    Source: Commodore World – Issue Number 6

    Commodore World was a magazine for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 users published bimonthly in the mid to late 1990s. This was really the last U.S. based traditional print magazine for Commodore 8-bit computers. Issue Number 6 includes:


    • Word Tools – Pick the right tool for your word processing requirements.
    • Anatomy of the Printed Page – There’s a lot more to laying out a page than just filling it up with text.


    • Software: Keystone Software – Label Maker and one or more dedicated databases may be your key to success.
    • Games: Miniviews – Total Eclipse, Atomino, Ultima V, Acrojet, and Superman: The Man of Steel.
    • Hardware: Big-D Kits – Kits to simplify installing device selection switches in your 128D.


    • Just For Starters – You’re off and printing as we continue to show you the BASIC’s.
    • Foreign Exchange – The largest computer user’s group in the world? Take a look at Germany’s GUC.
    • Hard Tips: 128D Device Switch Installation – For the do-it-yourselfer, here’s how to install device selection switches.
    • Graphic Interpretation – With all the powerful Window and Macintosh machines around, why use GEOS?
    • geoProgrammist – More info on how making your GEOS applications work with 40 and 80 columns.
    • Basic Instincts – Add repairs and more in the final installment of STARSHIP COMBAT.
    • SCSI Magic – For CMD HD programmers, SCSI Commander takes a fair leap forward.
    • Advanced Techniques – Find out how text adventure data structures work.
    • Peripheral Vision – The better your output looks, the better you look to those who see it.
    • Carrier Detect – Get a better understanding of the Internet in our compressed history lesson.
    • Over The Edge – Is Intel the grinch that stole Christmas? Find out as Don ponders the Pentium.


    • From the Editor
    • Backtalk
    • User Group Connection
    • On the Horizon
    • The Connection
    • Top Tips
    • Commodore Trivia
    • Classified Ads
    • Advertiser’s Index

  • RUN (January 1984)


    Source: RUN – Issue Number 1 – January 1984

    RUN was one of the most popular and longest lasting Commodore 8-bit magazines. While it covered the VIC-20 and Commodore 128 at different times, the Commodore 64 was always the star. The premiere issue from January 1984 includes:


    • Fun with Math Facts – Young students will enjoy reinforcing math skills with this patient teacher. For the VIC-20 or C-64.
    • Canyons of Zelaz – Flying these treacherous canyons is risky business for even the best arcade pilots. Can you make it through? For the C-64.
    • The Commodore Connection – Three ways to hook up your C-64 to your printer – choose the one that’s best for you.
    • C-64 Word Processing Demystified – This article views C-64 word processors and presages the time when you will be manipulating text with skill.
    • Double Your Pleasure With Conversion Magic – Not enough software for your C-64? This article tells you how to convert those many VIC-20 programs to run on your C-64.
    • The Riddle of the Symbol Code – This C-64 game calls for a master mind. You must break the four-symbol code in as few attempts as possible, and there are at least 360 combinations. Are you up to the challenge?
    • Keep In Step With the Quick VIC – Trick your VIC into slowing the action of its screen listings so you can read or copy them.
    • DISK-O-VIC – Wow! What a powerful combination – your VIC-20 and 1541 disk drive plus this utility package, which will add 13 new disk-related commands to your system.
    • Customize Your VIC – Even your unexpanded VIC-20 can provide you with a high-resolution screen and user programmable graphics. Bring arcade action into your living room.
    • Sea Battle – You’ll encounter life-and-death strategy on the high seas as you try to outduel the unexpanded VIC-20.


    • Beyond the Manual – This basic excursion takes the eager new C-64 owner on an adventure in programming.


    • RUNning Ruminations – Welcome to the world of RUN.
    • MAGIC – Commodore magician, Louis Sander, reveals some tricks to help you get the most out of your system.
    • Commodore Clinic – A question and answer column to help your ailing computer.
    • Software Gallery
      • Midnight Magic
      • Rescue at Rigel
      • Choplifter
      • Snake Byte
      • River Rescue
      • Sword of Fargoal
    • Video Casino – Target Shoot kicks off this series that presents you with an original game to type in and enjoy each month.
    • Mail RUN
    • Book Gallery
    • Games RUNdown
    • Hardware RUNdown
    • Clubs
    • Software RUNdown

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