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  • Your Commodore (November 1986)

    Source: Your Commodore – Issue Number 26 – November 1986

    Your Commodore was one of a number of Commodore specific magazines published in the U.K. It focused on Commodore’s various 8-bit computers, primarily the Commodore 64. However, the November 1986 issue’s cover features the “new” Plus/4 and C-16 which ended up being wildly unpopular. One step forward and two steps back I would say, plus they were incompatible with the C-64. This issue includes:


    • Data Statements
    • Easy Enter
    • Software for Sale
    • Competition
    • Club 128
    • Games Reviews
    • Contributions
    • Letters
    • Welcome to the Machine
    • Back Page

    Games and Utilities

    • Into the Eighties – 80 column mode come true.
    • C16 Sound Sampler – Now you can chat to your C16.
    • C64 Autosave – Cut down on time and frustration.
    • Making Data – Two versions – one for the 64 and one for the 128.


    • Write On – Parasoft’s Script/Plus reviewed.
    • Disk Doc – Stuart Cooke on a new utility.
    • Disk Utility – What you can get from our free Utilities.
    • Extended Basic – How to use our Extended basic.
    • Newsroom – How you can be a newspaper tycoon.
    • Video Basic – Switch on Adamsoft’s Video Basic.
    • Pick of the Sticks – Zap through some new joysticks.
    • R1D1 – How to play our free game.
    • MIDI, Music and You – The mysteries of MIDI unveiled.
    • Quick on the Draw – Three new graphics packages.

    …and more!

  • Starflight (Commodore 64)


    Starflight was one of the first truly open world video games. It is a space exploration game (including combat and trading of course) with role-playing elements. Starflight was initially developed for the PC (DOS) in 1986 but was soon ported to the Commodore 64 (1989), Amiga (1989), Atari ST (1990), and Macintosh (1990). An updated version also appeared on the Genesis several years after the original in 1991.

    You as the player play the role of a starship captain exploring the galaxy. You can engage in combat and diplomacy, mine raw materials and perform other tasks. What you do is entirely up to you. As the game progresses, a larger plot becomes apparent involving an evil race of aliens blowing up stars and killing everybody.

    As captain of your own starship, you are responsible for maintaining and updating your ship as well as hiring your own crew. You can purchase weapons, armor, shields and of course fuel. You can also buy and sell minerals which is where mining comes into play. Your crew must also be trained to increase their skill which is another thing that costs money.