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    Source: CCommodore Magazine – July 1988

  •  Commodore: The MicroComputer Magazine (December 1982/January 1983)


    Source: Commodore: The MicroComputer Magazine – Issue Number 21 – December 1982/January 1983

    Commodore: The MicroComputer Magazine was one of Commodore’s earlier publications. In late 1982 they were covering the new Commodore 64 as well as the VIC-20 and the PET/CBM line. The December 1982/January 1983 issue includes:

      • The Arts
        • Computer Art with the Commodore VIC 20
        • The History of Computer Music, Commodore-Style


      • Letters


      • Editor’s Notes


      • From Where I Sit


      • Commodore News
        • New Speech Technology Division
        • Commodore 64 Software Update
        • Commodore Takes on New President
        • Company Announces Record Sales


      • Education
        • I Wanted to “Go Back to School With a Microcomputer”
        • Educational Public Domain Software Becomes Available Worldwide
        • VIC Long Division


      • Business
        • The Property Manager
        • Two Word Processors for the Commodore 64


      • Communications
        • Seeing RTTY on the VIC


      • Home
        • Computerized House Buys and Sells Electricity


      • Programming Tips
        • The VIC Magician
        • Speed Up Your BASIC Programs
        • Programmer’s Notebook: Fun With Prime Numbers
        • Some Other Sorts Revisited
        • 6502 Decimal Mode


      • Technical
        • PETSpeed 2.6 Reviewed
        • A PET Relative File Reader
        • LSI Exerciser


      • User Departments
        • VIC 20: The Prom Queen
        • Commodore 64: Programmer’s Reference Guide Reviewed, A Sprite Stuffer for the 64
        • PET/CBM: One Line Word Processor for the 8032; Automatic Line Generator for the 8032


      • New Products


      • User Clubs


      • Captain Scuttlebutt’s Unbelievable Rumors


      • Q & A Hotline


      • That Does Not Compute


    • Projections and Reflections

    …and more!

  • Paperboy / Gauntlet (Mindscape)

    Paperboy (Commodore 64, Atari 800, Atari ST) and Gauntlet (Commodore 64, Atari 800, Atari ST)


    This 1988 ad is for the initial computer ports of Gauntlet and Paperboy which were done by Mindscape.

    Gauntlet started life as an arcade game developed by Atari and released in 1985. It was inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and an older Atari computer game called Dandy. Up to four players could take the role of a Wizard (Merlin), a Warrior (Thor), a Valkyrie (Thyra) or an Elf (Questor), each with different strengths and weaknesses. The game is played from a top down point of view and the goal is to make it to an exit at the end of a maze that will take you to the next level. Along the way you must battle ghosts, grunts, demons, wizards and thieves among other enemies. You also must find food to regain energy and may also collect treasure and other special items.

    This particular ad mentions the Atari 800, Commodore 64 and Atari ST. I can only assume that these must have been the first ports released because Gauntlet was ultimately available on a wider variety of platforms including the Apple II, Macintosh, Apple IIGS, and others. It was later also released for the NES, Sega Genesis and Sega Master System. I played the arcade version some but it was the Commodore 64 version I played the most and I always thought it was a very good conversion.

    Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons, a 512 level expansion that required the original game, was also released for the Atari ST and Commodore 64. Gauntlet was also released in emulated form as part of Midway Arcade Treasures released in 2003 for a number of platforms. I highly recommend the Commodore 64 version but the Midway Arcade treasures version is more convenient and will give you a closer to the arcade experience.

    Paperboy was also originally an Atari arcade game and was released in 1985. This game is played from an overhead and slightly isometric point of view. You take the role of a paperboy delivering newspapers from your bike. The goal is to throw the papers accurately and avoid missing a delivery to subscribers or damaging their house (e.g. by accidentally throwing a paper through the window). You will face various obstacles along the way (dogs, etc.) and you must avoid crashing.

    While this particular ad only mentions (in small print) the Commodore 64, Atari 800, and Atari ST versions, this game was ported to just about every late 1980s and early 1990s platform you can think of. Again, I mostly (I think exclusively in this case) played the Commodore 64 version. That particular version got mixed reviews but I always though it was fun if a bit repetitive after a while. The controls are a bit awkward but are ok once you get used to them. This game also appeared as part of Midway Arcade Treasures. Interestingly, the NES version of this game was the first NES game developed in the U.S.

    Screen shots above are from the Commodore 64 version of the games.