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  • Info (August/September 1986)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 11 – August/September 1986

  • Strip Poker (Commodore 64)

    Strip Poker for the Commodore 64


    In 1985, my neighbor got a Commodore 64 from his cousin who must have upgraded to something else. At the time, we didn’t have a clue how to use it but after reading a few hand written notes and figuring out how to explore the dozens of disks we realized we had a cornucopia of games (his cousin must have been into piracy). The above gem is one that we eventually discovered and let me tell you, that was pretty exciting for a prepubescent boy.

    So basically you load up the game and start out with $100. You lose it all and the game is over but if your opponent (one of two girls though I believe Artworx, the company that made this game, sold expansion disks) lost her money, she would sell an article of clothing. It’s hard to describe the excitement of waiting the minute or so for that next image to load after she lost a piece of clothing or the frustration of waiting that minute as she put one back on. Obviously the was well before the days of instant and unlimited porn everywhere you look.

    Eventually, I figured out you could rename some of the files on the disk and the girls would just come up without any clothes. That kind of took the fun away though…

  • Info (November/December 1987)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 17 – November/December 1987

    Info was a magazine dedicated to Commodore computers that was produced using home computer equipment and was remarkably successful for an independent publication. The first issue was published in 1983 using a Commodore 64 and dot matrix printer and the final issue was published in 1992.

    Here we have the annual games issue for 1987. Contents include:


    • 16-bit Gallery
    • 8-bit Gallery
    • Reader Mail
    • News/Views/Rumor
    • Midnight Software Gazette
    • Real World
    • Best of Public Domain


    • Interview: Paul Montgomery
    • 16-bit Computers Compared
    • Info Looks At Games
    • GEOS Update
    • Amiga 500 Contest Winner


    • CCSZ Clock/Calendar
    • Word Writer 3
    • 1571 ROM Upgrade
    • B.E.S.T. Accounting
    • DIGA!
    • Starboard

    …and more!