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  • Parasite Eve (PlayStation)

    Parasite Eve (PlayStation)

    Square’s first Mature-rated game that blended Japanese RPG and survival horror elements.


    Parasite Eve is a survival horror game released for the PlayStation by SquareSoft in 1998. It functioned as a sequel to a Japanese novel of the same name. Parasite Eve was SquareSoft’s first mature rated game and also their first major collaboration with American game developers. In Japan, Parasite Eve was part of the J-Horror phenomenon that included movies such as The Ring.

    The game is set in New York City and starts with an NYPD rookie attending an opera. Everyone except the NYPD rookie and the actress on stage spontaneously combusts. The actress mutates into a beast, runs to the sewers and calls herself Eve. The rest is up to you, the player, as the NYPD rookie Aya Brea.

    The game had very good graphics and cinematics for the time. Complaints included long load times and a storyline that was too linear. Still, like most SquareSoft titles it is a quality game and worth playing if you are a fan of the genre.

    Two sequels have been released, Parasite Eve II in 1999, also for the PlayStation and The 3rd Birthday in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable though this game is more of a spinoff than a true sequel. Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II were also re-released in high definition via the PlayStation Network in 2011.

  • PSM (December 1997)


    Source: PSM – Issue Number 4 – December 1997

    PSM was always the best (or at least most popular) non-official PlayStation magazine and I believe it was the longest running. It eventually became the official PlayStation publication when the original folded but PSM itself ceased publication in 2012. Here we have a pretty early issue from December 1997 with a Tomb Raider 2 cover story. This issue includes:

    • The PSM Holiday Special
    • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back – We’ve put together a complete level-by-level guide of where to find every gem and every hidden path, and we also uncover the secret Warp Room!
    • Prappa Contest – The coolest dog in videogames is giving you the chance to win loads of super-cool stuff, lik PlayStation clothes, the official Prappa soundtrack, subscriptions to PSM, and – get ready for this one – a Sony 200-disc CD changer!
    • Street Fighter EX Plus Complete Special Moves and Super Combos
    • Cover Story: Tomb Raider 2 Strategy
    • Girls & Games – Traditionally, videogames have been strictly for guys. But with more and more female game characters, has the “no girls allowed” sign been torn down once and for all?
    • Test Drive 4: Producer’s Strategy – The Intricacies of Road Racing
    • monitor
      • Feature Story: Diablo Burns Up PlayStation
      • Yaroze News
      • Gossip
      • Nihon Game Otaku!
    • reviews
      • Flashback
      • Backlog
    • previews
      • Breath of Fire III
      • Spawn
      • FF Tactics
      • Auto Destruct
      • Skull Monkeys
      • NCAA GameBreaker
      • Pitfall 3-D
      • Batman & Robin
      • Super Motocross
    • code junkies
    • Colony Wars: Tips and Walkthrough
    • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – The 55 Mudokons You Let Die – A Guide for Rescuing All 99 of Your Friends

    …and more!

  • Rampage World Tour (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)

    Join George, Lizzie & Ralph for a little Rampage!


    Rampage World tour was the arcade sequel to the original Rampage arcade game. This sequel was a long time coming. The original Rampage was released in 1986 while Rampage World Tour was released eleven years later in 1997.

    A number of home ports were released starting later the same year. The PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions were the first to appear in late 1997. The above ad is for those versions. The following year, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color and PC versions were also released. The game received pretty mediocre reviews but it was popular enough to spawn at least three more sequels. It would also be re-released as part of Midway Arcade Treasures 2 and as a bonus game in Rampage: Total Destruction.

    The gameplay of Rampage: World Tour is much like the original Rampage. Your goal is to destroy each city while avoiding or destrorying the military as it tries to stop you.