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  • PSM (September 1997)


    Source: PSM – Number 1 – September 1997

    PSM was one of the earliest and most popular PlayStation specific magazines. The September 1997 issue was the first issue and includes:


    • 16-Page Special: Every PlayStation Code! – We’ve searched everywhere to compile the end-all-be-all PlayStation Code Bible – 16 pages of pure cheater’s heaven! Within these pages you’ll find codes, tricks and passwords for every PlayStation game imaginable.
    • Know Your PlayStation! – Think you know all there is to know about your system? Then check out our expansive report on everything PlayStation, and prepare to be surprised!
    • Felony 11-79: The Getaway Driver’s Handbook – With our escape maps and pro advice, the cops’ll never get their hands on you!
    • Cover Story: Final Fantasy VII 10-Page Guide! – The biggest PlayStation game of the year is finally out, and we’ve got all the expert info you need to get you started on your adventure! Be warned though – our strategy is so complete, you’ll only want to peek at it when you’re really stuck. You may spoil the game for yourself!
    • Ace Combat 2: The Skills to Make You an Ace – Before you’re ready for the real thing, you gotta go to school.
    • The Top 25 PlayStation Games of All Time – The votes are in, and we’ve got your top 25 favorite games of all time! Who made number-one? See for yourself…


    • Peripheral Reviews
    • Yaroze News
    • Gossip
    • Nihon Game Otaku!


    • Flashback
    • Backlog


    • Blasto
    • Colony Wars
    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    • Gex: Enter The Gecko
    • NFL GameDay ’98
    • Tomb Raider 2
    • Wild 9’s
    • Porsche Challenge
    • Fighting Force
    • Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
    • Bushido Blade
    • Deathtrap Dungeon
    • G-Police
    • Madden ’98
    • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

    Code Junkies – The latest codes for all of your addicts


    • Link-Up
    • Ask Sony
    • Top This!
    • Marketplace

    Reset – A sneak-peek at what’s gonna be hot for next month

    …and more!

  • MDK (PC, Macintosh, PlayStation)


    Source: PSM – Number 1 – September 1997

    MDK is a third person shooter initially developed for the PC and then ported to Mac OS and later the PlayStation. While it was developed at a time when 3D accelerators were starting to take off in popularity, MDK was developed without as hardware based 3D graphics. All rendering was done via software and the requirements were still relatively modest at the time…a Pentium 60 with 16MB of RAM. The graphics were pretty good for the time too.

    The game was originally to be called “Murder Death Kill” but was changed for marketing purposes. Even the MDK became more ambiguous as there were a few instances of that acronym in the game. The most obvious of which was the name of the mission being executed which was called “Mission: Deliver Kindness”. The game has a rather humorous backstory though the main plot is pretty simplistic…save the Earth from invading aliens. You must accomplish this, in part, using a newly invented “Coil Suit”.

    The PlayStation version of the game was released about 7 months after the original PC version though development overlapped somewhat. Graphically speaking, there are some things better about the PC version and other things better about the PlayStation version. Personally, I prefer the PC version and that’s probably the easiest version to get as it has been released on both Steam and GoG. The PlayStation version shouldn’t be too hard to find but you will have to track down an original. A sequel (MDK2) was released in 2000 for Windows and the Dreamcast and in 2001 for the PlayStation. A third game was planned but never released.

    The ad above is for the PlayStation version of the game and it appeared in the September 1997 issue of PSM (the first issue). Screen shots are from the PC version of the game.

  • Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (April 1999)


    Source: Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine – Volume 2, Issue 7 – April 1999

    The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine would go on to cover later PlayStation systems too but in 1999 it was still just the original PS1 though there was starting to be news about the upcoming PlayStation 2. The April 1999 issue includes:

    • Year of the RPG – Final Fantasy VIII leads the next wave of RPGs onto your PlayStation this year – take a look at this month’s cover story to decide which ones are for you.
    • Gran Turismo 2! – It sounds impossible, but the PlayStation’s most brilliant racing game is about to get better. We have early info on this summer’s racing game to beat.
    • Silent Hill Strategy – After you find out that the town of Silent Hill is not the ideal vacation spot, you’ll want to use our strategy guide to get you and your daughter the hell out.
    • G Police 2 – A new chapter unfolds in the G-Police series, which includes many new vehicles and a two-legged attack mech. Take a look at this early preview.
    • Letters – Our readers voice their opinions on the PlayStation emulator issue. Also, someone claims to have stopped Mr. Domino – find out if it’s true or not in this month’s Letters section.
    • News – We’re not messing around here – there’s some really exciting and interesting news regarding the PlayStation 2 and we’ve got the scoop. Check it out now!
    • Previews – There’s lots of sequels this month including Croc 2, Point Blank 2 and Bloody Roar 2. Plus we check out Alien Resurrection, Ehrgeiz, Fighter Maker, Driver and Triple Play 2000.
    • International – The PocketStation has been released in Japan, and we’ve got extensive hands-on coverage on some of the games that work with Sony’s exciting little PlayStation peripheral
    • Reviews – Rollcage, Blast Radius, NBA In The Zone ’99, BAM ’99, Pro 18 World Tour Golf, Bomberman Fantasy Race, Rushdown, T’ai Fu and Invasion from Beyond get assigned disc ratings.
    • Tricks – Get free apples in Crash Bandicoot: WARPED, do a secret move in Bust A Groove, get cool cycle codes for Moto Racer 2 and get big heads in WCW/nWo Thunder, plus more.
    • g.e.a.r. – Check out the new Crash Bandicoot plush dolls (they’re actually keychains – for really big pockets) as well as Gex: Deep Cover Gecko figures and early inof on the upcoming Star Wars toys.
    • Demo Disc – Test drive two great racing games this month (R4 and Rollcage). Then check out playables of Ehrgeiz, Rugrats, WCW/nWo Thunder, Warzone 2100 and a video of Legend of Legaia.