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  • Tekken (PlayStation)

    Tekken (PS1)


    Tekken is an arcade fighting game that was released by Namco in December 1994. In 1995 it was ported to the PlayStation with a few enhancements. Thus began the journey of the best selling fighting game franchise in history. Yes, the Tekken series as a whole has sold more that the likes of the Street Fighter II series, The Mortal Kombat series, The Soul Calibur series, the Virtua Fighter series, and every other fighting game series you can think of.

    The original Tekken is notable for being one of the first 3D fighting games available. It was developed on Namco’s System 11 arcade board which was essentially a PlayStation so the port, if you even want to call it that, was quite easy. In a bit of irony, the developers who created Tekken for Namco were largely former Sega employees who created Virtua Fighter.

    On a side note, as a demonstration of how far arcades have fallen, Tekken 7, the latest in the series, was released on a limited scale in arcades in Japan. In the U.S. there was no arcade release. What’s an “arcade” you ask? My point exactly…

  • Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation)

    Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PS1, 1999)


    Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete was the first of three enhanced remakes of Lunar: The Silver Star. Lunar: The Silver Star released for the Sega CD and was published in the U.S. by Working Designs in 1993. Working Designs also published Silver Star Story Complete which came out for the PlayStation in 1999 (there were also Japan only Sega Saturn and Windows releases as well as a later iOS release).

    Lunar is a fairly typical top down Japanese style RPG but it is one that is very well done. The 32-bit update increases the color pallet, improves animation and sound quality as well as bringing gameplay improvements from the sequel, Eternal Blue. There is also a larger character cast and additional side stories. The Lunar games feature very elaborate packaging, fluid animation and unlike some localized Japanese RPGS, quality dialogue.

    In addition to Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the PlayStation, two more enhanced remakes of Lunar: Silver Star Story were made. The first was Lunar Legend for the Game Boy Advance and the second was Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PSP. The Lunar games can be a bit pricy but aren’t exceedingly rare and you should definitely seek out one version or another if you are a fan of this style of RPG.

  • Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton 

    Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton (generally just referred to as Cotton) is an arcade shooter released in 1991 that defined a new sub-genre (the cute ’em up though I don’t know anybody who actually says that). In 1993 a port was released for the TurboGrafx-CD. This version, particularly the U.S. release, is very rare and demands exorbitant prices on eBay. It was also released on the PlayStation in 1999 but only in Japan. The prices for that one are not much better.

    In Cotton, the player controls a young witch on a broomstick. Fans of arcade shooters, anime and extremely cute games all love this one so I suppose that explains its relative rarity and high demand. As far as shooters go, it is not really exceptional and got mostly average reviews but the uniqueness adds a certain appeal. You would think that the publisher just would have released more of them…

    There was also a much more limited Neo Geo Pocket Color port, available only in Japan and again very expensive. There have been various spinoffs and follow-ups including a sequel (Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams). Cotton 2 was released for the Sega Saturn but once again it is quite expensive if you are looking to buy it today. It seems like these games would be good Virtual Console candidates given their expense but as of today you’ll have to lay out the cash or look into emulation options.

    The above screen shots are from the 1999 PlayStation release of Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton.

    Release Date: 1991

    Platforms: Arcade, TurboGrafx-CD, Sharp X68000, PlayStation1, Neo Geo pocket color

    Genre: shooter

    Developer: Success

    Darkness has surrounded the fairies world, and with that, the prism that brought joy and life to the land doesn’t work anymore. The fairy queen told Silk, a young fairy, to find some help and get the seven magical candies, Willows, that you need to fix the prism. Silk finds Cotton, a witch who loves Willows, and thanks to that, the fairy is able to trick her into the adventure.