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  • Super Play (April 1993)

    Source: Super Play – Issue Number 6 – April 1993

    Super Play is a magazine that was published in the U.K. and dedicated to the Super Nintendo. The April 1993 issue includes:

    Super Express

    • Preview Special – Join us for a closer look at the hottest new games about to be launched in both America and Japan!
    • Books – Jonathan Davies comes over all literary.
    • Live From Hell City – Peter Evans explains the sort of music the Japanese like to listen to!
    • Anime World – Live action vs anime – why the Japanese prefer to do it on paper.
    • Super Play’s Hot List – The games we play the most – and which we think you really ought to go out and buy!
    • The Golden Bee Awards – The results are in! Find out whether the games you voted for came out tops!
    • Datebook – Exclusive to Super Play! Every single game coming out worldwide on the SNES over the next couple of months!
    • Chart Throb – The biggest selling games around the world this month.
    • Super Play Interview – We have a chat about Street Fighter II, Final Fight II and life in general with Joe Morici of Capcom USA!

    Super Player’s Guides

    • Street Fighter II – The ultimate guide! How to access those combos and more!
    • Soul Blazer – A start-to-finish guide to Actraiser’s fabulous sequel.
    • Super Star Wars – How to win without relying on The Force!

    Special Features

    • Star Fox: The First Super F/X Game – The word ‘revolutionary’ shouldn’t be used lightly, but it’s hard to see how else Starfox could be described. There’s no two ways about it – the arrival of the Super F/X chip is the most important event since the launch of the SNES itself, and one look at Starfox’s amazing 3D graphics will show you exactly why…
    • Manga Scope – Where do they get their ideas from? Walk into any Japanese newsagent and you’ll soon see! There are Street Fighter II comics, Ranma 1/2 comics, Dragonball comics, Gundam comics… We reveal the games that are based on comics – and the comics that are based on games.

    Import Reviews

    • Aliens Vs Predator – Great screen monsters clash on the Super NES!
    • Flying Hero – A cute, bright and surprisingly lovable new Japanese blaster.
    • Ranma 1/2 Part Two – Cute beat-’em-up action – but does it top the original?
    • Harley’s Humongous Adventure – Incredible shrinking man…
    • Super Batter Up – Like baseball? Then this ain’t one to queue for.
    • Imperium – It’s go giant robots, yes, but it ain’t no Cybernator.
    • Wordtris – Cross Tetris with Scrabble and you’d get this idea.
    • Chester Cheetah – The US equivalent of Colin Curly arrives on SNES.
    • Pro Baseball League – Like baseball? This is the best SNES version yet.
    • X-Zone – Best Super Scope game yet (for what it’s worth).

    UK Reviews

    • Mario Paint – Draw your own SNES graphics!
    • Gods – Bitmap Bros classic arrives improved.
    • Super SWIV – A Brit blaster to beat ’em all?
    • King Arthur’s World – Lemmings 2?
    • Test Drive 2 – A PC classic, but does it work on SNES?
    • Lethal Weapon – It’s all three films rolled into one!
    • World Class Rugby – Kick Off revisited.


    • Mode 7 – Packed to the brim with playing tips, and incorporating Ask Ade, our regular games advice column.
    • Superstore – Whatever accessories you’re after for your Super Nintendo, from T-shirts to binders, you need look no further than this!
    • Gamefreak – You’ve been asking us so many complicated technical questions that we’ve had to specially extend Gamefreak this month to cope!
    • Play Back – Pages and pages of your letters! Plus the very first examples of your envelope art – and they’re great!
    • Supermarket – Bargains galore in what are surely the world’s finest reader ads!
    • What Cart? – Every single Super Nintendo game in the world rated! (And there are loads of them…)
    • Subscriptions – Absolutely your last chance to take advantage of ordering a subscription at the old low price. You could save yourself a small fortune!
    • Next Month – Our increasingly dubious predictions as to what’ll be in the next month’s Super Play.
    • Cartography – All those tricky technical terms that’ve been troubling you explained.

  • Super Play (September 1994)

    Source: Super Play – Issue Number 23 – September 1994

    Super Play was a U.K. based magazine dedicated to the Super Nintendo that was published between 1992 and 1996. Issue Number 23 from September 1994 includes:

    • Regulars
      • Super Express – The world of Nintendo stretches from the Pacific right round the globe bck to the Pacific again. Find out what’s in it with our great news page.
      • Gamefreak – You ask; we answer. Well, Jason Brookes, editor of Edge answers. And what a witty fellow he consistently turns out to be. His replies really do sparkle.
      • Mode 7 – Allen Brett, keeper of the Queen’s Cheats and holder of the Royal Seal for getting past Bosses, leaves the Palace for a mo to share with us commoners his knowledge.
      • Supermarket – The vastly popular Supermarket pages are packed with things to buy. There is some real-life human interest, too, with the messages that some folk put in.
      • Play Back – Every day we pass round the letters that you send in. We laugh at the jokes, we weep at the sad bits and scratch our heads at some of the questions. But it’s all good jolly fun, though.
      • What Cart? – Every game listed, cut out and stuck to a wall in Exeter. And then they’re returned to the magazine. Marvelous.
      • Back Issues – More deals again this month. Order a back issue and win Steven Spielberg’s beard-trimmer (unused, still boxed). Order two back issues and receive a deactivated Czechoslovakian tank!
      • Irresponsible Pictures – Films, films, films. They’re all here. Well not all, actually. The cream of the crop of the latest releases are, though. So browse away and you’ll learn something.
    • UK & Import Game Reviews
      • Beauty and the Beast
      • Hammerin’ Harry
      • Jim Power
      • Kikikaikai 2
      • Populous 2
      • Smash Ball
      • Sonic Blast Man 2
      • Super Street Fighter II
      • The Jetsons
    • Squaresoft Interview – In a Fantasy Quest Special, Squaresoft’s head cheese answers our questions and tells us about what we can exect from the prince of RPG companies.
    • Super Game Boy – You’ve got the hardware, now don’t be soft and think hard about the software. Better still, follow our guide to the best games for the Super Game Boy.

    …and more!