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  • Super NES Buyers Guide (Winter 1991)

    Source: Super NES Buyers Guide – Number 1 – Winter 1991

    Super NES Buyer’s Guide was a bi-monthly publication that was first included as an insert to Electronic Gaming Monthly much like Mega Play for the Sega Genesis. There really weren’t very many pages and you were much better off just spending the extra $1 or $2 for EGM than getting this, even if the SNES was your only system. The premiere issue from Winter 1991 includes coverage of:

    • Zelda 3
    • Super Mario 4
    • Final Fight
    • Gradius 3
    • Super R-Type
    • Castlevania 4
    • Pilotwings
    • Actraiser


    • Super Ghouls & Ghosts Maps and Tips
    • Loads of Tricks and Previews!!

    …and more!

  • Nintendo Power (September 1995)

    Source: Nintendo Power – Issue Number 76 – September 1995

    In 1995, Nintendo Power was primarily covering the Super Nintendo…and the Game Boy of course. The September 1995 issue includes:

    Full Coverage

    • Killer Instinct – The arcade sensation receives its Super NES debut, and we have the moves and the melodrama. Killer moves from Nintendo’s top players.
    • Doom – Doomsday is near! Now Super NES gamers can get in on the intrigue that has kept PC players rapt for endless hours.
    • Red Alarm
    • Golf
    • Castlevania: Dracula X – The legend of the Belmonts lives in a new thriller for the Super NES, and fans of the Castlevania series will find it to be a haunting challenge.
    • The Mask
    • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
    • Galaga/Galaxian

    Take 2 Review

    • The Syndicate

    Special Features

    • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest Preview – What’s shakin’ in Kremland? Get the inside scoop on development of Diddy’s Kong Quest, the sequel to last fall’s king of the jungle.
    • Men of Power – An insider’s Interview with NOA’s Top Team.
    • What color is yours? – The contest results.

    Every Issue

    • Player’s Pulse
    • Power Charts
    • Classified Information
    • Counselors’ Corner
    • Player’s Poll Contest
    • Arena
    • Now Playing
    • Pak Watch
    • Next Issue

    …and more!

  • Super Advantage (AsciiWare / Super Nintendo)

    Source: EGM^2 – Issue Number 7 – January 1995

    The Super Advantage by AsciiWare is just what it sounds like. A newer version of the original Advantage joystick for the NES but for the Super Nintendo instead. These arcade like joysticks were better for certain types of games (fighting games for instance), particularly for a more arcade like experience.

    The Advantage had been developed by Nintendo for the NES in 1987. I’m not sure exactly when the Super Advantage was released but this ad is from the January 1995 issue of EGM^2 so my guess it was released in time for Christmas 1994. In addition to more arcade like controls, it offered turbo and other features. I’m not sure why they opted for four buttons on one row and two buttons on the other instead of a more typical 3/3. The original SNES control pad has six buttons also but two of them are shoulder buttons so maybe they were just trying to separate them in a similar manner.

    You had to really want one of these to get one. They were quite expensive for the time though well constructed. If I recall correctly, they were something like $59.95 when first released. In the case of the Super Advantage, Nintendo decided to license it out to AsciiWare, who made a number of other peripherals, instead of selling it themselves.