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  • Amiga World (November/December 1985)


    Source: Amiga World – Volume 1, Number 2 – November December 1985

    Amiga World was really the main Amiga magazine in the U.S. 1985 was very early in the life of the Amiga and the Amiga 1000 was the only model available at that time. The November/December issue of Amiga World includes the following:


    • White-Collar Amiga – The Amiga is right at home in the business world. Here are some things you should know before bringing an Amiga into your office.
    • The Right Stuff: The Amiga in the Marketplace – The Amiga is a new entry in a fiercely competitive market. To survive, it will need the right stuff.
    • The Stark Contrast: Comparing the Amiga with the Macintosh and IBM PC – The Amiga’s new technology represents a serious challenge to Apple and IBM.
    • The Trump Card: Amiga’s IBM PC Software Emulator – A look at the ingenious Amiga Emulator – a 3.5-inch software emulator disk that gives you access to the wide world of IBM PC software.


    • The Bottom Line: An Introduction to Spreadsheets – You don’t have to be an accountant or a computer programmer to master the art of “spreadsheeting.”
    • Digital Imagery – Digital image processing is a growing field with virtually unlimited applications. The Amiga and a digitizer will bring this new technology within the reach of business, art studies, schools and even bones.
    • Music by MIDI: The Marriage of Talent and Technology – MIDI is the standard of communication between computers and musicians. Your MIDI-equipped Amiga can place you in the avant-garde of the revolution in music.
    • Cherry Lane Technologies: Maestros of Innovative Music Software – Cherry Lane is playing a key role in the development of advanced music software for the Amiga.
    • Programming in C: Speaking the Amiga’s Language – The Amiga is ideally suited to software development in C. Here’s a look at the C programming language and the company that developed Amiga’s C.
    • Metacomco: Developers of AmigaDOS – This small English company is the first name in systems software development for the Amiga.
    • Accountability: Keeping Track of Small Businesses – An Amiga with accounting software can be a boon to a small business.
    • Review: Textcraft – Ease of use and flexibility highlight Arktronics Corporation’s Amiga word processor.


    • Avision – Reflections on the Amiga’s formal unveiling.
    • Zeitgeist – What is AmigaWorld and where is it going?
    • Protocol – Introducing the world of telecommunications.

    …and more!

  • Info (August/September 1986)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 11 – August/September 1986