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  • RoboCop (Commodore 64)


    [C64 / PC / ST] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1989]

    • Video Games & Computer Entertainment, April 1989 (#03)
    • Uploaded by Sketch the Cow, via The Internet Archive


  • Amiga World Tech Journal (October 1991)


    Source: Amiga World Tech Journal – Volume 1, Number 4 – October 1991

    Amiga World Tech Journal was a technically oriented publication that was an excellent resource for those who programmed or were interested in programming on the Amiga. It even included a disk that had various source code and executables related to the articles. The October 1991 issue includes:


    • The Complete Guide for the Blittering Idiot – How (and when) to control the Blitter
    • Extending ARexx – Libraries to build menus and requesters
    • Global Parlor Tricks – Mapping algorithms to change the world
    • Multitasking in Amiga BASIC – Just SLEEP
    • Modular Programming in C – Divide and conquer your problems
    • Building an ARexx Function Host – Make ARexx even more extendable
    • Designing a User Interface: A Matter of Principle – The basis of user-interface design
    • The Finer Points of Pointers – Understanding pointers in C
    • Font Formats – Which type to use
    • Manual Training – Documentation advice
    • Arcade Elements – Build a top flight shoot-’em-up


    • TurboText v1.02 – Flexibility plus


    • Message Port – Putting things right
    • Digging Deep in the OS – Ins and outs of input device
    • Graphics Handler – Programming HAM-E
    • TNT – Products to save time and work
    • Letters – Put a stamp on it

    On Disk

    • A68k version 2.71: A full-featured assembler, FREE
    • BLINK version 6.7: THE linker to use

    …and more!

  • Computer Play (February 1989)


    Source: Computer Play, Issue Number 7, February 1989

    Computer Play was briefly a competitor to Computer Gaming World (very briefly…it lasted less than a year). In 1989 there were a variety of computer formats covered, including the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST and of course the DOS based PC. Contents of the February 1989 issue include:


    • F-14 Tomcat – Take off from the pitching deck of a carrier fully armed and looking for trouble. Engage the enemy off the coast of a hot spot, when you return to your ship, collect your medals, and take off for rest and relaxation.
    • The Civil War – A board game that didn’t quite make it as a computer game. This transposition was done too well bringing with it all the baggage of the board design.
    • Takeover – You must take over all the companies in town before the other corporate leaders beat you to it. If your company is taken over first, you’ll wind up on the streets.
    • Off Shore Warrior – Star the race armed and dangerous. Bump the other racers into the rocks and smash their dreams. Launch your deadly missiles at the remaining racers and cross the finish line first.
    • Jack Nicklaus’ Golf – Play Jack Nicklaus’ favorite eighteen holes of golf. Listen to Jacks’ advice, and come in on par. Try the driving range first though, these are some fairly difficult holes.
    • Operation Clean Streets – In the dark streets, you’re all alone. Will the next pusher put an end to your mission to clean up the neighborhood, or will the residents put an end to you with garbage? Only you “Cleanup” Harry have the power to know.
    • Kosmic Krieg – The few planets in the galaxy that can support humanoid life must be fought for. Launch the laser bolts at your enemy’s drones, but be careful, he’s busy firing at your drones.
    • Caveman Ugh-lympics – Outrun the tiger, but feed him the other competitor just for kicks. Then start the next event by clubbing the other buy in the knees and have him fall off the edge of the platform.
    • Space Cutter – You have to get the five “perfect solids” to open the timegate back to earth and 1988. The mechanical beings that have enslaved earth will try and stop you though.
    • Metrocross – Underground, you must get to the end of the tunnels before your time runs out. Use the skateboards to speed yourself up. Avoid the obstacles, and the rats, or you’ll never get there in time.
    • Virus – This isn’t a software virus. It’s Aliens, and they’re destroying plant life with biological weapons. Use your hover plane to destroy the seeder craft, but look out for alien fighters.
    • Sword of Sodan – The necromancer Zoras has killed your family; you’re mad. From the castle Craggamore, he spews his poisonous spells, and incantations plunging the kingdom of your family into darkness. You must kill this wizard, but first you have to get by his familiars.
    • Battle Front Systems – Corps level combat at the command level will give you a feel of the problems of chain of command.
    • Impossible Mission II – Well, you might as well save the world. You got nothing better to do this afternoon, and you go in for that good cause stuff. Just for the heck of it.
    • Bubble Ghost – Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, you’d better not blow your chances or it’ll burst your bubble. The ghost condemned to blow away the rest of eternity in a castle bent on blowing his chances.
    • Breach – Lead your squad of space marines on a mission of your choice. Destroy everything in sight, but that’s not enough if you want to win.
    • Balance of Power – Did you ever have one of those days that nothing goes right? A rebellion in Rome, Pakistan invaded, your top diplomat in South America assassinated, makes you mad. Send your troops in and quell the rebels, crush the invasion, win the game, but don’t touch that button.
    • Rocket Ranger – Save Professor Barnstorff and his beautiful daughter from the evil Nazis. Then find the rocket factory to get enough parts for your rocket ship. Then fly to the moon and fight the Nazi zombie women.
    • Phantasy Star – Lassic, the evil sorcerer, has killed your brother. You want to avenge his death with the help of your companions.


    • Editor’s Page
    • Letters & Hints
    • Company Addresses
    • Scorecard
    • Coming Attractions


    • Industry News
    • Other Ports
    • Channel Three

    …and more!