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  • ST / Amiga Format (July 1988)

    Source: ST / Amiga Format – Issue Number 1 – July 1988

    ST / Amiga Format was a U.K. based magazine dedicated to the Atari ST and Amiga computers. It would only last for about a year before being split into two separate titles. The first issue of ST / Amiga Format from July 1988 inlcludes:

    • News – Hot gossip from both sides of the Atlantic with a Comdex report and news from Atari’s dealer product show.
    • Futures – Transputers – are they all hot air? We’ve had a close look at what’s really going on, and reveal the shape of tomorrow’s computers.
    • Letters – How can you have readers’ letters in issue 1? Okay, so we’re telling porkies – but read it anyway.
    • Gold Dust – Steve Gold plugs into the electronic grapevine. 68020, 68030, Unix, ST Laptops, Amiga graphics upgrades… all the best news is leaked here first.
    • Questionnaire – Yes, we want your personal details – inside leg measurements, favorite colors… Tell us all and we’ll build a better magazine.
    • Special Offers – All the best ST and Amiga-ware at rock-bottom prices.
    • Escape Sequence – Scraping rock bottom at the rear end of the issue. A caustic cast around the months’ worst stories. Also the first episode of our 16 bit cartoon strip.
    • Disk Extra – Demos of Oids (ST) and Interceptor (Amiga) plus a host of invaluable utilities for mortals and boffins alike.
    • Graphics
      • Photon and Spectrum – Reviews of two brand new graphics packages – Photon Paint for the Amiga and Spectrum 512 for the ST.
    • Music
      • Animal House – Chris Jenkins went along to the Animal House recording studio to see how professional rock stars use the ST’s MIDI capabilities.
      • Pro-Sound Designer – A look at what promises to be the most exciting music package yet for the Amiga, courtesy of Eidersoft.
    • Special
      • Word Processors
      • – It’s the single most important serious application for a computer. We check out the full range of WP packages, on both ST and Amiga.

      • Competition – An Epson GQ3500 laser printer must be won in this brain-taxing competition, plus a consolation prize of a 24-pin LQ850.

    …and more!

  • Amiga CD32 Gamer (March 1995)

    Source: Amiga CD32 Gamer – March 1995

    The Amiga CD32 could have been an incredible console. It was released in Europe, Australia and Canada and a U.S. release was planned. However, a patent dispute combined with Commodore’s bankruptcy prevented that from happening. Given the short life-span and limited support due to the bankruptcy, the CD32 was pretty successful. Amiga CD32 Gamer was a U.K. based magazine dedicated to that system and the March 1995 issue includes:

    • CD Instructions – The very fact that you’re reading this means you’re no doubt at home and are at this very moment loading up the cover CD. Why else would you be reading the contents other than to kill time? Well, you can’t play the games if you don’t know how they work, can you?
    • News – What’s happening in the wide world of Amiga, video games, and beyond? Not much to be honest. It’s that lull period – after Chrimbo and before summer. Hey ho.
    • Previews – They haven’t happened yet, but they’re gonna! An in depth view of some of the delectable goodies coming your way in the next few months.
    • Reviews – Despite most of your average, good for nothing, Amiga press almost howling with delight at the thought of the demise of the CD32, we here at CD32 Gamer say nay! Just look at all these great reviews – what more could a CD32 owner want?
      • Whizz
      • Emerald Mines
      • Mitre Soccer Superstars
      • Kingpin
      • Dragonstone
      • Rally Championship
      • The Clue
      • Akira
    • Subs – For a very reasonable down payment you can be assured of 12 months of up to the minute CD32 related news, views and reviews, not to mention the most comprehensive array of game demos available. Don’t be a chump – place a regular order and keep us all in a job.
    • Playing Tips – Not only do we tell you which games are worth shelling out for, but we also tell you how to beat the buggers. The fruits of another hard month’s work for the Guru are here including Benefactor, Theme Park and more Jungle Strike.
    • Correspondence – If you think we’re great, write in and tell us so. If you’ve got an opinion on anything related to the CD32, we’d be delighted to hear it. If you want to have a got at us about our apparent deafness when it comes to criticism, please go elsewhere!
    • Mail Order – Can’t find that Gamer Gold from issue five? Trashed your joypad after getting killed on Tower Assault (again)? Here’s the place to be. Everything you could ever need to complement your CD32, and at very reasonable prices too!
    • A-Z – Every CD32 release ever in a nutshell. 1,000 word reviews summed up in one sentence. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s not, we say so in no uncertain terms. A software bible in only four pages.

    …and more!