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  • Info (November 1991)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 44 – November 1991

    While Info (or .info) covered both Commodore’s 8-bit and 16-bit computers, by 1991 it was only covering the Amiga. The November 1991 issue includes:


    • Graphics – Brad Schneck presents a RoundUp of the top Amiga native made paint programs.
    • MultiMedia – Harv Laser’s Rockin’ and Boppin’ to CD+G on CDTV. (With discography!)
    • Audio – Bob Lindstrom examines the topic of how to add music to multimedia.
    • Video – OJ Sands III puts himself in the picture with MicroSearch’s impressive Chromakey.

    .info technical support

    • UNIX: Is It For You? – Daniel Barrett finishes his discussion with Part II: For the Programmer.
    • Quarterback Tools – David Martin reviews this Amiga utility program.
    • Point / Counterpoint – Nick Sullivan and Chris Zamara debate the relative virtues of the Workbench and CLI.
    • Checking Out Programs – Jim Butterfield warns that Hallowe’en and Christmas may be the same thing.


    • Hardware – Mort Kevelson packs an A500 with ICD’s internal peripherals.
    • Public Domain – Jeff Lowenthal looks at programs from GEnie and CranWare.
    • Tir Na Nog – Brad Schneck explains the creative process.
    • CyberPlay – Tom reviews 4 new games, then twiddles his electronic thumbs.
    • Productivity – Jim Meyer backs up with Ami-Back and Flashback.
    • DevCon Report – Mark visits the Coors Brewery and the Amiga DevCon.


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  • Info (July/August 1989)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 27 – July/August 1989

    Info was a magazine that was produced on Commodore computers and for Commodore computers. Primarily it covered the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga lines. It was first produced using a Commodore 64 but after a short time it was produced using an Amiga. The July/August 1989 issue includes:


    • Interview: Dale Luck – One of the original Amiga Designers, Dale is also the producer of Xwindows and the BOING Mouse. Find out why Dale’s name strikes terror in the hearts of the Commodore board, and how you can buy a BOING Jacket!
    • Fun With Amiga Sound – We all know the Amiga is great for serious musicians, but what about the rest of us? Here are 23 products for just foolin’ around.
    • Chump – Our annual romp into the forbidden land of computer industry irreverence.


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    • Professional Data Retrieve
    • Silentwriter LC890
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