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  • Supra Corporation (Amiga)

    Source: Amiga Plus – Volume 2, Issue 5 – December/January 1991

    For a number of years, Commodore’s Amiga line of computers enjoyed wide third party support. In this ad from the December/January 1991 issue of Amiga Plus, Supra is advertising several Amiga compatible products.

    The first item is an external floppy drive. The Amiga 500 (pictured) had one 3.5″ disk drive built-in but a second drive was quite useful, especially given the cost of hard drives at the time. A (relatively) inexpensive floppy drive was a good way to add disk capacity and reduce disk swapping without breaking the bank. I suspect that Supra’s choice was a little bit less expensive that Commodore’s version.

    The SupraDrive Removable was a SyqQuest cartridge system. These accepted disks that were like removable hard drives. I’m not sure which capacity this drive is but they were available in 44MB, 88MB and 200MB. They were sort of like an earlier version of zip drives and were common for shuffling files around, particular on Macintosh computers, related to desktop publishing. As this drive was SCSI based, it would work with most computers with a SCSI interface. These drives along with the cartridges they used were pretty expensive so this wasn’t something you were likely to have unless you had a real need. Zip drives when they came along a few years later were much cheaper and CD-R followed quickly after that.

    Finally, the SupraModem 2400 is listed. 2400bps was a pretty decent speed for 1991 though available modem speeds were rapidly increasing by this point. Within 4 or 5 years 56k modems would be arriving and broadband was right around the corner after that. Still, the SupraModem was a good and relatively inexpensive choice for getting online with BBSs or services like CompuServe at the time. The U.S. Robotics Courier line of modems was the luxury choice at the time but those were much more expensive.

  • Compute!’s Amiga Resource (Fall 1989)

    Source: Compute!’s Amiga Resource – Fall 1989

    Compute! was best known as a multi-format computer magazine in the 1980s and early 1990s and also for it’s Gazette spinoff for the Commodore 64. However, they published various other, usually short-lived, magazine dedicated to other specific platform. Amiga Resource is one of those. The Fall 1989 issue includes:


    • Making Great Games Great – You Ain’t See Nothin’ Yet
    • Bridging the Gap – A Hand-On Look at Commodore’s Bridgeboard
    • Rodent Roundup – Alternatives to Commodore’s Mouse
    • 10 Hot New Games from Europe – Hot Software from Across the Atlantic
    • Customizing Your Amiga – In Search of the Perfect Environment
    • Buyer’s Guide: Beyond Games – What’s NEw in ’89


    • The Window – New York, New York
    • Readers Feedback – Stunt Flying and Video Choices
    • Spotlight on the Workbench – Using Commodore’s Standard Equipment
    • CLI Cips – Notes, Fonts, Templates, and More
    • Ask Rob Peck – Programs That Run Programs
    • Trends – News, new products, an rumors
    • Programmer’s Page – From 6502 to 68000
    • Best of the Boards – ClickDos and Browser
    • Amiga Art Gallery – Computer art on display


    • Just for Fun – Crash and Burn
    • Abstractions – Wrestling Commodore’s A590 Hard Drive
    • Taking Sides – An Amiga in Every Office?

    On Disk

    • Block Out
    • Arcade Volleyball
    • Advanced Laser Chess Customizer
    • Dynamic Directory
    • Versatile Picture Viewer
    • …and more


    • Superbase Professional 3
    • DeluxePaint III
    • M
    • Mini-Reviews – Amiga Resource looks at programming editors, space games and war games, utilities, productivity tools, and more