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  • Info (August/September 1986)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 11 – August/September 1986

  • The Golden Pyramid (Amiga)

    The Golden Pyramid (Amiga, 1987)

    Back when new computer platforms were more common, the first ads for software (and often the software itself) was were relatively cheap and non-professional looking. I suppose few companies wanted to put a lot of money into the risky investment of a new platform. The Amiga wasn’t exactly new in 1987 since the first Amiga actually came out in 1987. However, 1987 was the year the Amiga 500 came out and this was the model that really brought the Amiga to the masses in terms of affordability so it was in a sense still a very new platform. There were of course a number of professional and full page color ads for Amiga software at the time but this kind of ad was more common, at least for a little while.

    This ad for the Golden Pyramid by Micro Entertainment is a good example of ads for such new platforms. There is no artwork or screen shots, just a vague description about random puzzles and testing your knowledge. Seems a pretty risk $34.95 to me. Above are a couple screen shots. Is it what you would have expected?

  • Info (November/December 1987)


    Source: Info – Issue Number 17 – November/December 1987

    Info was a magazine dedicated to Commodore computers that was produced using home computer equipment and was remarkably successful for an independent publication. The first issue was published in 1983 using a Commodore 64 and dot matrix printer and the final issue was published in 1992.

    Here we have the annual games issue for 1987. Contents include:


    • 16-bit Gallery
    • 8-bit Gallery
    • Reader Mail
    • News/Views/Rumor
    • Midnight Software Gazette
    • Real World
    • Best of Public Domain


    • Interview: Paul Montgomery
    • 16-bit Computers Compared
    • Info Looks At Games
    • GEOS Update
    • Amiga 500 Contest Winner


    • CCSZ Clock/Calendar
    • Word Writer 3
    • 1571 ROM Upgrade
    • B.E.S.T. Accounting
    • DIGA!
    • Starboard

    …and more!