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  • Gamemania


    Source: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment – March 1990

    While I bought the occasional computer game via mail order back in the day, I never really did the same with video games. I’m not sure why exactly. Commodore 64 games were pretty readily available at the time although I don’t doubt more places sold Nintendo games, especially by 1990. I think computer games could be had for a bigger bargain online. Looking at these prices, they don’t look like they would have saved you much off of retail and maybe nothing at all once you factored in shipping.

    The Gamemania ad above is from the March 1990 issue of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment and is fairly typical of such ads.

  • Nintendo Fun Club News (February/March 1988)


    Source: Nintendo Fun Club News – Issue Number 5 – February/March 1988

    Nintendo Fun Club News was the lesser well known predecessor to Nintendo Power. It wasn’t around too long before evolving into Nintendo Power but it had a lot of the same type of content. The February/March 1988 issue includes:

    • Prez Sez
    • R.C. Pro-Am Feature Review
    • Ice Hockey Feature Review
    • Zelda II – The Adventure of Link Sneak Peek
    • U.S. Golf Sneak Peek
    • Super Mario Bros. II Sneak Peek
    • Return of Donkey Kong Sneak Peek
    • Goonies II Special Review
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Tips
    • Top 5
    • Member Game Reviews
    • Scores of Fun
    • Ho-Ho-Ho Video
    • Member Tips
    • Stuff ‘N Things
    • Mail Bag
    • Halloween Hoopla
    • New Products – NES MAX
    • Puzzler Place

    …and more!

  • Nintendo Power (February 1995)


    Source: Nintendo Power – Issue Number 69 – February 1995

    Nintendo Power was in its prime in the early to mid 1990s. In February 1995, the Super Nintendo was also near its prime with the release of the Nintendo 64 still more than a year away. The February 1995 issue includes:


    • Mega Man X2
    • Kirby’s Dream Course
    • The Lion King Part 2
    • Sports Scene
    • Wolverine
    • seaQuest DSV
    • Desert Strike

    Take 2 Reviews

    • Pieces
    • Kirby’s Avalanche
    • C2 Judgement Clay
    • Tiny Toons Wacky Sports

    Special Features

    • Super Punch-Out!! Strategy Guide
    • FX News
    • Donkey Kong Land Preview

    Regular Features

    • Player’s Pulse
    • Classified Information
    • Counselor’s Corner
    • Power Players’ Arena
    • Player’s Poll Contest
    • Power Charts
    • Now Playing
    • Pak Watch
    • Next Issue

    …and more!