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  • SWATPro (Fall 1990)

    Source: SWATPro – Issue Number 1 – Fall 1990

    SWATPro (or S.W.A.T. Pro…I see it both ways), was a spinoff of GamePro that focussed on tips, tricks, cheats and that sort of thing. In fact, SWATPro started as a GamePro insert. S.W.A.T. stood for “Secret Weapons And Tactics”. While tons of games were covered in each issue, it always seemed like sort of a ripoff to me. The contents of SWATPro were not unique, it was all stuff pulled from previous issues of GamePro. I suppose that if tips and tricks were your thing and you needed to catch up because you missed some GamePro issues then it would make sense. However, GamePro had much more content and cost the same price. The first issue of SWATPro was published in the Fall of 1990 and covered the following systems:

    • Nintendo (NES)
    • Sega Genesis
    • Sega Master System
    • TurboGrafx-16
    • Game Boy

    There were more than 120 games covered between those systems.

  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (January 1997)

    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – January 1997

    After the original Electronic Games, Electronic Gaming Monthly was probably the most influential and popular video games magazine. The January 1997 issue includes:


    • Insert Coin – Our editorial director goes to the Dark Side.
    • Press Start – The news that’s making headlines in the world of video games.
    • Gaming Gossip – THE inside source on the gaming industry from Q-Mann.
    • Next Wave Protos – Exclusive first-looks at games on the horizon.
    • Review Crew – A no-holds-barred critique of gaming’s latest releases.
    • Tricks of the Trade – Want a power trip? Check out the hottest cheats here.
    • Special Features – An in-depth look at the newest of the new (including Mechwarrior 2).
    • Next Wave – Get a sneak peek at upcoming titles for all systems!
    • Contests – Don’t miss your chance to win BIG!
    • Team EGM – Previews and reviews for sports games.
    • Interface – An open forum for readers’ questions and concerns.


    • EGM Delivers The Gaming Goodies From Shoshinkai – While gamers were feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, our editors were busy compiling the information gathered at this year’s Shoshinkai Show in Japan. Now gamers can savor each morsel of gaming info provided in this issue.
    • Which MKT Version Is Better: The PS Or N64? – Mortal Kombat Trilogy has hit the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. The EGM editors dissect each one, showing the pros and cons of each version (glitches, character differences and the price tag). As well, each Review Crew member picks the version he says is the best to get!
    • Final Fantasy VII Update Sheds Some Light… – …on what gamers can expect from the next Fantasy installment. This much-anticipated title – to be released in the second half of this year – will be on three discs instead of the rumored two in order to live up to gamers’ expectations. Final Fantasy buffs won’t be disappointed with this one!

    Next Wave

    • Saturn – Play as a not-too-quick-to-become disposable assassin in SCUD.
    • PlayStation – Find out who you truly are in the latest role-playing game for the PS – Persona.
    • Neo Geo – Samurai Showdown IV packs all your favorite characters and a whole lot more.

  • MEGA (January 1994)

    Source: MEGA – January 1994

    MEGA was a U.K. published magazine dedicated to the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive as it was called there along with its various add-ons. Why was the name different anyway? MEGA wasn’t particularly long lived lasting only about 3 years between October 1992 and October 1994. The January 1994 issue includes:

    • What Are You Playing At?
      • Chances are, you’ll either already have, or will seriously be thinking about buying, one of the ten most scrumptious games of ’93. What are they? Well, turn to our feature, which starts on page 16, and you’ll find out.
      • Each of the games has a lovely two-page spread, in which we give you a bit of history on the game, a review, some tips, and various other relevant bits and bobs.
      • And don’t forge, to find out all about the Saturn Console, and what you can expect to see in 1994, turn to page 66, where our second feature begins.
    • Regulars
      • Mega City – MEGA asks Sega why sequels are often a disappointment. Plus all the usual hot news from home and abroad.
      • The Charts – Same old crap, and precisely the same packaging. Yes, it’s the sad charts page. Funny it ain’t.
      • Mega Play – No change here, thank goodness. Just the best tips section in the universe.
      • Arena – And this is the bit that no other Mega Drive mag offers: wacky challenges to breathe new life into those tired old carts.
      • Mega Retro – This month, Jon Smith takes a look at the development of the platform shoot-’em-up. He rates every game in the genre and picks out some historic moments along the way.
      • Back Issues – Missed any of the previous 15 issues of MEGA? You have? Well, you’ll be wanting to order some back issues then. Get ’em while they’re still available.
      • Top 100 – The top 100 Mega Drive games of all time, the top 10 Mega CD games, and our fabulous Tips List. What a wonderful section.
      • Subscribe – Subscribe now and you get happiness, eternal life, and a Ferrari. Well, actually you get a copy of MEGA GOLD and an editor’s newsletter each month, but whaddya want fer nothin?
      • Previews – This month: Eternal Champions, Dragon’s Lair, The Incredible Hulk, Jammit One On One Basketball, Rage In The Cage, Young Indy, Pele and Greatest Heavyweights.
      • Mega Mouth – Andy Dyer searches through his bulging mail sack in the hope of finding something other than another “When’s Street Fighter 12 coming out?” type letter.
      • Shut Down – And this, dear friends, is the dreadfully inaccurate, and completely speculative look at what we may, or may not, be covering in the next issue. Accurate it ain’t, but we like to think it’s mildly amusing.
    • 15 Reviews!
      • Terminator CD
      • Dragon’s Revenge
      • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
      • The Lost Vikings
      • Dune 2
      • Aero the Acrobat
      • Boxing Legends of the Ring
      • F117 Night Storm
      • Toe Jam and Earl 2
      • Rolling Thunder 3
      • Spider-Man Vs. The Kingpin
      • Round-Up
    • More of the Same? – MEGA takes a look at game sequels and asks a couple of industry peeps if they’re not a bit on the poor side.
    • What’s In Store For 1994? – The latest Saturn news, plus a rundown of what all the major software houses have planned for next year.
    • Landstalker Solution – Part One – Introducing the first part of our brilliant solution to the best Mega Drive role-playing game of all time. Part two next month…

    …and more!