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  • Tengen (Sega Genesis)


    Source: Sega Visions – Issue Number 6 – Fall 1991

    Tengen is a label that Atari used to publish games on non-Atari systems. They are perhaps best known for releasing unlicensed games on the NES and a number of decent games on the Sega Genesis. This ad features three games for the Genesis.

    Pit-Fighter is a conversion of an Atari arcade game of the same name. Pit-Fighter wasn’t really a great game even in its original arcade form. However, its novelty was the used of digitized actors for the fighters. Of the various conversions, the Sega Genesis version is probably the best. Despite its relative mediocrity, there are a number of ways that Pit-Fighter can be played. The best legitimate way to play it is probably to pick up a copy of Midway Arcade Treasures 2 for the GameCube, PS2, or Xbox, a copy of Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition for Microsoft Windows, or a copy of Midway Arcade Origins.

    RoadBlasters is another arcade conversion and is one of my favorite arcade games. I remember spending quite a bit of time playing this one at a local bowling alley. Game play is somewhat similar to a more advanced Spy Hunter. Basically, you drive a weaponized futuristic car and attempt to blow stuff up while avoiding the same. There are a number of conversions of RoadBlasters but the Genesis version is certainly one of the best of the original ports. However, there are more recent arcade perfect versions available via Arcade’s Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 2 and Midway Arcade Treasures.

    R.B.I. Baseball 3 is the only non-arcade conversion here though the original R.B.I. Baseball was available in arcades. In addition to the Genesis, it was also available for the NES in graphically reduced form. As far as baseball games go, this one is pretty mediocre. Plus, sports sims don’t really hold up that well over time for the most part anyway.

    This ad is from the Fall 1991 issue of Sega Visions. All screen shots are from the Sega Genesis version of the game.

  • Batter Up (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo)


    Source: Computer & Video Game Magazines – EGM 2 – Issue Number 5 – November 1994

    You might have thought that motion gaming began with the Wii but you would be wrong. This ad is from 1994 and features a bat controller that was used to swing at pitches in video baseball games on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. That ad isn’t real specific as to which games it works with. It just says “it’s compatible with the most popular video baseball games”. Given that swinging at a pitch mostly just involved pressing a button, it’s probable that it worked with the vast majority.

    I don’t think this particular accessory was very popular. That’s probably in part because it doesn’t really give you any actual control except as an alternate way to send a button press. Also, this was a wired controller and I can imagine that a number of game systems were yanked off the top of the TV or shelf that they were on some of the more vigorous swings. Not to mention the number of times a kid brother or sister was whacked in the head. At least it appears to have been padded.

    This ad is from the November 1994 issue of EGM^2.

  • Sega Visions (October/November 1993)


    Source: Sega Visions – October/November 1993

    Sega Visions was Sega’s answer to Nintendo Power, however it never quite had the same level of popularity and didn’t last nearly as long. The September/October 1993 issue includes:

    • Say What?…Overheard at Sega – All the news and gossip that’s fit to print…and some that ain’t.
    • Yo Sega! – Readers write in with ?’s and !’s.
    • Sega Game Features
      • Sonic Spinball – Jumpin’ Blue Blazes, Look at Sonic Now!
      • Jurassic Park CD – A Sega CD adventure so real you’ll think you are there.
      • Disney’s Aladdin – Disney’s hit movie comes to life on your Genesis.
      • Sneak Peeks – A first look at some cool games
        • Star Trek: The Next Generation on Genesis
        • Sonic Chaos on Game Gear
    • Just Review It
      • Sega CD Tips and Strategies
        • Lethal Enforcers
        • The Secret of Monkey Island
        • Robo Aleste
      • Genesis Tips and Strategies
        • Aero the Acro-bat
        • Mazin Saga
        • Zombies Ate My Neighbors
        • Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck
        • Haunting Starring Polterguy
        • The Addams Family
        • Robocop III
        • Cliffhanger
        • General Chaos
        • The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
      • Game Gear Hints on the Go
        • Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren Hoek and Stimpy
        • Star Wars
        • Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns
        • Desert Strike
        • Robocop III
    • Heavy Equipment
      • Outback Joey from Heartbeat
      • Deluxe Carry-All and Holster Case
    • Departments
      • Sonic Comic
      • Sports Playbook
        • NFL Football ’94 Starring Joe Montana
        • Bill Walsh College Football
        • World Series Baseball
        • Wimbledon Tennis
        • N.H.L. Hockey ’94
        • Boxing Legends of the Ring
      • VizKidz! – Neato Games and Stuff – not for adults!
      • Totally Sonic
      • Sega Visionaries
      • Power Shopper – Hot deals on games.

    …and more!