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  • Warrior of Rome (Sega Genesis)


    Source: Sega Force – Winter 1992

    Warrior of Rome is a real-time strategy game released for the Sega Genesis in 1991. There were not a whole lot of strategy games of any kind for 16-bit consoles so if it is a genre you were interested in, you probably would have taken an interest in this game.

    Warrior of Rome presents a fictional story about Julius Caesar and the Roman Army while he was general in 48 B.C. This game is actually called “Ambition of Caesar” in Japan. There are four different maps, all of which are based in Egypt. For each map (or level) the player must accomplish certain goals. The player can issue various commands to each troop, including movement, making traps, retreat, etc. When troops encounter an enemy, battle is automatically started.

    This game received very mixed reviews. I think one of the issues is that people either love this type of game or hate it. As far as real-time strategy games of that era go, this one is probably fairly typical with the biggest complaint being a lack of variety. It was successful enough to spawn a sequel, cleverly titled Warrior of Rome II. There were not a huge number of titles to compete against in this genre on the Genesis though.

    Personally, I don’t think real-time strategy game age as well as turn-based ones. However, if you do want to give this one a try, you’ll have to track down an original. There have been no re-releases and no sequels beyond the Genesis sequel released the following year.

    The above ad is from the Winter 1992 issue of Sega Force.


  • Wings of Wor (Sega Genesis)

    Wings of Wor (Sega Genesis)


    The 16-bit era was really the golden age for scrolling shooters like Wings of Wor. This relatively obscure title was released for the Sega Genesis in 1991. The graphics are outstanding, if somewhat disturbing at times, and the game play is excellent.

    Not that the story matters all that much but in Wings of Wor, you take the role of Wor who must stop the demons of Iccus from attacking the heavens. Iccus has been taken over by a virus that has mutated into a variety of horrible creatures. It’s up to you to destory them!

    This game got very positive reviews and is an excellent game for anyone who loves shooters. It consists of six levels and you get to continue from where you die assuming you have lives left. There are three basic types of shots that you have (basically different patterns) that can each be powered up by making them stronger or increasing the number of bullets. Then there are also several special weapons.

    Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to track down an original to play Wings of Wor and they tend to be quite expensive. Or there is always the emulation route. I’m not aware of any sequels. The original was released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008 but only in Japan.

  • Operation Europe (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo)

    USA 1994


    Turn-based strategy games are not particularly common on consoles (or really at all anymore). Even in the 16-bit era they were few and far between. KOEI was one company that developed these sorts of games for Nintendo and Sega systems. Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-1945, released in 1994, is one such game.

    Operation Europe consists of a variety of historical World War II scenarios in Europe and North Africa. As the player, you take the role of one of a variety of historical and fictitious generals. The game can be played with one player or two. There was also a campaign mode but oddly that mode was only made available in the Japanese version and you could only play as the Germans.

    Those familiar with other KOEI games, in particular Nobunaga’s Ambition, will have a pretty good idea what this game was like. In fact, Operation Europe used the same game engine as Nobunaga’s Ambition. The game received generally favorable reviews but it really comes down to whether or not you like turn-based strategy games or not. It happens to be one of my favorite genres.

    In addition to the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions, Operation Europe was also released for DOS based computers. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any re-releases so you will have to track down an original or resort to emulation to give this one a try. The console versions will be easier to deal with in either case.

    Screenshots above are from the Super Nintendo version of the game.