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    Instant Music (Commodore 64, Amiga, Apple IIgs)


    Instant Music is a rather unique music making program that was initially developed for the Amiga and then ported to the Apple IIgs and Commodore 64 in 1986. Instant Music came with a variety of songs pre-loaded and allowed the operator to vary the individual tones creating new music.


    Instant Music was among one of the first programs released by Electronic Arts for the Amiga. It received very good reviews from both computer magazines and music magazines alike. Even the Commodore 64 version was very well done. It offered a number of sophisticated features for the time including:

    • creating singe, double or triple notes in multiple ways
    • cutting/pasting blocks of music
    • modifying the tempo
    • zooming in and out to edit a piece of a tune
    • editing available instruments
    • transposing pitch


    Commodore 64
    It also has features that can ensure everything you do is in key and melodic (though those features can be turned off if you prefer).


    Apple IIgs
    Instant Music was a neat piece of software that allowed anyone to create unique music. I’m not sure what is out there today that can accomplish the same thing with as much ease though there is certainly more sophisticated music software these days. However, if you want to play around with creating music on your Amiga, Commodore 64 or Apple IIgs, this is a good place to start.



  • SSX 3 (Electronic Arts)


    Source: Girls of Gaming – Volume 1

    SSX 3 is a 3rd person snowboard racing game that was released by EA in 2003 for various systems, including the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. As the name would suggest, this is the 3rd game in the series though the second game was called SSX Tricky. As far as this type of game goes, this was one of the best. It received very high ratings and sold well.

    I’m not much of a fan of sports game in general but this one plays more like a racing game. I happen to like racing games. If you like racing games then you may like this game regardless of your feelings about snowboarding or sports games in general. However, a significant component of the game is performing tricks both during races and as part of separate freestyle events.

    This is an excellent example of the genre so if you have any interest at all this one is worth giving a shot. The good news is that there is even a recent release of this game in the form of an enhanced Xbox One port that was released in 2018. Otherwise, an original copy for the Xbox, PS2 or GameCube shouldn’t be too hard to track down either.

    The image at the top is from Girls of Gaming and features Elise, one of the characters from the game. Screen shots are from the GameCube version of the game.

  • JoyStik (December 1983)


    Source: JoyStik – December 1983

    JoyStik is another one in a long line of short-lived early 1980s video games magazines. Joystick covered arcade games as well as home video and computer games with an emphasis on video game strategies. The December 1983 issue includes:


    • Mastering Blaster – The latest offering from Williams Electronics is another colorful, fast-paced action game by Vid Kidz, designers of Stargate and Robotron. This exclusive JoyStik preview includes helpful hints for all 30 screens.

    Winning Edge

    • Millipede: The Bugs are Back…Again – Last issue we showed you how to play Millipede. This time, Eric Ginner explains how to beat it – as the former world record holder, he ought to know.

    Arcade Game Features

    • Conquering Crystal Castles – Tips for all ten levels, including the secret warps.
    • The Underground World of Mr. Do!
    • Flying High in Gyruss – World champion Ben Gold presents patterns for every planet.
    • Mappy – Mappy’s a snap if you know these tricks.

    Home Game Features

    • Electronic Arts: A New Software Breed – A small San Mateo company has applied movie-making mentality to game design, with “producers”, “directors,” and “stars” working together on new games for the Apple and Atari.
    • Star Master: Official Air Force Strategies – Retired Air Force pilot Frank P. Walter’s strategies were honed by 20 years of playing the real flying game.


    • Letters
    • New Waves – Mylstar, Windo-Wizardry, Vidion, and more.
    • Tricks of the Trade – Top tips from the arcade pros.
    • Software Updates – Reviews of the newest computer games.
    • The Home Front – The latest games and classic cartridges.
    • Charts – Expanded to 101 record scores.
    • Technocracy – CVC’s GameLine module and coin-op difficulty settings.

    …and more!

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