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  • Commodore Power Play (December 1984/January 1985)


    Source: Commodore Power Play – December 1984/January 1985

    Commodore Power/Play was Commodore’s more entertainment oriented magazine back when they published more than one. It mostly covered the Commodore 64 and VIC-20 but was around when the short-lived Commodore 16 and Plus/4 were introduced also. The December 1984 issue includes:


    • Letters
    • Butterfield
    • Joystick Lunatic
    • News From The Front
    • Game Reviews
      • Summer Games
      • Wizard
      • In the Chips
      • Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
      • Congo Bongo
      • Juice!
    • Software Reviews
      • Astro-Talk
      • Model Diet
      • S.A.M.
    • Jiffies
      • VIC 20 Christmas
      • Renaming Diskettes on the 1541
      • Sound Effects Library
      • Sound Off
      • Game Interrupt
    • Kids’ Corner
      • Cypherighter/Decypherighter
      • Merlyn for the Commodore 64
    • No More Pencils
      • Using Joysticks in LOGO
    • Tele/Scope
      • Playnet: A True Story
    • Computer Tutor
      • Musical Sprites for the Commodore 64
    • Game Programs
      • Blackjack
    • Glitch Fix
      • “Appointment Calendar” Program Listing


    • Christmas Buyers Guide
      • Games For The Commodore 64 – Build your library from this list of almost 300 games
      • Pick Of The Sticks – A look at seven joysticks. Which is for you?
      • New Kid On The Block – The Commodore 16 is a real “learning machine.”
      • Life After Games – Consider these alternatives to arcade games.
      • Best Bets In New Books – A few favorites picked from the sea of computer books.
      • Feature Games
        • Some Like It Hot – Warm up your joystick hand for Satan’s Hollow.
        • Take The Solar Fox Challenge – Commodore’s new Bally/Midway game is fast.
        • Triad And True – Ti-tac-toe and arcade action come together.

    …and more!

  • Compute!’s Gazette (July 1983)


    Source: Compute!’s Gazette – July 1983

  • Die Hard (Commodore 64)

    Die Hard, based on the Bruce Willis movie of the same name, was developed by Activision and released for the Commodore 64 in 1990. While a pretty mediocre game overall, by movie license standards it was spectacular but that isn’t saying much. This late in the life of the Commodore 64 they were going for a budget approach. For instance, except for the title music, there was no soundtrack.

    Die Hard is a fairly standard side-scroller. You must collect various items needed to win the game while fighting your way through endless hordes of terrorists. You might as well stand and fight because they are just going to chase you until you do. Game play is ok if nothing special and the graphics are pretty bland. Sound effects are acceptable but repetetive and then there is the aforementioned lack of music.

    1990 was the last year Activision released games for the Commodore 64 but there were ten more in addition to Die Hard. Versions of Die Hard were also released for DOS, the NES and TurboGrafx-16 (though oddly only in Japan). None were outstanding games but what do you expect from a movie license? Despite at least 3 out of 4 of these being developed by Activision, they are all different games. The NES version is played from a top down perspective while the DOS version has a first person point of view. If you want to play this particular variation, a real Commodore 64 or an emulated version of one is the only way to do it.

    Screen shots above are from the Commodore 64 version of the game.