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  • St. Nick (TI-99 4A)

    Source: Microkids – Issue Number 1 – December 1983

    I had a friend that had a TI-99/4A but I never had one myself. This computer had a very brief windows of success somewhere in late 1982 and 1983. This rare ad for a TI-99/4A game is from the December 1983 issue of Microkids.

    St. Nick was released sometime in late 1983 and was developed by a company called Funware which had just been bought by Creative before this game was released. The game is a fairly typical 2D single screen action arcade game of the type that was common in the early 1980s. In this game you must help St. Nick fend off witches invading from Halloween and elves that have been placed under their spell in order to save Christmas. I wonder if the inspiration for The Nightmare Before Christmas came from this game? Anyway, the game itself is nothing special but for TI-99/4A aficionados, there are relatively few games to choose from. It isn’t an awful game but don’t expect anything amazing either.

    Like most (all?) games for the TI-99/4A, this one comes in cartridge format. Originals are not terribly easy to find but you still may be able to pick one up reasonably cheap if you can find one. If not, there is always emulation. This game has never been re-released and I doubt it ever will be so these are your only two options.

  • K-Power (November/December 1984)

    Source: K-Power – Issue Number 8 – November/December 1984

    In the early 1980s, there were several computer magazines oriented towards kids. Most of them didn’t really last very long. K-Power, despite incorporating another short-lived kids computer magazine, didn’t survive much longer than a year. The November/December 1984 issue includes:


    • Space: The Fun Frontier – A look at computer games for Trekkies!
    • Let Your Computer Organize Your Hobby! – Need help sorting out your collection? Here it is! Plus, a look at hobby software. And a program to help you organize your hobby!
    • Computer To Go – K-POWER’s guide to buying a portable computer. And a chart of portables you might go for.


    • Editor’s Note – How to make your computer part of the holidays.
    • Logon – Pen pal information, reader requests, and a coconut!
    • Compuzine – The lowdown on new computer TV shows. Plus, an exclusive repot from a computer trade show, Silicon Alley, and Scrolling Dough.
    • Dr. Kursor’s Klinic – The Dvorak keyboard, and big news for Timex owners.
    • K-Net – How to battle on-line frustration.
    • Screening Room – Reviews of Amazon, Cell Defense, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Jack Attack, and Castles of Dr. Creep.
    • Strategy – Zork hints! And, how to survive fantasy/role playing games.
    • Classified
    • Contest – What’s the use of computers?

    Hacker Heaven

    • Programs – Palindrome Construction Kit, Music Gizmo, Amazing Drumulator, and Melodies from Mars. Plus, the winners of the Word Twister Contest.
    • Pixel That! – Take off with the E-Z Flight Simulator.
    • Compucopia – Encoder/Decoder Contest winners.
    • Microtones – Musical Stings – mini-routines that play tunes! For the Apple, ADAM, CoCo, and more.

  • Home Computer Magazine – Volume 5, Number 2

    Source: Home Computer Magazine – Volume 5, Number 2

    Home Computer Magazine was an early to mid 1980s computer magazine that covered Commodore, Apple, IBM, and Texas Instruments computers though it was born out of a magazine devoted exclusively to the TI-99/4A. Volume 5, issue 2 includes:


    • It Figures! – What does it do? How does it do it? It Figures!
    • Evacu-Pod – Pilot your Evacu-Pod to rescue miners on 4 other worlds.
    • Switch ‘n’ Spell – A spelling aid … with an entertaining twist.
    • Laserithmetic – Will math skills and laser blasts keep alien beasts at bay?
    • Organizer Reports – Flexibility and organization highlight your outline printouts.
    • Razzle Dazzle – Don’t just play with your 99/4A, play it, maestro.
    • What is CP/M? – Is this operating system headed for rebirth?
    • Apple Seedlings – Sort your ProDOS catalogs.
    • Commodore Hornblower – Inside the SID chip.
    • IBMpressions – Create 3-D surface drawings with BASIC.
    • Field & Screen: Using a Data Base System – A general introduction to using data bases – correctly.

    Product Reviews

    • The Music of Sound: A Review of 4 Music/Sound Software Series with Keyboards for the C-64 – Creative fun with Commodore’s amazing sound capabilities.
    • Lost in CP/M Land: A Review of the Microsoft Premium Softcard IIe – Are we being too hard on the Softcard?
    • A CP/M Dawn for the TI-99/4A: A Review of Morning Star’s CP/M Package – Finally, the CP/M window is opened to 99/4A Users.
    • Spy vs Spy – Does the software capture the comic MADness?
    • AppleWorks – An easy-to-use integrated package reaches the home.
    • The Ancient Art of War – Here it’s okay to pick a fight.
    • Legacy II for the PCjr – Junior continues to grow in power.
    • The Factory – Punch, stripe, at rotate objects in your own factory.
    • Keys to Responsible Driving – Better than a driver’s manual?


    • Welcome to HCM
    • Inside/Outside HCM
    • On Screen