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  • Compute! (September 1984)


    Source: Compute! – Issue Number 52 – September 1984

    Compute! was the best of the early multi-format computer magazines. In 1984 it was covering a variety of 8-bit computers such as the VIC-20, Commodore 64, Atari 8-bit, TI-9/4A plus the PC (mostly the PC and PC Jr.). The September 1984 issue includes:


    • The Educational Software Explosion
    • The Latest in Learning: New Trends in Educational Computing
    • Choosing The Best Educational Software

    Education and Recreation

    • The Tester
    • Missile Math
    • Lightsaver


    • Exodus: Ultima III For Commodore 64
    • The Seven Cities Of Gold
    • Word Flyer

    Columns And Departments

    • The Editor’s Notes
    • Readers’ Feedback
    • Computers And Society: Discovery-Based Learning And Teenagers
    • Questions Beginners Ask
    • The Beginner’s Page: ROM And RAM
    • The World Inside The Computer: Build A Computer In Your Mind
    • Learning With Computers: Aids For The Blind
    • INSIGHT: Atari
    • Machine Language: Math And Tables
    • Programming The TI: Writing An Educational Program
    • 64 Explorer

    The Journal

    • Lightning Sort
    • Atari Bubble And Bulldozer Sorting
    • Commodore Autoboot
    • Atari Paddle Fixer
    • Apple Editing Hints
    • Commodore Disk Pattern Matching, Part 1
    • SYSound
    • Musical TI Keyboard

    …and more!

  • Antic (June 1984)


    Source: Antic – June 1984

    Antic: The Atari Resource was probably the 2nd most popular magazine for Atari 8-bit computers. It its later years it shifted more focus onto the Atari ST though. The June 1984 issue, which was still a while before the 16-bit ST was introduced, includes:


    • Anatomy of an Atari 800XL – Inside the belly of the beast
    • Exploring the XL – One programmer’s perspective
    • Scroll Your Way to the Top – A short course on coarse scrolling
    • Use BASIC to Animate – An easier way to program your own games
    • Color Finetuner – Adjust your colors to a “T”
    • Antic Pix Furniture – Computing in comfort


    • Inside Atari: Evolution of the XL Computers
    • Education: Alphabet Music
    • Languages: Talk to your Robot
    • Profiles: Activision’s James Levy
    • Toolbox: BASIC – A Variable Approach
    • Game of the Month: Escape From Epsilon
    • Assembly Language: Shortcuts to Success
    • I/O Board
    • Help!
    • Public Domain Software
    • New Products
    • Product Reviews
    • Advertisers List
    • Listing Conventions
    • Shopper’s Guide

  • Analog Computing (April 1989)


    Source: Analog Computing – Issue Number 71 – April 1989

    Analog computing was one of the two major Atari 8-bit magazines in North America. It was a great magazine for owners of those systems and it had a long life. The April 1989 issue includes:


    • Krazy Mazes – An exciting two-player game of mazes and chases written entirely in machine langauge.
    • Master Memory Map, Part IX – ANALOG’s official memory map continues
    • Univert – How many decimeters are ther in a cubit? How many leagues in a light year? With Univert you can easily convert from any unit of measurement to another.
    • Pixel Averaging on the Atari – This graphics technique will allow you to hide those jagged edges in your computer art masterpieces.


    • Panak Strikes – This month Steve looks at Gauntlet (Atari) and Richard Petty’s Talladega (Cosmi).
    • The Converter (No Frills Software)
    • Cheat! (Alpha Systems)


    • Database DELPHI
    • Game Design Workshop
    • ST Notes
    • The End User


    • Editorial
    • Reader Comment
    • 8-bit News
    • M/L Editor
    • BASIC Editor II

    …and more!