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  • Popular Computing Weekly – May 20, 1982

    Source: Popular Computing Weekly – May 20, 1982

    Popular Computing Weekly, as the name describes, was a monthly publication (in the U.K.) that covered popular home computers of the 1980s. The issue from the week of May 20th, 1982 includes:

    • News – Spectrum add-ons, Commodore software competition.
    • Club Reports – Mick Ryan reports on the independent Commodore Products User Group.
    • Labyrinth – Dave Middleton presents an amazing maze game for you to play.
    • Reviews – Pinball, Galaxy Invader, disc drive for the Vic-20.
    • Open Forum – Seven pages of programs.
    • Sound & vision – Sam Blythe on music, Brian Reffin Smith on art.
    • Hand & mouth – John Gowrie on calculators, John Dawson on languages.
    • Programming – BBC functions by Tim Hartnell.
    • Peek & poke – Your questions answered.
    • Competitions – Crossword.

    …and more!

  • Commander (June 1984)

    Source: Commander – June 1984

    Commander was a magazine dedicated to the VIC-20 and Commodore 64. However, it was short-lived only lasting from 1982 to 1984. The June 1984 issue includes:

    Education Sector

    • Electronic Blackboard – Children can learn more than just the 3 ‘R’s with Matchboxes, Brain Strainers, Telly Turtle, and Samson & Delilah.
    • The Music Instructor – A unique approach to learning pitch recognition. Intonation and interval identification are included in the program.
    • Explorations with Assembly – Assembly language is put to use in this month’s column; A screen dump program is dissected to show you how it works.
    • BASIC Training: A Beginner’s Introduction to Commodore BASIC Programming – Lesson 4.

    Reviews and Recreation Sector

    • News, Views, Previews & Reviews – Disk drives! Colin reviews the new MSD dual disk drive.
    • Apple Pick’n – Racing against the clock, you must find the way through the labyrinth to your food supply.

    Feature Sector

    • Command Post – Exchanging programs with friends around the world? Yes! Your computer and ham radio equipment can do just that.
    • The Newsletter Editor – This program takes some of the work out of publishing a newsletter. NED reads disk text files written on any word processor, without the program that generated the text.
    • Modify Your 8K Cartridge to include ROM’s – Step by step instructions for upgrading a VIC-20 expansion cartridge.
    • Screen Dump 64 – After you create a picture with your computer graphics, how do you show it off? You give your friends a printed copy of your creation, of course.
    • Functionally Yours – The mysterious four keys on the right side of the keyboard are explained.
    • Func*keys = A utility to bring those function keys to life.
    • BASIC + ML = ? – Examples showing how BASIC and Machine Language can live and work together.<