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  • Commodore Computing International (August 1986)

    Source: Commodore Computing International – August 1986

    Commodore Computing International, despite the name, was a U.K. based Commodore magazine covering the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga. The August 1986 issue includes:


    • Intellirobots
    • Micropro
    • Geos Astron
    • Smarcards
    • 3+1 Plus/4 News at Level 9
    • and much, much more


    • Time-Trax
    • Ollo
    • Southern Belle
    • Max Headroom
    • Way of the Tiger
    • Nexus
    • Seabase Delta
    • Shogun
    • Caves of Eriban
    • Ian Botham’s Cricket
    • Gnasher
    • Runner
    • Hyperforce
    • Pharoah’s Tomb
    • Steve Davis Snooker
    • Dork’s Dilemma
    • Mercenary
    • Indoor Soccer


    • GES Chicago – What’s really going down in the Windy City.
    • The New 64C Range – We get you in on the latest and maybe greatest Commodore machines.
    • Communications – Going on getting the buzz.
    • Radio Computing – The air is full of dots and dashes.
    • Hungary – Hungary? Yes the other Commodore Show inside the Iron Curtain.

    …Constant Factors

    • Competition Results – Win Plus/4 Mercury and 64 Second City, a Biggles kit and much more.
    • MUD – Zaphod not stuck in but wallowing.
    • Hints and Tips – More Plus/4 memory and not Catch but Poke 22 and Hexo-Decimo.
    • Machine Code – Re-Bouncing the Ball.
    • BASIC – The Connect Game
    • BASIC For Beginners – Bill Donald fills you in another stage.
    • Fighting Words – Jeff Minter lays about him with no mercy.


    • The Astonishing new 64 Geos
    • Load and Go
    • Blinker 64
    • B/ Graph
    • Swift
    • Expert Cartridge
    • Graphic Expander and Connector
    • The Final Cartridge

    …and more!

  • Commodore Magazine (January 1989)

    Commodore Magazine
    January 1989
    Page 0 (Cover)

    Source: Commodore Magazine – January 1989

    Having a Commodore 64 at the time, Commodore Magazine was one of the few magazines I bought on a regular basis. At least for the couple of years it lasted after I found it. This was Commodore’s last iteration of an official magazine and it mostly covered the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga line though it also included coverage of Commodore’s PC clones. The January 1989 issue includes the following:


    • Perfect Impressions – Desktop publishing programs for the Amiga have come a long way in the past year. New and updated programs have been released for every publishing need (and budget). Here’s a survey of what you can do with what’s available and how much it will cost.
    • Actionware Takes Aim at the Amiga Game Market – Actionware has released a series of Amiga titles (Commodore 64 versions to come) to be used with the Actionware Light Gun. Actionware’s light gun gives new meaning to the “shoot-’em-up arcade game.”
    • Cover Story: Roundball Software: EA Style – Electronic Arts’ best selling program of all time (Dr. J and Larry Bird Go One-on-One) has spawned a follow-up match: Jordon vs. Bird. We talked to the programs’ designers to find out how they turn basketball superstars into software superstars, and to Michael Jordon about his future on and off the court.


    • 64 and 128 Software Reviews
      • Road Runner
      • Clubhouse Sports
      • Renegade
      • Questron II
      • Sporting News Baseball
      • Speed Buggs
    • Amiga Software Reviews
      • Starglider II
      • CLImate and DiskMaster
      • Hunt for Red October
      • Shakespeare
      • excellence!
      • Carrier Command


    • Letters
    • News
    • Tips & Tricks
      • Hints for Fun and Utility
      • Gold Mine
    • Projects – Synchronicity
    • Amiga Update
      • Image Processing for the Amiga
      • Amiga Public Domain
    • Adventure Road – Dungeons and Dragons
    • Red Storm Rising Ultimate Challenge Announcement
    • Graphics Contest Announcement
    • Inside Q-Link – Handling Archives
    • Pumping GEOS – Fun with Fonts
    • Programming
      • Graphbusters!
      • Castle of Spirits
      • Boggling
    • 128 Mode – Creating an Arcade Game

    …and more!

  • The Guide to Computer Living (November 1986)


    Source: The Guide to Computer Living – Volume 3, Number 7 – November 1986

    The Guide to Computer Living was a Commodore specific magazine that was published in Oregon. It covered at least the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga. As far as I can tell, it seemed to be popular regionally but not necessarily nationally. The November 1986 issue includes:

    • RND (0) Notes – We now join “As The Disk Spins” in progress. Soap suds and silicon, the new fall line up.
    • To The Editor – Complaints and kudos for Dr. Tim. But no defense of the VIC-20 this month. Sorry.
    • CompuSex – And you thought we were kidding! C-P-U meets S-E-X and, thanks to this special section of The Guide, YOU ARE THERE.
    • Adventures of a Baudy Lady – Log on, leer in and lather up. Sex with a modem. What’s happening in the dim recesses of database services.
    • Sex & Computers! – We promised…we delivered! Computers in compromising positions. A Guide Exclusive!
    • Leather Goddesses Of Phobos – Tame, Suggestive or Lewd. Infocom breaks the no-no barrier (sort of) in their new “adult” adventure.
    • Computer Widow – Turned off and abandoned. And we’re not talking about the computer. Is there NOTHING left for a lonely housewife to do?
    • IntraCourse – This sex survey program asks you about things you’ve never dreamed about and things you’d rather forget. Then it compares you to The National Average. An anxiety-maker endorsed by Dr. Joyce Brothers.
    • Strip Poker – The game where you don’t care if it doesn’t play such a good game of cards. The computer amusement that made teenage boys happy.
    • Computer Curmudgeon – From programming to puberty. One woman’s perspective.
    • BobsTerm Pro 128 – Signing-on was never more fun or more versatile. An outstanding terminal program moves to the C-128.
    • FSD-1 Disk Drive – Cheaper than a 1541, smaller than a 1541 and it does all the same stuff. Why pay more?
    • Freeze Frame – CardCo may be gone; but Freeze Frame continues to dump on their memory.
    • VIP Professional MaxiPlan – One Amiga spreadsheet that does a Lotus 1 2 3 impersonation, another that talks. Now, what about one that does Ed Sullivan?
    • Turbo MIRV – It’s getting crowded in here! MIRV stuffs desktop utilities into the C-64/128 and there isn’t enough room to move sideways.
    • Quickies – Brisk and sometimes abrasive reviews of the latest in computer products. You read it here first.
    • Potpourri – Technicolor zombies, nuclear holocaust and Commodore International. Amazing what’s getting into the news these days.
    • Real Gamers… – Bob winds up a new joystick and dusts off a couple oldies. You read it here first.
    • Dr. Timothy Leary – From cave to keyboard. Dr. Leary looks East and describes the dawning of the computer age.
    • Amiga Monthly – Vas ist DOS? Some handy AmigaDOS commands Commodore doesn’t tell you about. Also Cinemaware preview, Mind Walker and The Music Studio.
    • Beginner’s Corner – Disk Data. How it gets there, where it goes, and what it means.
    • Machine Language – Build your own computer without wire, pliers or spare parts. McCormick does it in software.
    • More Computer Magic – “A State of Mind.” This time the computer knows what state you’re thinking of. Incredible.
    • File Viewer – “And I wish that I could look at any file on my floppy disk.” Wish granted.

    …and more!