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  • Your Commodore (November 1986)

    Source: Your Commodore – Issue Number 26 – November 1986

    Your Commodore was one of a number of Commodore specific magazines published in the U.K. It focused on Commodore’s various 8-bit computers, primarily the Commodore 64. However, the November 1986 issue’s cover features the “new” Plus/4 and C-16 which ended up being wildly unpopular. One step forward and two steps back I would say, plus they were incompatible with the C-64. This issue includes:


    • Data Statements
    • Easy Enter
    • Software for Sale
    • Competition
    • Club 128
    • Games Reviews
    • Contributions
    • Letters
    • Welcome to the Machine
    • Back Page

    Games and Utilities

    • Into the Eighties – 80 column mode come true.
    • C16 Sound Sampler – Now you can chat to your C16.
    • C64 Autosave – Cut down on time and frustration.
    • Making Data – Two versions – one for the 64 and one for the 128.


    • Write On – Parasoft’s Script/Plus reviewed.
    • Disk Doc – Stuart Cooke on a new utility.
    • Disk Utility – What you can get from our free Utilities.
    • Extended Basic – How to use our Extended basic.
    • Newsroom – How you can be a newspaper tycoon.
    • Video Basic – Switch on Adamsoft’s Video Basic.
    • Pick of the Sticks – Zap through some new joysticks.
    • R1D1 – How to play our free game.
    • MIDI, Music and You – The mysteries of MIDI unveiled.
    • Quick on the Draw – Three new graphics packages.

    …and more!

  • Info (September/October 1988)

    Source: Info – Issue Number 22 – September/October 1988

    Info (or .info) was a magazine published for Commodore computers. Originally it covered the Commodore 64 but expanded to cover the Commodore 128 and Amiga later on. It was unique in that it was published using Commodore 8-bit and then Amiga computers. The September 1988 issue includes:


    • Info at Five – A nostalgic look at the first five years of Info.
    • Digitizing Made Easy – The “Digitizing Demon”, Oran Sands, shares his secrets and sheds some light (“you need lots of it”) on this elusive graphics technique.
    • The MAC vs. the AMIGA – Bob Lindstrom puts the two powerhouses on the same track for a side by side evaluation. You may be surprised at his conclusions!