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  • Compute!’s Gazette (March 1986)

    Source: Compute!’s Gazette – March 1986

    Compute!’s Gazette was one of the most popular Commodore 8-bit magazines in the U.S. and the most successful spin-off of Compute! The March 1986 issue includes:


    • What’s New Online for Commodore
    • The Commodore SIG
    • A Buyer’s Guide to Modems


    • Movie Maker
    • Perry Mason: The Case of the Manderin Murder
    • Dambusters
    • Fighter Command
    • Spellbreaker
    • Touchdown Football


    • Survivor
    • Shifter

    Education/Home Applications

    • Computing for Families: Storytelling to Read
    • Number Construction Kit


    • Hints & Tips: Timesavers
    • BASIC Magic: String Variables in READ and DATA Statements
    • Machine Language for Beginners: Machine Maps
    • Power BASIC: Keyboard to Joystick Converter
    • The Coordinator
    • Storage and Display: Using Peripherals with the 128
    • ASCII Teleconverter
    • Cataloger
    • VICDump
    • 128 Auto Boot
    • Clavier 64


    • The Editor’s Notes
    • Gazette Feedback
    • User Group Update
    • Simple Answers to Common Questions
    • News & Products
    • Bug-Swatter: Modifications and Corrections

    Program Listings

    • MLX: Machine Language Entry Program
    • COMPUTE!’s Gazette Author’s Guide
    • How to Type In COMPUTE!s Gazette Programs

    …and more!

  • Commodore World (October/November 1996)

    Source: Commodore World – Issue Number 17 – October/November 1996

    I generally consider the last mainstream stand-alone Commodore magazine issue to be published in the U.S. as the final issue of RUN in November/December 1992. However, disk only publications and a subscription only magazine or two lingered on for several more years. One example is Commodore World. The October/November 1996 issue includes:


    • CMD’s New Time Machine – What advantages might the SuperCPU have for your applications?
    • All About SuperGEOS – GEOS and the SuperCPU work well together – and here’s why.
    • Commodore Demos Part 3 – Our final look at the demo-scene… for now!
    • Cleaning Out The GEOS Closet – Sometimes getting better organized really is worthwhile.
    • It All Adds Up to geoCalc – Take a look at using GEOS for your spreadsheet applications.
    • FileSplitter – A handy type-in program for dealing with oversized files.


    • Hardware: Morse Coach – Forgotten Worlds, Grand Prix Circuit, and Death Sword.
    • Games – Karate Champ/Kung-Fu Master, the Ghost of Genghis Khan, and Zamczysko.


    • Just For Starters – There’s more than one way to win at computer games.
    • Graphic Interpretation – Looking for more geoWrite goodies?
    • Carrier Detect – If you thought online chatting died with Q-Link, better check this out…
    • Hard Tips – Keep your mouse one step ahead of the cat!
    • GeoProgrammist – Learn the in’s and out’s of creating and modifying GEOS data files.
    • Assembly Line – 6402 vs. 65816: The added benefit of using 16-bit routines.
    • Basic Instincts – Once upon a time subroutines…
    • Over The Edge – Warning: Computing Can Be Hazardous to Your Health.


    • From the Editor
    • BackTalk
    • Commodore Trivia
    • On The Horizon
    • Classified Ads
    • Advertiser’s Index

    …and more!