The X-Files

The X-Files is one of if not my favorite TV series of all time. I am going to attempt to review every episode. I started this project once before but didn’t make it very far. It might take me a few years but I plan to get through it all this time. I am in the latter stages of a re-watch right now so I will probably go ahead and start reviewing the episodes I am watching now and start back with season 1, episode 1 at a later date.

In addition to giving you my thoughts on each of the episodes I will also rate them on a 5-star scale. I consider the series a 5-star series so this will be a system that rates the episodes in terms of the other episodes more than anything else.  So, for example, A 2-star episode will still probably be a decent watch and there probably won’t be a lot of 1-star episodes.


Though I won’t necessarily give away the ending of an episo