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  • The VersaBusiness Series (Commodore 64)


    Source: Commodore MicroComputer – Issue 40 – March April 1986

    The Commodore 64 had a reputation for being a games machine and thus was often not taken very seriously but for at least the first several years of its life there were a number of productivity titles and even professional business software available.

    This particular ad is from the March/April 1986 issue of Commodore MicroComputer and is for the VersaBusiness Series. This includes VersaReceivables, VersaPayables, VeraPayroll, VersaInventory, and VersaLedger II. I can’t claim to know anything about this software or what the difference was between the different versions for different machines but it was available for a lot of them including Apple II, DOS, CP/M, Macintosh, TRS-80, and of course the Commodore 64. It wasn’t cheap, $550 if you wanted it all, but they were running a special 50% discount for the Commodore version in this ad so you could have had them all for the low, low prices of $225.

  • Enter (September 1984)


    Source: Computer & Video Game Magazines – Enter Issue 10 1984 Sep

    Enter was a computer magazine targeted towards kids published by Children’s Television Workshop (later Sesame Workshop). And what computer loving kid could resist a cover with the Enterprise on it? While it did have some gaming content its emphasis was on education including programming and various uses for computers. It covered all of the popular computers of the day that you might find in a home including (but not necessarily limited to) the Commodore 64, VIC-20, TI-99/4A, TRS-80, Apple II, the Atari 8-bit line, PCs (DOS), Coleco Adam and Timex. Unfortunately it lasted less than two years and only 17 issues were published.

    The September 1984 issue includes the following:


    • The Empire’s Computer Secrets – The makers of Indiana Jones and Star Wars enter the computer age. Lucasfilm’s Ed Catmull and his high-tech team are creating new ways to entertain us. Plus a look at two new Lucasfilm computer games – Rescue On Fractalus! and Ballblazer.
    • Rock on the Road – Computers spotlight the action for many of this summer’s hottest rock & roll tours.
    • The Write Stuff – What’s the best word processing software? Get the word on packages for Apple, Atari, Adam, Commodore, IBM, TRS-80 and VIC-20 computers in this buyer’s guide and in-depth chart.
    • Portable Power – A hands-on guide and review of four of today’s top notebook-size portable computers
    • The Making of an Arcade Game – Behind-the-scenes at an arcade game company – an insider’s peek at how hit games are put together.
    • Contest #4 – Invent some new computer terms and you just might win a new Apple IIc computer!


    • Pacesetters – Eric Hammond, 17-year-old hit programmer.
    • Pencil Crunchers – Maze. Computer Scramble.


    • BASIC Training – Programming for 9 computers.
    • BASIC Recommends – A good book on basic programming.

    …and more!

  • Color Computer Magazine (November 1983)


    Source: Color Computer Magazine – Vol. 1, No. 9 – November 1983

    The Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer, also known as the Tandy Color Computer or simply the Coco was a line of home computers produced from 1980 until 1991. It was the only common computer I am aware of that used the Motorola 6809 CPU. This was an 8-bit CPU but had some 16-bit features and was powerful for its time.

    There were three interations of the Color Computer with various features and improvements but for the most part they maintained backwards compatiability in terms of software. Some add-on hardware also maintained compatability across iterations.

    There weren’t very many magazines that covered the CoCo relative to other popular machines at the time but The Color Computer Magazine was one such magazine dedicated to this machine.

    The November 1983 issue included the following:


    • Super Spiro! – Go “beyond reality” into super- and hyper-spirographics.
    • Color Computing for Kids – Send your computer into loops… get it working on math, too.
    • Star – A short, sweet, graphics treasure.
    • Sorcerer’s Puzzles – Oh no! The sorcerer has been kidnapped! Quick! Solve these puzzles!
    • Slither – An eight-speed machine language version renews the challenge.
    • Unforgettable Characters – Put user-definable graphics characters into your favorite machine.
    • My MC-10 Speaks ML! – Machine language on the MC-10? What won’t this little machine do?
    • Custom Color – Part I of the most incredible computer music software you ever heard.
    • One-finger Hexload – Save time storing and editing hex byte lists.
    • Graphics? Yes! Part II – Draw lines and circles; learn new commands.


    • Reviews – Micron eye, Astro Blast, Colorkit, Cosmic Clones, and more.

    …and more!