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  • Brevard Renaissance Fair 2018 – The Craic Show – Part 21 (Batucada de Craic)


    The Craic Show performs ‘Batucada de CRAIC’ at the 2018 Brevard Renaissance Fair in Melbourne, Florida. (2018-01-27)

    The album this song is from can be found here: http://amzn.to/2DKsZ6O

    From their Facebook page:

    “The CRAIC Show is an intense & wildly entertaining act,
    made up of four international travelers who, in 1541, were banded together on an ancient battlefield. This unique merging of music from far away lands brings a sound that is unlike any other.

    Irishman Daniel O’Ryan leads this group with roguish vocals, rhythmic mandolin, and intense bagpipes. These pipes are paired up with enchanting Rina Von Adams playing harmonizing violin. The energy & enthusiasm of Cockney mate, Dylan Copperpot, on percussions is delightfully contagious. Anchoring the band with strong vocals & heavy bass drum is the Nordic beauty, Tonya Den Norse.

    Watching the group switch and interchange instruments throughout the show is something to see, songs are often started on pipes and ended with the entire group on percussions.

    Ever-changing and constantly blending styles, The CRAIC Show is always bringing a fresh, high energy blend of World Medieval Music.”



  • Brevard Renaissance Fair 2018 – Stary Olsa – Part 45


    Stary Olsa performs at the 2018 Brevard Renaissance Fair in Melbourne, Florida (2018-01-27).

    From Stary Olsa’s web page:

    “STARY OLSA is a mediaeval Belarusian music band. It was founded in 1999 by its present leader Zmicier Sasnoŭski and now consists of six musicians. It takes its name from a brook in the west part of Mahilioŭ Region (Belarus).

    The band’s repertoire includes Belarusian folk balladry and martial songs, Belarusian national dances, works of Belarusian Renaissance composers, compositions from Belarusian aulic music collections (e.g. Polack Notebook, Vilnia Notebook), Belarusian canticles of the 16th – early 17th centuries, as well as European popular melodies of the Middle Ages and Renascence.

    STARY OLSA cooperates with many knightly clubs from Belarus and Europe, museums and research centres, masters of early instruments, bands of folk, aulic, sacred and city avital music, as well as with solo performers using old instruments, as well as with fire show theartes.

    The band’s music makes it possible to restore sounds of many forgotten instruments. STARY OLSA uses for its performances maximal exact (in appearance, technology and materials) copies of old aged Belarusian instruments such as Belarusian bagpipe, lyre, gusli (Baltic psaltery) , svirel (reed pipe), jew’s-harp, ocarina, Belarusian trumpet, birch bark trumpet, hudok (Belarusian rebec), tromba marina and drums.

    The purpose is to completely reconstruct (whenever possible) musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania where Belarus was the main cultural and geopolitical part in the 13th – 18th centuries, and where there was a unique combination of Belarusian folk and aulic music with European musical achievements of that time. In order to revive this cultural peculiarity the band’s members mix early Belarusian instruments sound with all-European mediaeval instruments such as lute, rebec, cister, flute, Arabic drum.

    Besides its own theatrical concerts, the band performs at mediaeval culture festivals, spear-runnings and folklore festivals.”