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  • The Best Of Hardcore Computing (1984)

    Source: The Best Of Hardcore Computing

    Hardcore Computing started life primarily as a magazine that provided information on circumventing disk based copy protection (mostly for the Apple II) though it did contain some other, mostly technical, content. This “Best Of” issue from 1984 includes all such information published by the magazine up until that point in organized, condensed, updated and corrected form. Contents include:

    • Getting into DOS with DISKEDIT
    • An inside look at disk formats using DISKVIEW
    • Deprotecting disks with SUPER IOB
    • A quick and easy way to UNLOCK HYPERSPACE WARS
    • Taking a peek at BOOT CODE TRACING
    • List of Publisher abbreviations and INTRODUCTION TO ‘PARMS’
    • The Compleat Guide to LOCKSMITH PARAMETERS
    • Step-by-step guide to making backups using NIBBLEs AWAY II PARAMETERS
    • Technical notes and making backups using BACK-IT-UP II+ PARAMETERS
    • How to make backups using COPY II PLUS PARAMETERS
    • Curing those Auto-Start ROM blues HARDWARE SOLUTIONS
    • Advanced Playing Techniques, or how to get INSIDE CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN
    • Learn to use and understand Strings wtih TEXT INVADERS
    • Getting into Hi-res with ZYPHYR WARS

    …and more!

  • Hardcore Computist (August 1988)

    Source: Hardcore Computist – Issue Number 58 – August 1988

    Hardcore Computist was a technically oriented magazine that mostly covered the Apple II. It was controversial for its emphasis on circumventing the disk-based copy protection of the time. The August 1988 issue includes:

    • Editorial
    • Bugs
    • Most Wanted Softkeys


    • Mixing ProDOS with Thexder – Here’s how to put Thexder on a disk with ProDOS.
    • Infocom Decoder Revisited – Here’s how to add semi-automatic decoding to the Infocom Decoder. No more tedious hand decoding.
    • Cracking on the IIe – Another look at using the auxiliary memory on the IIe to remove copy protection.
    • Might & Magic Revisited – More information on what’s where and how to get a little more. Also included, a complete item list with the various equipping/use effects and bonuses.
    • Might & Magic Character Editor – Some much needed help for the adventurer in a neat and easy to use format.
    • An indepth guide to Ultima IV – A fairly comprehensive look at the excellent adventure.
    • Computing for 1-3 year olds
    • – How to use your computer to teach your child in the formative years.

    • The Product Monitor
    • – Games, Bugs and fixes, and some juicy rumors and propaganda.


    • A better way to print Starter Kit DOCs
    • Curing Fatal System Error #0911
    • Realtime Situation Control using CDAs
    • Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Fight Trainer
  • Softkeys
    • A.I.
    • BoulderDash
    • BoulderDash Construction Set
    • DeathSword
    • Design Your Own Home: Architecture
    • Design Your Own Home: Interior
    • Design Your Own Home: Landscape
    • Facemaker
    • Gauntlet
    • Kings Quest II
    • Mastery Arithmetic
    • Microzine #26
    • Muppet Slate v1.0
    • PFS: Graph
    • Rad Warrior
    • Rings of Ziflin
    • Seaspeller
    • Smart Eyes
    • Spell It!
    • Wings of Fury


    • Castle Wolfenstein
    • Marble Madness IIgs
    • Might & Magic
    • Ultima IV
    • Ultima V

    Playing Tips

    • Coveted Mirror
    • Deathlord
    • Might & Magic
    • Oo-Topos
    • Ultima IV

    IBM Notes

    • Help Wanted!

    …and more!