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  • Game On! – Volume 1, Number 1

    Source: Game On! – The Magazine of Electronic Manga Gaming – Volume 1, Number 1

    Game On! was subtitled “The Magazine Of Electronic Manga Gaming”. I think this was just a touch too niche for the U.S. market, particularly at the time. I’m not sure it survived past the first issue. The first (and only?) issue includes:

    Feature Presentation

    • Street Fighter: From Fighting Street to The Zero Hour – After nine years, it’s still the first fighting game on most people’s lips, the first to have a live-action movie, the first to trigger system wars for rights to its home games. With new games hogging the high-technology headlines, what makes Capcom’s 2D hit still the talk of the arcades and the consoles, and where did it all begin? All this and Alpha II!
    • A Fighter Speaks – Noritaka Funamizu, Vice Chief of Development for Capcom Japan, talks about fighting techniques, secret characters, and the concepts that keep a game going through seven sequels.
    • Out of the Arcades – It’s hard to imagine Pong or Pac-Man spawning movies, books, and animation, but Street Fighter II, which has been compared to these past successes, has become all of these. Everything from Jean-Claude van Damme’s Guile haircut to street Fighter II V is right here.
    • Special Report – Pixel to Panel: Gaming Manga in Japan – In America, hit comic books become video games. In Japan, it’s just the opposite.

    The Manga Combo

    • Introduction
    • Super Street Fighter II: Cammy – She’s 19, she’s buff, nd she’s in Her Majesty’s Secret Service! But James Bond couldn’t take the fights Cammy faces as she and Guile seek the mysteries of Cammy’s forgotten past. The first ever appearance in English of the six-part manga limited series by Masahiko Nkahira!
    • Samurai Showdown – The steel of a truly fine katana is folded by its maker five hundred times before it is tested in combat. But fate draws Hachmaru and Nakorutu together with a single clash of their blades! The first ever appearance in English of hit manga by Kyoichi Nanatsuki and Yuki Miyoshi!


    • From the Editor
    • Newsline – Gundam Ver. 2, Tekken 2, Macross Digital Mission VFX, Final Fantasy VII…plus Japan’s top ten games. If it’s on its way from Japan to the States, it has to travel along the Newsline.
    • Play Tests – Reviewed this month: Street Fighter Alpha, Magic Knight Rayearth, Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Gunbird
    • Game Over! – Terry Bogard. Ryu. A language barrier, an excuse to get angry, and once the dust settles, who would be the greatest cross-game fighting champ of all? The blow-by-blow begins here.
    • Letters and Upcoming – Give us letters or give us death! Plus our first contest.

  • Dirty Pair

    Dirty Pair


    My odyssey with anime began about the time I started college. This was in the early 1990s when anime was not nearly as common or easy to obtain in North America as it is today. Often, what you got to watch was second or third hand VHS copies of something someone got in Japan. It’s no coincidence that the rise of anime coincided with the rise of the Internet. However, even then there were a number of official releases through the late 1980s and early 1990s. One of these was Dirty Pair.

    Dirty Pair is about two “Trouble Consultants” whose missions are usually successful but often result in mass destruction. I’m not sure what the original U.S. release dates were but the original TV series was released in Japan in 1985, followed by an OVA in December 1985, followed by a ten episode OVA that ran from 1987 to 1988 and then more releases through 1996. Dirty Pair started life as a novel before being translated into anime.

    Dirty Pair is still an excellent choice if you are looking for something in the sci-fi/comedy genre. Personally, I like Bubblegum Crisis a bit better in the genre but Dirty Pair is a close second. If you are an anime fan and haven’t watched some of this older stuff you are missing out.