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  • StereoTek 3D Glasses (Atari ST)

    StereoTek 3D Glasses (Atari ST, 1987)

    Not quite virtual reality but these StereoTek 3D glasses by LC Technologies were available for the Atari ST back in 1987. They worked via LCD shutter technology and only worked with specific software titles. They cost $149 ($99 for an extra pair of glasses).

    Titles they are compatible with include:

    • Shoot-The-Moon
    • Cyber Control
    • Genesis’ Molecular Modeling
    • Maps and Legends
    • Cyber Studio: CAD-3D 2.0 and Cybermate
    • 3D Developers Disk
    • LCS Wanderer

    The ad says “much more coming soon!” but I doubt there were ever very many more titles. The typical Atari ST monitor was only 12 or 13 inches so I’m not sure how impressive the effect would have been.

    From the ad:

    “Atari ST dealers and users: Enter the next dimension in computer graphics.

    Watch game objects fly right out of your CRT. Discover the true structure of a molecular model. Weave your way through an infinite geometric universe.

    LC Technologies’ StereoTek system adds the ultimate in depth to Atari ST computer graphics – true 3D displays in full color or high-res monochrome.

    Simply connect a pari of StereoTek glasses to an Atari ST game cartridge port and load the appropriate software (see list). You’re on your way to an entirely new visual experience, both in entertainment and education.

    The StereoTek system includes a pair of Liquid Crystal Shutter glasses, connecting cable, and an ST cartridge interface unit that supports two pairs of glasses. You also get complete documentation, the DEGAS Elite Stereo Desk Accessory, and Stereo CAD-3D by Tom Hudson.”

  • REEVE Software (Atari ST, 1987)

    REEVE Software (Atari ST, 1987)


    This Atari ST ad from 1987 looks a littly shady to me. Is that supposed to be a dog looking shamefully at its own poop? Because that’s what it looks like to me… And an address on Old Farm Lane in Illinois? Sounds like it would be an empty field with a mailbox…

    It turns out that Reeve Software was a reasonably successful small software publisher that published a number of titles on the Atari ST and other platforms, most of them of decent quality. News Station ST and Disk Master both seemed to be viewed favorably and Adventure Con-Struk-Tor sounds interesting though I couldn’t find a review after a quick search. The hockey game was apparently less successful but that’s still not a bad average.

    It turns out that Reeve Software (or REEVEsoft as it is now called) is still in business today (see http://www.reevesoft.com). Their stock images look a little dated (but at least it isn’t a dog and his poop) as do some of the links but the copyright date says 2016 so I assume they are still in business…