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  • Sub Battle Simulator


    Source: \Compute! – Issue Number 82 – March 1987 

    Sub Battle Simulator was released by Epyx for various home computer systems in 1987. This particular ad from the March 1987 issue of Compute! mentions the Commodore 64, Apple II, Apple IIgs, Atari ST, Macintosh and DOS. You could get a demo disk for any of those systems for $1.50 each. According to Wikipedia, it was also available for the Amiga and Tandy Color Computer 3.

    Commodore 64

    Sub Battle Simulator recieved somewhat mixed reviews. Most reviewers agreed that it was a fun game (despite some lengthy periods of inactivity) but there some complaints about lack of realism. In Sub Battle Simulator you can captain various types of submarines on a variety of missions for both the the Germans and the U.S. during World War II. If you were just looking for a submarine combat game you could just pick up and play then this one wasn’t a bad choice but if you were looking for a more accurate and detailed simulation then there were better options. I guess submarine games were more popular back in the 80s.

    Apple IIgs

    If you do want to give it a try, there are a number of versions to choose from. I’m not really sure what the best one is. My guess is that the Atari ST, Amiga and Apple IIgs versions are the best but Epyx usually did an excellent job with the Commodore 64 versions of its games so I wouldn’t count that one out. There aren’t any re-releases or sequels to this game. Whichever version you choose to try you’ll have to track down some original disks and the right equipment or use emulation.

  • Compute! (April 1986)


    Source: Compute! – Issue Number 71 – April 1986

    Though I tended to buy Commodore specific magazines back in the 80s, Compute! was certainly the best multi-format computer magazine of the time. It really had a huge amount of content for your $3 or $4. The April 1986 issue includes:


    • New Technologies: The Converging Digital Universe
    • A Turning Point for Atari? Report from the Winter Consumer Electronics Show
    • Tug-a-War


    • Silent Service
    • DeluxePaint for Amiga
    • S’More for Commodore 64
    • Heart of Africa
    • Hacker
    • MasterType’s Writer for Apple
    • HabaWriter for the Atari ST

    Columns and Departments

    • The Editor’s Notes
    • Reader’s Feedback
    • The World Inside the Computer: The Robot Inside You
    • Computers and Society: Humanizing the User Interface, Part 2
    • The Beginner’s Page: More String-Slicing
    • Telecomputing Today: An April Trade Show Report
    • Programming the TI: Creating Rhythms
    • IBM Personal Computing: Two Checkers and a Manager
    • INSIGHT: Atari – Binary Files, Unite!

    The Journal

    • Loading and Linking Commodore Programs, Part 2
    • Adding System Power to ST BASIC, Part 1
    • Mousify Your Applesoft Programs, Part 2
    • IBM Variable Snapshot
    • Atari Textdump
    • AmigaDOS Batch Files
    • Apple Disk Duper
    • Smooth-Scrolling Billboards for IBM
    • Commodore 64 Screen Genie
    • Screen Saver 64
    • Atari FontMaker
    • Hi-Res Graphics Aid Routines
    • Commodore 64 Key Phantom
    • Screen Clock for IBM

    …and more!

  • ANALOG Computing (December 1986)


    Source: ANALOG Computing – December 1986 

    ANALOG computing was probably the best magazine for Atari 8-bit computers. It also sometimes included ST-Log as an insert which covered the Atari ST but ANALOG was always primarily a magazine for the 8-bit Atari computers. The December 1986 issue includes:


    • Status report – An insider’s look at the confusing world of expansions and upgrades.
    • The Atari 8-bit Gift Guide – The old and the new – a plethora of ideas to make your holiday season merry.
    • TechPop – Give your computer some rhythm and sound with this Action! program.
    • ST-Log – ANALOG Computing’s ST magazine.
    • Smiles and other facial wrinkles – One programmer’s views on how to make your own software masterpieces creative and entertaining.
    • Brickworks – With this assembly language program, you can build pictures with “bricks,” edit and even animate them.
    • Fortune-Wheel – Spin the wheel – buy a vowel or guess the answer in this two-player game.


    • HardBall! (Accolade) – A hard look at the latest baseball game – is it major league or a strike-out?
    • Panak strikes! – Beach-Head II (Access Software) and Wizard’s Crown (SSI), Transylvania and The Crimson Crown (Polarware) are examined this month by our resident game expert.


    • Editorial
    • Reader comment
    • M/L Editor
    • 8-bit news
    • Atari users’ groups
    • Database Delphi
    • Boot Camp
    • Atari computer fairs
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