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  • Run For It (Apple II, Atari)

    Source: enter – Issue Number 14 – January/February 1985 – – Run For It (Apple II, Atari)

    Run For It seems to be one of those rare games that was released for the Apple II and Atari 8-bit computers but not the Commodore 64. At least that seemed pretty rare by 1985 when this game was released. In this game you control a robot as he progresses upwards through a maze. This game is a fixed/flip screen game which was a popular genre before side-scrolling platformers took over the world. In this type of game, all game play takes place on a single screen at a time. You must overcome enemies and obstacles in order to reach the exit, wherever on the screen that may be. In the case of this game the exit would be near the top of each screen. Simply progressing through a maze isn’t challenging enough so you have a timer and enemies to destroy or avoid. Your robot has a gun to aid in that task. Time can be increased by collecting tokens or will be decreased when you contact enemies. Your goal is to reach the top of the building before time runs out.

    This is an okay game if you like this sort of thing but it’s nothing exceptional. Like the side-scrolling platformers that came later there were just so many games of this type that it is hard to stand-out. It won’t be terribly easy to find an original copy of this one either as this wasn’t exactly a game that took the world by storm. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to play via emulation.

    The ad above is from the January/February 1985 issue of Enter magazine. The screen shots are from the Atari 8-bit version of the game.

  • A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing (February 1986)

    Source: A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing – Issue Number 39 – February 1986

    ANALOG Computing was probably the most popular Atari 8-bit computer magazine, at least in North America. However, it also covered the Atari ST at times and that includes Atari’s display at COMDEX 1985. Also prominently displayed at COMDEX that year was the Atari 130XE. The XE line represented the last of the Atari 8-bit computers.

    The Feburary 1986 issue of ANALOG Computing includes:


    • Unicheck – ANALOG Computing’s universal checksum program.
    • High Noon – The showdown between Atari’s 520ST and Commodore’s Amiga for first place in home computing.
    • Load It – Autoboots any BASIC or machine language program.
    • Adventurous Programming – Dare to write your own adventure? Clayton gets you started.
    • Utilities for the 520ST – An in-depth look at what “tools” are available now for the Atari 520ST.
    • Formatter – Format 5.25-inch disks endlessly – and quickly!
    • Debug+ – A screen-oriented, machine language debugging utility.
    • C-manship, Part 1 – The first of a series of C programming tutorials for the beginner.
    • COMDEX 1985: Atari’s back! – Atari can say, “We came, we saw, we conquered.”
    • Calc Pi – A simple example of programming in C for the ST, in BASIC for the 8-bit users.
    • DOS Mods – Keep track of updated programs without losing the originals.
    • Program Helper – Convert constants to variables to save RAM.
    • XL CAPS Toggle – A modification for our Home-made Translator.


    • SmartDOS – (The Programmer’s Workshop) This DOS has a number of nice features, is it really the best?
    • Sparta DOS – (ICD, Inc.) We evaluate the performance of another DOS for the Atari.
    • Hippo ST Ramdisk – (Hippopotamus Software) Set aside any size portion of memory for use as a ramdisk.
    • XM301 – (Atari Corp.) This classy little modem is just what we’ve been waiting for.
    • Disk Wizard II – (C.A.P. Software) Four menu-driven disk utlities.
    • Critical Connection – (USS Enterprises) This powerful accessory means business.
    • Kennedy Approach – (Microprose Software) A fascinating, entertaining, and nerve-wracking experience.


    • Editorial
    • Reader Comment
    • New Products
    • ST News
    • The End User
    • Index to Advertisers

    …and more!

  • ANALOG Computing (April 1987)


    Source: ANALOG Computing – Issue number 53 – April 1987

    ANALOG Computing was probably the most successful magazine dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers. If you watch closely, you can see at least one issue lying around in Ready Player One which I just watched the other day. By 1987 the last generation of Atari 8-bits (the XE series) had already been around a couple years and ANALOG was also giving some coverage to the Atari ST. The April 1987 issue of ANALOG Computing includes:


    • Music during the Musical Blank Interrupt – Part 3 in our series details what’s involved in accomplishing music during the VBI.
    • Background Printer -= A device handler which lets your printer do its thing while you are doing yours.
    • Floyd the Droid Goes Blastin’ – Wipe out the mutants just for kicks in this new machine-language game.
    • HardCopy and CheckWriter – Adding these two programs to MicroCheck (from issue 27) lets you prepare multiple copies and print checks.
    • Multicopy – A versatile utility for copying files, made even easier by keyboard or joystick use.
    • Bits & Pieces – The BSR home controller is just an article away from your Atari.
    • Modems and the Atari 8-bit – An introduction to the universe of telecommunications BBSs and networks.
    • The Baud Warrior – Advice for the experienced modem user.


    • Lightspeed C – A