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  • Atari 800XL (Computer Direct, 1985)

    Ad on page 73 of the Oct 1985 (Issue 65) of Compute! (Vol. 7 No. 10)


    The above ad is from the October 1985 issue of Compute! In 1985, the Atari 130XE had recently been introduced as the successor to the Atari 800XL. Here, it looks like we have Computer Direct trying to unload the rest of their 800XL inventory…

    As I recall, I had pretty good results dealing with Computer Direct back in the day, though it was for Commodore related stuff, not Atari. Their advertising is a little questionable though. I like how they advertise the 800XL as an “88K Computer”. I believe they are just combining the 64K RAM size with the 24K ROM size but that’s a weird way to do things. Bigger numbers make for a better ad I suppose. They do the same with the Atari 130XE in this ad. It’s a “152K System” because of its 128K RAM and 24K ROM.

    Even though the 130XE is newly released, it is the 800XL being pushed in this ad, particularly as a package with a bunch of XL themed peripherals. While XL peripherals were generally compatible with the 130XE, the color scheme changed from browns to greys. They were offering the same deal for $50 more with the 130XE instead of the XL. However, this would have still been with the older peripherals. I’m not sure if the newer XE versions were out at this point. No doubt they were also trying to unload their remaining XL stock before it became too hard to get rid of. Ironically, by this time Atari 8-bit computers weren’t really doing that well. There was very little software support compared to what was available for Commodore and Apple. The XE systems would continue to sell through the early 1990s though.

  • Antic (March 1987)


    Source: Antic Vol 5-11 1987-03

    ANALOG and Antic were the two big magazines that covered Atari 8-bit computers. While ANALOG stuck to being mostly 8-bit exclusive throughout its life, Antic moved to covering both the Atari ST and the 8-bit line when the ST was introduced.

    Pictured above is the March 1987 issue of Antic. Contents Include:


    • Rainbow Screen Customizer – Flashy displays for your programs
    • Today’s Victorious Atari Corp. – A close-up look inside
    • Dvorak Keyboard – Turbo typing for the Atari
    • Page 6 Grab-Bag: Part I – Add punch to your programs with useful routines
    • Wage/Hour Paymaster – First fruits from the Practical Program Contest
    • Multi-Autorun – 27 files at your fingertips


    • Game of the Month: Vectron – Atomic arrow strategy game
    • Starting Out New Owners Column – Lesson 12: Graphics Modes
    • Product Reviews – Seikosha SP-1000A, Kyan Pascal, Leader Board, Vestor
    • Tech Tips – Pinout master charts

    ST Resource

    • Using INP and OUT – From keyboard to screen or modem in ST BASIC
    • ST Puzzler – Jigsaw puzzle generator
    • Basic Alert – Create alert boxes in ST BASIC
    • Starglider – Fantastic space warfare simulator
    • Hippo Sound Digitizer – Easy-to-use sound tool

    …and more!

  • Antic – September 1986


    Source: Antic – Volume 5, Number 5 – September 1986

    Antic was a magazine for Atari 8-bit computers named after the ANTIC chip which was primarily responsible for the graphics in those machines. For a brief time in part of 1985 and 1986 Antic also covered the Atari ST until an ST specific magazine was published.

    The September 1986 issue focusses on weather and includes the following:


    • Weather Maps From Space – For Atari 8-bit and ST computers
    • Weather Fascimile Worldwide – From satellites to ships at sea
    • Music Studio – Music for 8-bit Ataris and STs
    • Build the Wefax Interface
    • New Owners Column – Lesson 6: Subroutines
    • Wefax Decoder – How to use the program, why it works
    • BASIC Tracker – Powerful debugging utility for your programs
    • Where The Weather Comes From – Inside a National Weather Service Station
    • Weather Calculator – Meteorologist uses Atari as home forecasting tool

    ST Resource

    • ST Wefax Decoder
    • – DEGAS graphics from satellite pictures

    • The Manager – Massive, full-featured database uses ST’s colors
    • ST Product News
    • Megamax – “Don’t even think about another C compiler”

    …and more!