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  • ANALOG Computing (March 1989)


    Source: ANALOG Computing – Issue Number 70 – March 1989

    ANALOG Computing was the most popular Atari 8-bit magazine in the U.S. It sometimes also covered the Atari ST. This issue is from 1989, the last year it was published.

    The March 1989 issue includes:


    • Cartridge Games for Your XEGS – The addition of the XEGS to the Atari line has caused a resurgence of cartridge-based games – old and new – and 130XE and XEGS owners both can take advantage of the fun.
    • Pebbles – From ancient Egypt comes this deceptively simple desert game using nothing more than a few holes in the sand and a handful of stones.
    • Master Memory Map, Part VIII – The most complete Atari 8-bit memory map ever published in a magazine continues.
    • Un-Sprites – Now you can have software-controlled sprites as well as Atari’s player/missile graphics.
    • Atari Videodisc System – The secrets of controlling a laser videodisc from your Atari computer.
    • DUPing BASIC – This handy patch to DOS 2.5 will automatically switch BASIC on and off as you enter and leave DOS.
    • Disk Games for Your XEGS – Did you know that with the addition of a disk drive, all the disk-based games for the 130XE computer will also run on the XE Game System? Here’s a quick overview of some of the exciting games available now.
    • Electra-Ball – A challenging, two-player game of strategy and reflexes written in Atari BASIC.


    • Turboword
    • Quintopus


    • Database DELPHI
    • The End User
    • Game Design Workshop


    • Editorial
    • Reader Comment
    • 8-Bit News
    • M/L Editor
    • Basic Editor II

    …and more!

  • ANALOG Computing (December 1986)


    Source: ANALOG Computing – December 1986 

    ANALOG computing was probably the best magazine for Atari 8-bit computers. It also sometimes included ST-Log as an insert which covered the Atari ST but ANALOG was always primarily a magazine for the 8-bit Atari computers. The December 1986 issue includes:


    • Status report – An insider’s look at the confusing world of expansions and upgrades.
    • The Atari 8-bit Gift Guide – The old and the new – a plethora of ideas to make your holiday season merry.
    • TechPop – Give your computer some rhythm and sound with this Action! program.
    • ST-Log – ANALOG Computing’s ST magazine.
    • Smiles and other facial wrinkles – One programmer’s views on how to make your own software masterpieces creative and entertaining.
    • Brickworks – With this assembly language program, you can build pictures with “bricks,” edit and even animate them.
    • Fortune-Wheel – Spin the wheel – buy a vowel or guess the answer in this two-player game.


    • HardBall! (Accolade) – A hard look at the latest baseball game – is it major league or a strike-out?
    • Panak strikes! – Beach-Head II (Access Software) and Wizard’s Crown (SSI), Transylvania and The Crimson Crown (Polarware) are examined this month by our resident game expert.


    • Editorial
    • Reader comment
    • M/L Editor
    • 8-bit news
    • Atari users’ groups
    • Database Delphi
    • Boot Camp
    • Atari computer fairs
    • Index to advertisers

  • Antic: The Atari Resource (December 1986)


    Source: Antic: The Atari Resource – December 1986

    Antic was one of the two major Atari 8-bit magazines in the U.S. (the other being ANALOG though Antic did not last as long). It also covered the Atari ST once it was introduced. The December 1986 issue includes the following:


    • Fifth Annual Shoppers Guide – 100 best products for 8-Bit Atari
    • Response Surface Mapping – New views for 3-D graphics
    • Two New Atari Printers – Good deal at $219.95
    • Stepper Motor Robot-Controller – Moving real things with your Atari
    • Landscape Illusion – Scrolling scenery fools the eye

    Software Library

    • Type-In Listing Section


    • Game of the Month: Uncle Henry’s Nuclear Waste Dump – Be careful with those toxic cans
    • Starting Out: New Owners Column – Lesson 9: Subscripted Variables
    • Education: Spellblast – Space-action spelling practice

    ST Resource

    • Build GEM Dialog Boxes
    • Deduction! – Solve the mystery color patterns
    • ST Reviews
    • ST Product News

    …and more!