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  • Compute! (September 1984)


    Source: Compute! – Issue Number 52 – September 1984

    Compute! was the best of the early multi-format computer magazines. In 1984 it was covering a variety of 8-bit computers such as the VIC-20, Commodore 64, Atari 8-bit, TI-9/4A plus the PC (mostly the PC and PC Jr.). The September 1984 issue includes:


    • The Educational Software Explosion
    • The Latest in Learning: New Trends in Educational Computing
    • Choosing The Best Educational Software

    Education and Recreation

    • The Tester
    • Missile Math
    • Lightsaver


    • Exodus: Ultima III For Commodore 64
    • The Seven Cities Of Gold
    • Word Flyer

    Columns And Departments

    • The Editor’s Notes
    • Readers’ Feedback
    • Computers And Society: Discovery-Based Learning And Teenagers
    • Questions Beginners Ask
    • The Beginner’s Page: ROM And RAM
    • The World Inside The Computer: Build A Computer In Your Mind
    • Learning With Computers: Aids For The Blind
    • INSIGHT: Atari
    • Machine Language: Math And Tables
    • Programming The TI: Writing An Educational Program
    • 64 Explorer

    The Journal

    • Lightning Sort
    • Atari Bubble And Bulldozer Sorting
    • Commodore Autoboot
    • Atari Paddle Fixer
    • Apple Editing Hints
    • Commodore Disk Pattern Matching, Part 1
    • SYSound
    • Musical TI Keyboard

    …and more!

  • ANALOG Computing (January 1987)


    Source: ANALOG Computing – Issue Number 50 – January 1987

    ANALOG was probably the most popular and longest lasting magazine dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers (though it also covered the 16-bit Atari ST to some degree). The January 1987 issue includes:


    • Hot Poker – A fast and convenient machine language subroutine that helps you eliminate PLEASE WAIT INITIALIZING.
    • Screen Scroller – Add scrolling text to your home movies and video tapes – or add intros to your BASIC programs.
    • Do you need 16 bits? – For some of us, bigger may not mean better.
    • Krazy Katerpillars – Destroy the hordes of advancing bugs before you’re trampled, in this fast-action arcade-type game.
    • Picture Storage Techniques – Makes compatible picture files from Micro Painter, Fun with Art and MicroIllustrator.
    • Textually Graphic – We’ll explore some simple methods for using and displaying graphics, both attractively and logically.
    • Bits & Pieces – Here’s a little sleight-of-hand for you: this month’s column shows you how to turn your joystick into a mouse.
    • Trails in Action! – A graphic demo showing colors, designs and a few Action! routines that can be useful with your own programs.
    • Index to ANALOG Computing – A listing of every article, program and review published in issues 37 through 49.
    • Scroll-It – Where Screen Scroller (page 19) moves ext vertically, Scroll-It will display your messages horizontally. Now you have both options.
    • Picture Show – A simple, self-contained subroutine which lets you load Neo-Chrome and DEGAS pictures from BASIC.


    • Panak strikes! – Fight Night (Accolade), World Championship Karate (Epyx), the 500 XJ Joystick (Epyx), and Mercenary (DataSoft) are give the once-over by Steve.
    • The Print Shop Companion (Broderbund Software) – The original gets a helper with editing features, calendar generation capability, and more.
    • QMI and Supra Modems – A look at the modem software packages from Quantum Microsystems and Supra Corporation.
    • Time Link (Batteries Included) – An electronic diary program for business or home use.
    • Music Studio (Activision, Inc.) – One of the first commercially available sound-and-song editing programs with MIDI features.
    • DOS Shell (MichTron) – A command-line interpreter that lets you type in commands rather than using GEM icons.
    • Little Computer People (Activision Inc.)O – Now you can see the little person who lives inside your Atari.
    • Meg-A-RAM (CAL COM, Inc.) – A do-it-yourself 1-meg memory upgrade for the Atari 520ST.


    • Editorial
    • Reader comment
    • M/L Editor
    • Database Delphi
    • Boot Camp
    • The End User
    • ST notes
    • Index to advertisers

    …and more!

  • Antic (February 1984)


    Source: Antic – February 1984

    Antic was one of the two big magazines in the U.S. that covered the Atari 8-bit computer line. In early 1984, the Atari 600XL and 800XL were just becoming widely available though they had technically been available, at least in limited quantities, since the Fall of 1983. The February 1984 issue of Antic includes:


    • A Greeting Card For All Seasons – Say it on cassette
    • Follow That Stock – A spreadsheet for your stock portfolio.
    • Money Matters – Atari reckons with personal finance
    • Typo – Type your program once
    • Atari At War – The wild world of conflict simulation
    • Fast Finger – Autoboot with a ghost at the keyboard
    • Phone Book – Simulate string arrays in Atari BASIC
    • Character Graphics – Redefine the set any way you choose


    • Inside Atari – It’s Official
    • Starting Line – A Cinderella Story
    • Education – The End Of Odd Man
    • LOGO/Pilot – LOGO Books
    • In The Public Domain – The Gauntlet – **Bonus Game** Galactic Gloop
    • Tape Topics – The 410 HI-REL Mod
    • Systems Guide – Nightmare Detour
    • Assembly Language – DRAWTO FILL
    • I/O Board
    • Help!
    • Public Domain Software
    • New Products
    • Product Reviews
    • Advertisers List
    • Listing Conventions
    • Shopper’s Guide
    • Microscreens

    …and more!