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  • EGM 2 (August 1996)


    Source: EGM 2 – Issue Number 26 – August 1996

    Believe it or not, there was a time that not only were there multiple successful video game magazines on the market, but in at least one case, one issue a month wasn’t enough. Electronic Gaming Monthly was probably the most successful video game magazine and they were in fact so successful that for several years they published EGM^2 as well. The August 1996 issue includes:


    • Insert Coin
    • Press Start
    • Interface: Letters
    • Previews
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Strategies
    • Advertising Index


    • Iron Storm – In this great trick take control of opposing forces or play a multi-player game in Campaign Mode!
    • Toshinden 2 – Play as the hidden characters (Sho, Uranus, Master and Vermilion) on the U.S. version!
    • Ultimate MK3 – Fight as Human Smoke (who carries most of the same moves as Scorpion) on the Saturn!
    • WWF: Wrestlemania – Gamers will be able to kick the computer’s butt easily with this awesome cheat!
    • Toy Story – An invincibility and level select code will be granted if you follow the procedure correctly!

    Cover Story

    • The Plumber Hits the Nintendo 64 With Some Attitude! – Everybody’s favorite plumber is back in action, and this time around he’s kickin’ Bowser’s butt! With its diverse levels, awesome 3-D effects, secrets and intense action, Mario 64 will leave gamers completely satisfied. In this issue, we give you a sample of what everyone will be craving, but make sure to stay tuned to EGM2 for updates.


    • RPGs, RPGs and More RPGs! – What do Dragon Force, Shining Wisdom and Legend of Oasis all have in common? Besides all being RPGs, this issue highlights each game with blowout strategies! Dragon Force pits you against other conquerors to see who can get the most land for their kingdoms. However, in Shining Wisdom, your adventure begins when you see a strange character walk into the shire near the castle. In Legend of Oasis, battle against enemies while trying to figure out puzzles. While all three have different story lines, all are awesome. Check out each RPG’s strategy guide!
    • Gamers Can Learn the Moves and Combos for the PS’ Version of Tekken 2! – So you wanna impress your friends when playing the PS version of Tekken 2, but you don’t quite know all the moves. Don’t sweat it, because in this issue, there are six pages totally packed with all the characters’ moves and combos. Do you wanna pull off Jun’s Arm Lock, Law’s Crescent Kick or Michelle’s G-Clef combo? This guide has them all plus more. Also, to let you in on a secret…this is only the first section of a two-part guide! Your friends will be wowed once you study up on these cool moves for Tekken 2!
    • EGM2 Has a Lot of Soul in this Issue – Soul Edge V II – Fans of the original Soul Edge (as well as other fighting game fans) will be thrilled with Soul Edge V II. There have been numerous improvements that gamers will enjoy. For example, in this game there are air-floating combos, new backgrounds, 10 playable characters and a new Time Attack Mode where you face all the characters in a certain order and you are ranked in 15 categories like Attack/Guard. There’s a whole lotta soul shakin’ goin’ on in this issue!

    …and more!

  • Air Diver (Sega Genesis)


    Source: GamePro – Issue Number 11 – June 1990 

    Air Diver is a combat flight simulator released for the Sega Genesis in 1990. It has the distinction of being one of the first third-party games released for that system, at least in North America. However, being first is no guarantee of quality.

    While being labelled as a flight simulator, this is really more of an arcade game like Afterburner only from a first-person point of view. The plot is rather typical and simplistic but it isn’t really important for a game like this. You play the role of a fighter pilot in a fictitious stealth fighter aircraft. There are a variety of missions which include boss fights.

    Unfortunately, this is a rather mediocre game. Chances are that it was rushed to market to be one of the first games on the shelves for the Genesis. Graphics are ok and represent an improvement over 8-bit games of the era but they don’t really show the true capabilities of the Genesis. However, it is really the gameplay that is lacking. The missions and gameplay are rather repetitive and there really isn’t a whole lot of replayability. Its only really interest is as an early example of third party development for the Genesis and of course it would have had more appeal in the early days of the Genesis when there wasn’t a lot to choose from. It just doesn’t hold up too well today.

    If you do want to play this game, then you will have to track down an original or use emulation. There was eventually a sequel, Super Air Diver for the Super Nintendo, but the original has never been rereleased and probably never will be. The good news is that original copies are pretty cheap.