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  • GamePro (August 1997)


    Source: GamePro – August 1997

    The mid to late 1990s was one of the most prolific times in video game history. 16-bit systems were still going strong, as well as 32-bit systems from the established Nintendo and Sega. In addition, there was the new kid on the block, Sony, with their PlayStation. This issue of GamePro from August 1997 is a good representation of the chaos that was gaming in the late 1990s.

    Content includes:

    Cover Feature

    • Mortal Kombat! – The creators of Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero reveal all to gamers with a Fatality attraction for MK.

    SWATPro Strategy Section

    • The Fighter’s Edge: Tekken 3 (Arcade) – Big 16-page blowout! All the moves for every fighter! Heavy-hitting 10-hit combos!
    • SWATPro – Cheats for War Gods, Command & Conquer, Need for Speed 2, and more!
    • Mario Kart 64: Nintendo 64 ProStrategy Guide – Kart Kontenders, get the most out of your power-ups!


    • PlayStation
    • Saturn
    • Super NES
    • Genesis
    • Sports Pages
    • Role-Player’s Realm


    • Head-2-Head: Letter from the GamePros
    • The Mail
    • Buyers Beware – The consumer’s hotline!
    • ProNews – Sega and Bandai: Merger Meltdown
    • The Cutting Edge – ICTV makes online gaming easy.
    • Overseas Projects – Look out for Troublemakers!!
    • Sneak Previews – Resident Evil, Quake, Ace Combat 2, and more!
    • PC GamePro – Extreme Assault, Quake 2, Shadow Warrior, and more.

  • ToeJam & Earl (Sega Genesis)

    Sega Visions #5, Summer 91 – ToeJam & Earl


    Everybody knows of Sonic as Sega’s mascot. However, before Sonic had that role locked up, ToeJam & Earl served in that role to some degree. The creator of the ToeJam & Earl game for the Sega Genesis was a big fan of Rogue and worked on Starflight and Starflight 2 earlier in his career. ToeJam & Earl has gameplay reminiscent of Rogue though with better graphics and an isometric viewpoint along with a more lighthearted version of some of Starflight’s science fiction themes.

    ToeJam & Earl was somewhat of a sleeper hit. It got good reviews and people that played it tended to enjoy it but it wasn’t a big seller, at least at first. Over time, the game’s popularity picked up and it ended up being a decent seller.

    ToeJam and Earl are amusing aliens that have crash landed on earth. The goal of the game is to find tens spaceship pieces so that they can escape earth. “Earth” is represented by floating islands in space. Once an elevator is found on one island, you can go up to the next. However, you can also fall off and land on the island below.

    ToeJam & Earl is a very unique game that is a blast to play despite (or because of) its many oddities. For Sega Genesis fans this is definitely one to have. An original copy won’t be terribly cheap but if you watch for a deal you may be able to find a moderately priced one on eBay. The original was also re-released on Wii’s Virtual Console in 2006 and on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2012.

    There have also been a couple of sequels though they haven’t managed to match the quality of the first one yet. The first sequel was called ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. While not a bad game it is in a completely different genre as it was made into a more traditional side scrolling platform game. A third game was planned for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast at different times but both were cancelled. A beta of the Dreamcast iteration eventually made its way into the wild. An official third game was finally released on the Xbox in 2002 titled ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth. It brought back some of the elements of the original but was really more of a 3D platformer and was not as well received. The good news is that a fourth game is in the works titled ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove and is supposed to be in a style very similar to the first game.

    The review at the top is from the Summer 1991 issue of Sega Visions.

  • GamePro (February 1996)


    Source: GamePro – February 1996

    GamePro was never one of my favorites but no doubt one of the top two most popular video games magazines in the late 1980s to late 1990s. The February 1996 issue includes:


    • Editors’ Choice Awards For 1995! – Doom, Virtua Fighter 2, and more take top honors in GamePro’s annual retrospective.
    • Cover Feature: Street Fighter Alpha – The best Street Fighter ever comes to the PlayStation! Meet Street Fighter Alpha’s tough new combatants and learn their heavy-hitting moves. “The Fighter’s Edge” breaks it all out for you.

    SWATPro Strategy Section

    • Loaded: ProStrategy Guide (PlayStation) – Load up with four levels of Loaded info, then get ready to take on the meanest space scum in the galaxy!
    • The Fighter’s Edge: Street Fighter Alpha (PlayStation) – “The Fighter’s Edge” brings you the toughest Street Fighter to date! Learn the basic moves and heavy-hitting combos for six fighters.
    • SWATPro – Play as Smoke in MK3 (Genesis), plus other secret weapons, tricks, and tactics.
    • Earthworm Jim 2: ProStrategy Guide (SNES) – Jim’s back, and he has something to Psy-crow about! Get down and dirty with these maps and game secrets.


    • PlayStation
      • Gex
      • Zero Divide
      • Alien Virus
      • Twisted Metal
      • Cyber Speed
      • Viewpoint
      • Criticom
    • Saturn
      • Virtua Cop
      • Sega Rally Championship
      • Cyberia
      • Ghen War
      • Solar Eclipse
    • 32X
      • Primal Rage
      • T-MEK
      • Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy
    • Genesis
      • Gargoyles
      • Revolution X
      • Mutant Chronicles: Doom Troopers
      • VR Troopers
      • Scooby Doo Adventures
    • Super NES
      • Wild C.A.T.S.
      • WWF Arcade
      • Scooby Doo Mystery
      • Revolution X
      • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
      • Aaahh! Real Monsters
    • 3D0
      • Primal Rage
      • Psychic Detective: The Case of the Black Diamond
    • Game Boy
      • Killer Instinct
    • Game Gear
      • Tails’ Adventures
      • Sonic Drift 2
      • Cutthroat Island
      • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie
    • Sports Pages
      • Fifa ’96 (PlayStation)
      • Center Ring Boxing (Saturn)
      • Quarterback Attack (3DO)
      • NFL Quarterback Club ’96 (SNES)
      • Frank Thomas “Big Hurt” Baseball (SNES)
    • Role-Player’s Realm
      • Breath of Fire II ProStrategy Guide, Part 1
      • Lost Eden (3DO)


    • Letters from the GamePros
    • The Mail
    • GamePro Gallery
    • Buyers Beware – A consumer hotline!
    • ProNews – Sega regroups.
    • GamePro Online – Game info from AOL and the internet.
    • The Cutting Edge – The Ultra 64 finally on view at the Shoshinkai Show.
    • GamePro Labs – Programmable Pad, MK 3 Kontrol Pad, and ASCiiPad PS (all PlayStation), plus Team Tap, ProController, and Jaglink (all Jaguar).
    • Overseas ProSpects – Virtua Fighter 2’s makers reveal news about VF 3!
    • Short ProShots – Previews of Ridge Racer Revolution (PlayStation), Samurai Showdown 3 (Neo Geo), and more!
    • PC GamePro – Duke Nukem 3D, IndyCar Racing II, and more!
    • Hot at the Arcades – NHL Open Ice: 2 on 2 Challenge

    …and more!