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  • Super Play (September 1994)

    Source: Super Play – Issue Number 23 – September 1994

    Super Play was a U.K. based magazine dedicated to the Super Nintendo that was published between 1992 and 1996. Issue Number 23 from September 1994 includes:

    • Regulars
      • Super Express – The world of Nintendo stretches from the Pacific right round the globe bck to the Pacific again. Find out what’s in it with our great news page.
      • Gamefreak – You ask; we answer. Well, Jason Brookes, editor of Edge answers. And what a witty fellow he consistently turns out to be. His replies really do sparkle.
      • Mode 7 – Allen Brett, keeper of the Queen’s Cheats and holder of the Royal Seal for getting past Bosses, leaves the Palace for a mo to share with us commoners his knowledge.
      • Supermarket – The vastly popular Supermarket pages are packed with things to buy. There is some real-life human interest, too, with the messages that some folk put in.
      • Play Back – Every day we pass round the letters that you send in. We laugh at the jokes, we weep at the sad bits and scratch our heads at some of the questions. But it’s all good jolly fun, though.
      • What Cart? – Every game listed, cut out and stuck to a wall in Exeter. And then they’re returned to the magazine. Marvelous.
      • Back Issues – More deals again this month. Order a back issue and win Steven Spielberg’s beard-trimmer (unused, still boxed). Order two back issues and receive a deactivated Czechoslovakian tank!
      • Irresponsible Pictures – Films, films, films. They’re all here. Well not all, actually. The cream of the crop of the latest releases are, though. So browse away and you’ll learn something.
    • UK & Import Game Reviews
      • Beauty and the Beast
      • Hammerin’ Harry
      • Jim Power
      • Kikikaikai 2
      • Populous 2
      • Smash Ball
      • Sonic Blast Man 2
      • Super Street Fighter II
      • The Jetsons
    • Squaresoft Interview – In a Fantasy Quest Special, Squaresoft’s head cheese answers our questions and tells us about what we can exect from the prince of RPG companies.
    • Super Game Boy – You’ve got the hardware, now don’t be soft and think hard about the software. Better still, follow our guide to the best games for the Super Game Boy.

    …and more!

  • EDGE (December 1993)

    Source: EDGE – Issue Number 3 – December 1993

    Edge is a video game magazine published in the U.K. It is a very long running magazine (at least for video game magazines). The first issue was published in 1993 and it is still being published. The December 1993 issue includes:

    • News – 3DO hits the streets, Jaguar licensees announced, Edge has the latest on the world of video gaming.
    • Charts – Think of it as a guide to the games market. We show the games that are selling best worldwide.
    • Prescreen – After tracking down the best new games on all formats. Edge’s investigation team reports back.
    • Competition – Win a brilliant Acorn A3010 with a bundle of games and a printer. Just answer one question…
    • Release dates – You know what you want, you know where to get it. Here’s when you can expect it to appear.
    • Rise Of The Robots – The ultimate beat ’em up, or just Street Fighter clone? Edge profiles the real mean machines.
    • Virtual Reality – Opening the doors of perception, and charting new realms. Edge explores the real world of VR.
    • Game genres – This may be the age of new hardware, but games haven’t changed since the 80s. Find out way…
    • Supergun – Arcade games in your home? Get a Supergun and it couldn’t be easier. Edge shows you the way…
    • Testscreen – The first 3DO game gets an official once over, plus all the very best of the month’s releases.
    • An audience with Core – An Edge reader meets Core Design – the team behind Thunderhawk. Find out what they said…
    • Subscribe – Do the right thing and get Edge delivered every month. You save money, and get a free slipcase.
    • Letters – So many letters, so little time. Here we answer a selection of the best of the month’s missives.
    • Recommended reading – Edge reveals what can you expect from the other leading games magazines next month.
    • Over the Edge – A lone image from next month’s issue. Edge four is out on November 25th. Be seeing you…

    …and more!