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  • WCW Mayhem (PlayStation)


    WCW Mayhem is a wrestling game that was released in 1999 for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. It was also released the following year for the Game Boy Color. In a number of ways, it was innovative in the sense that it included ideas and features never before used in this type of game. But in other ways, it was just a really crappy game.

    It included WCWs complete set of venues and shows at the time. It also included a number of other firsts including backstage areas and audio commentary. Perhaps its most unique and interesting feature though was the ability to unlock real-life match line-ups. A code would be provided on Monday Nitro a week before the actual pay-per-view event which could be used to unlock the same match-ups in the game. Of course, playing the game now you lose a little of that anticipation I suppose.

    However, despite WCW Mayhem’s notable firsts, the game itself just wasn’t very good. There weren’t many moves and the collision detection wasn’t great either. To be fair, other than the collision detection, the graphics were pretty good and the animation smooth, at least for the time. For those interested in wrestling games it is worth giving a try but just don’t expect great things. The PlayStation version is probably the slightly better version as it has more complete commentary and better sound and music in general.

    As a side note, WCW Mayhem represents the first time a Pay-Per-View event was named after a game as opposed to the other way around. There were two Mayhem events in 1999 and 2000. Screen shots above are from the PlayStation version of the game.

  • Dino Crisis (PlayStation)

    Dino Crisis (Capcom – PSX – 1999)


    Dino Crisis is a game that was created by Capcom for the PlayStation and released in 1999. It was created by the same people who created Resident Evil and has many similarities to that game. It is a survival horror game but it features dinosaurs instead of the undead.

    The dinosaurs were brought from the past as the result of a secret weapons research project. An experiment gone wrong resulted in a pocket of the island the research lab is on being swapped with one from the distant past. You must destroy the rift in time and capture the the person responsible.

    Though similar to Resident Evil in many ways, it is a newer game and has a number of improvements and differences. The biggest is probably that it uses an new 3D engine and a real-time environment instead of a pre-rendered background. This made high detail scenes more difficult to achieve but allowed for more immersion and interactivity.

    Dino Crisis was ported to both the Sega Dreamcast and Windows in 2000. However, they were not enhanced much over the PlayStation version. It was also re-released via the PlayStation Network in 2006. For those that like survival horror games, this is a pretty good one and worth having for your PlayStation or Dreamcast. Either one is fine, just don’t expect the Dreamcast version to take advantage of its superior hardware because it really doesn’t.

    There were several sequels a