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  • PSM (May 1999)


    Source: PSM – Issue Number 21 – May 1999

    PSM was among the earliest magazines for the PlayStation. Originally an independent magazine, it covered most of the PlayStation systems throughout the years, eventually becoming the Official PlayStation Magazine in 2007. The May 1999 issue was still primarily covering the PlayStation but some early PS2 coverage had already started. Contents include:

    • Legend of Legaia – The latest RPG to hit the PlayStation is quite a doozy. With more secrets than you can shake a stick at, Sony’s Legend of Legaia not only packs in a lengthy quest, but also incorporates an innovative battle system that’s sure to have players punching in commands like crazy to find all the hidden “Arts” for each character. Beyond each character’s battle moves, there are also countless magic spells to master and a pile of items to collect. PSM is here to provide you with all you need to know to master one of the biggest RPGs of the year.
    • Guardian’s Crusade – One of the cutest, quirkiest and most innovative RPGs to surface so far this year, Guardian’s Crusade not only packs in a lot of breeding sim elements into its gameplay, but also a lengthy quest to find each and every one of the 70 Living Toys. You’ll most likely end up losing sleep if you don’t have a trusty handbook to help you track down some of the hard-to-find toys lurking in the game, so PSM made sure to compile a list of their locations for you on top of a few extra goodies to help you out. So get playing!
    • PlayStation 2! – Sony finally unveiled its next generation PlayStation system in Japan, and of course, we were there to bring back all the info and screenshots! We’ve got four full pages of nothing but PlayStation 2! No if that doesn’t get your heart racing, then you’re just not a serious gamer! So what are you waiting for? Take your shaky, sweaty, PlayStation addicted hand and turn to page 14 for the absolute biggest story of the year!
    • Cover Story: Street Fighter Alpha 3 – Can you tell that we really like Street Fighter Alpha 3? This game could very well be the best fighting game we’ve ever seen for the PlayStation, or any other system for that matter. Could it even top the Tekken games? Check out our review to see what we think, and then be sure to check out our interview and strategy guide for the full story on this incredible new game.
    • Monitor – The latest PlayStation news and up-to-the-minute info
      • Checkpoint! Game Release Schedule
      • Rumors
      • Q&A

    • Reviews – This month’s new games, thoroughly tested by PSM experts
    • Previews – All the best dirt on tomorrow’s hottest games
      • Bloody Roar 2
      • Croc II
      • Dino Crisis
      • D.I.R.T. / The Next Tetris
      • Driver / Ultimate 8 Ball
      • Evil Zone
      • Jade Cocoon
      • Omega Boost / Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
      • Star Ocean
      • Suikoden II
      • Final Fantasy VIII
      • G Police
      • Tomorrow Never Dies

    • Code Junkies – The latest codes for all you addicts
    • Letters – You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers
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    • Otaku Station – Welcome to Otaku Station, the official PSM gift shop – the only place on earth to buy cool official PSM shirts, hats, and other special collectibles. Aiko and Uchu-Kun are waiting for you. Check it out!
    • Bloody Roar 2 – When you think of fighting game makers, there are those that immediately spring to mind, such as Capcom and SNK. But Hudson Soft? Though the company may not exactly be synonymous with the genre, it did surprise its aficionados in late 1997 with the release of Bloody Roar. Now, more than a year later, the franchise returns, thanks once again to Sony.

    …and more!

  • Red Asphalt (PlayStation)


    Source: PSM – Issue Number 2 – October 1997

    Red Asphalt is a racing game that was released for the PlayStation in January 1998. Technically, it is a direct sequel to Rock ‘n Roll Racing which was released for the Super Nintendo in 1993. Taken on its own, Red Asphalt is a decent game. However, as a sequel to Rock ‘n Roll Racing, it is somewhat of a disappointment.

    The problem with Red Asphalt isn’t that it is a bad game, it’s just a completely different type of game than the original. The original was an excellent game and played kind of like a more advanced R.C. Pro Am and had a similar overhead perspective. Red Asphalt went in a completely different direction and was more of a clone of Wipeout XL. There’s nothing wrong with that if you like that type of game. However, Wipeout XL was a better game and personally, I like the original style of Rock ‘n Roll Racing better.

    If you like racing games, particularly Wipeout style racing games, then this one is worth a shot. However, do yourself a favor and definitely try the original Rock ‘n Roll Racing (on the Super Nintendo…the Genesis version isn’t as good) as it is a much better game. To the best of my knowledge, Red Asphalt has not been re-released so you will have to track down an original or use emulation to play it. Unfortunately, the same is true of Rock ‘n Roll Racing.

    The ad above is from the October 1997 issue of PSM.

  • EGM 2 (June 1996)


    Source: EGM 2 – Issue Number 24 – June 1996

    Unlike the world of today where physical video game magazines are extinct for all practical purposes, the mid 1990s were overflowing with such publications. So much so that Electronic Gaming Monthly couldn’t get enough into their main multi-hundred page publication and they published a second monthly magazine, EGM^2. The June 1996 issue includes:


    • Insert Coin
    • Interface: Letters to the Editor
    • Press Start
    • Previews
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Strategies
    • Advertising Index


    • Alien Trilogy – Finally, the long-awaited Cheat Menu has now been found…great cheats available!
    • Night Warriors – Double your turbo speed and get a non-shaded pause screen with this code!
    • Game Shark Codes – The Shark can be your friend if you enter the passwords correctly for the SS and PS.
    • SFA 2 – Uncover Chun-Li’s old uniforms and two hidden fighting stages by entering this code.

    Cover Story

    • Play with the Power of a God in this Latest Fighter – The latest entry into the fighting genre is another great title by the gurus at Williams but not by the same MK team. This new 3-D fighter was designed by a completely different group, however, they do the Williams name proud. It is an exceptional example of true 3-D perspective fighting, with all the moves, combos and fatalaties to keep fighting fans happy. Check out the first of many articles on War Gods, covering the initial stages and moves that will get you up and playing.


    • Fight or Die for your Party in Guardian Heroes – Guardian Heroes, Treasure’s first action/adventure title for the Saturn, pits you against a number of worthy (and just plain tough) foes. In this EGM^2, there is a six-page jam-packed guide to help players with moves, opponents, levels and more. It also details characters’ backgrounds and strategy. As well, there are several detailed maps pointing out important information gamers should know. There is also a quick reference guide that gives players some very useful tips.
    • Skeleton Warriors Has More Than Meets the Eye – Deceptively complicated with gameplay and skill level gradually increasing, Skeleton Warriors might be too much for a non-observant player. With huge numbers of enemies on screen at one time, many can become overwhelmed during any point in this action game. However, in this issue there is a detailed guide that takes the reader by the hand and helps him/her through the more difficult levels of gameplay. With much-needed hints on Bosses and levels, this guide won’t leave anyone stranded.
    • They Don’t have a Backbone, But They Sure Are Tough – Who said playing with worms couldn’t be fun? They are if you send in a unit to destroy an opponent with mines, missiles and sheep (yes, sheep!). In this mud-free strategy guide, players will be victorious because everything to know about this game has been packed into this issue. Find out which strategy works best and what weapons to use during certain situations. For example, the Prod works well if an enemy is close to a cliff. However, if you want to knock the opponent forward, the Dragonball works best!

    …and more!