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  • Panzer General II (Windows 95)

    ‘Panzer General II’

    [PC] [USA] [MAGAZINE, SPREAD] [1997]

    • Computer Gaming World, December 1997 (#161)
    • via CGW Museum


    SSI was one of my favorite producers of computer games from the early 1980s through the late 1990s. They were well known for their detailed turn-based strategy games and role-playing games including the AD&D Gold Box series among others. Panzer General II was released in 1997 and was one of their later and best rated strategy games.

    Panzer General II covers a time period from the Spanish Civil War in 1938 through hypothetical battles in 1946. Like many strategy games of this type, the player controls various units on a hex map in turn based play. It is meant to be a realistic game with a variety of real-life historical scenarios. However, the player can also play various hypothetical scenarios if they perform well. While most games of this era were still DOS based, Panzer General II was a Windows 95 game. Unofficial patches exist and it has since been released by GOG in a form that works on more modern versions of Windows.

    Various General series games (including Panzer General II) can be downloaded here: http://panzergeneraldownload.com/