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  • K-Power (November/December 1984)

    Source: K-Power – Issue Number 8 – November/December 1984

    In the early 1980s, there were several computer magazines oriented towards kids. Most of them didn’t really last very long. K-Power, despite incorporating another short-lived kids computer magazine, didn’t survive much longer than a year. The November/December 1984 issue includes:


    • Space: The Fun Frontier – A look at computer games for Trekkies!
    • Let Your Computer Organize Your Hobby! – Need help sorting out your collection? Here it is! Plus, a look at hobby software. And a program to help you organize your hobby!
    • Computer To Go – K-POWER’s guide to buying a portable computer. And a chart of portables you might go for.


    • Editor’s Note – How to make your computer part of the holidays.
    • Logon – Pen pal information, reader requests, and a coconut!
    • Compuzine – The lowdown on new computer TV shows. Plus, an exclusive repot from a computer trade show, Silicon Alley, and Scrolling Dough.
    • Dr. Kursor’s Klinic – The Dvorak keyboard, and big news for Timex owners.
    • K-Net – How to battle on-line frustration.
    • Screening Room – Reviews of Amazon, Cell Defense, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Jack Attack, and Castles of Dr. Creep.
    • Strategy – Zork hints! And, how to survive fantasy/role playing games.
    • Classified
    • Contest – What’s the use of computers?

    Hacker Heaven

    • Programs – Palindrome Construction Kit, Music Gizmo, Amazing Drumulator, and Melodies from Mars. Plus, the winners of the Word Twister Contest.
    • Pixel That! – Take off with the E-Z Flight Simulator.
    • Compucopia – Encoder/Decoder Contest winners.
    • Microtones – Musical Stings – mini-routines that play tunes! For the Apple, ADAM, CoCo, and more.

  • Dragon’s Lair (Coleco ADAM)

    The Coleco Adam was a very short-lived computer system based largely on the ColecoVision video game system. Because of its short-lived nature and ability to play ColecoVision games, there were really very few games made specifically for it. One of the few was a port of the arcade game Dragon’s Lair. Released in 1984, the port for the Coleco Adam was the first home port of Dragon’s Lair but others would follow in a couple years. A ColecoVision port was apparently in progress but was never completed.

    The arcade game used a Laser Disc for full motion video. As the player controlling the protagonist Dirk, you had to time all your moves perfectly to avoid death. The Adam port obviously didn’t have a laser disc and was really only loosely based on the arcade game. You still controlled dirk and still had to time things just right but no full motion video and the levels were somewhat different. There were a total of nine levels in this version with the last being the confrontation with the dragon, Singe.

    All things considered it wasn’t a bad port or a terrible game. It just isn’t my favorite type of game. Even the arcade based laser disc version wasn’t really my cup of tea. I find the whole memorizing the timings of specific moves for specific levels to be annoying and frustrating. However, there is no doubt that Dragon’s Lair was revolutionary for its time. Given the fact that there are officially endorsed emulated versions of the arcade game, there probably really isn’t much of a reason to seek out the Adam version unless you are a collector and just love the Adam.

    Screen shots above are all from the Coleco version of the game.