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  • VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (September 1989)


    Source: VideoGames & Computer Enterainment – September 1989

    VideoGames & Computer Entertainment was the first video games magazine I bought and it always remained my favorite. The September 1989 issue includes:


    • Power Glove: Get a Grip on your Games – Mattel is ready to take video gaming a step into the future, and VG&CE has the whole story for you.
    • Adventure Island Strategy Guide, Part I – Master Higgins is stranded on a secluded island. We’ll help you save him from death’s clutches.
    • Lady Luck: Are you an Electronic High Roller? – Video gambling lets you bring Vegas into your living room, and you can bet that we’ll show you the games to choose from.
    • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Strategy Guide, Part III – After this final segment, you’ll be fully prepared for your confrontation with Ganon.
    • Dinobytes: Bringing Back the Behemoths – Dinosaurs have made a big comeback in computer programs. Stalk out what’s available.
    • The Maestro of Microcomputing – These days, soundtracks are as important to games as the programming. Meet Russell Lieblich, one of the premier computer-tune talents.
    • Victory at Sea: A Player’s Guide to Seagoing Simulations – There’s an ocean of software for all forms of boating battles, and we’ve got a rundown to help you pick your favorites.
    • Computer-Game Strategies – This month, our resident expert helps you play at your best in Kings of the Beach, Pole Position II and Hostage.


    • Video-Game Reviews
      • Super Doge Ball
      • Time Soldiers
      • Wrestlemania
      • Marble Madness
      • P.O.W.
      • Skate or Die
      • Y’s

    • Computer-Game Reviews
      • Chomp
      • Thunder Blade
      • Rampage
      • Barbarian
      • Fire Zone
      • Northern Fleet
      • Wizardry V


    • Editor’s Letter
    • Reader Mail
    • News Bits
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Inside Gaming
    • Game Doctor
    • Advertiser Index

    …and more!

  • Computer Gaming World (June 1988)


    Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 48 – June 1988

    Computer Gaming World was hands down the best computer magazine there ever was. It hit its peak in the early to mid 1990s by which time it was exclusively a PC magazine. However, in 1988 it was still covering some other computer platforms as well. The June 1988 issue includes:


    • Inside the Industry – New, Notes and Quotes
    • The Hunt For Red October – Tom Clancy’s Bestseller on Computer
    • Bard’s Tale III – The Trilogy Concludes
    • Wasteland Hints – Scorpion’s Tale Looks at EA’s Latest
    • Long Lance – Tactical Naval Combat
    • Return To Atlantis – EA’s “Latest” Release
    • Project Stealth Fighter – Tactics for Computer Pilots
    • Universal Military Simulator Modifications – Adding Objectives to UMS
    • Wooden Ships and Iron Men – A Boardgame Classic Meets The Computer
    • CGW Contest – Win Subscriptions to CGW
    • Twilights’s Ransom – Paragon Software’s Graphic Adventure
    • Networking The Light Fantastic – Gaming On Compuserve and Genie
    • Video Gaming World – Video Games Are Back!
    • First Clash – A Mech Brigade Scenario


    • Taking A Peek
    • Editorial
    • Reader Input Device
    • CGW Hall Of Fame
    • 100 Games Rated

    …and more!