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  • Crossword Magic (1985)

    USA 1985


    Today you can find any number of online apps that will let you generate your own crossword puzzles so it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. However, if you wanted to do such a thing in the 1980s you would have had to do it by hand or use a piece of software like this which made it a whole lot easier.

    I remember using a crossword puzzle maker in English class when I was in 8th grade (1988 or 1989) but I can’t remember for sure if it was this one or not. It would have been on an Apple II.

    Anyway, it does all the basic things you would expect to be able to do to make a crossword puzzle. I suppose there is probably a limit in terms of size but unless you are trying to do something crazy it’s probably not a big deal.

    Crossword Magic was released by Mindscape and was available for the Commodore 64, Apple II, DOS and Atari 8-bit computers like the 600XL and 800XL. Other than nostalgia, there’s probably not much reason to seek this out today as there are more convenient ways to generate crossword puzzles. However, this was a neat tool to have back in the day if you wanted to do such a thing.

    The ad above is from circa 1985.

  • Compute!’s Apple (Spring 1986)

    Source: Compute!’s Apple – Volume 2, Number 1 (Issue 3) – Spring 1986

    While Compute! was a multiformat computer magazine, there were also a number of spin-offs that were dedicated to particular machines. Compute!’s Gazette covering Commodore 8-bit computers like the Commodore 64 was the only really successful one. Compute!’s Apple, covering the Apple II and Macintosh, only lasted a few issues. The Spring 1986 issue of Compute!’s Apple includes:

    • Editor’s Notes

    Business Applications

    • ’86 Apple: An Interview with John Sculley
    • Buyer’s Guide to Business Software
    • The Expanding Macintosh

    The Ultimate Apple

    • It’s New II
    • Off the Beaten Software Path
    • MacAdds: More for the Macintosh
    • Apple Users Groups


    • Andrew Tobias’ Managing Your Money
    • Balance of Power
    • Fantavision


    • Lexitron
    • Backgammon
    • New Products
    • Ad Index


    • Apple Rules the Schools
    • Computers in the Humanities: Liberal Arts Enter the Computer Age
    • Buyer’s Guide to Educational Software

    Utilities and Tutorials

    • Windows
    • MouseCursor
    • Your Personal Ledger
    • Keynote
    • Personal Publishing with Your Macintosh
    • Apple Automatic Proofreader

    …and more!

  • K-Power (November/December 1984)

    Source: K-Power – Issue Number 8 – November/December 1984

    In the early 1980s, there were several computer magazines oriented towards kids. Most of them didn’t really last very long. K-Power, despite incorporating another short-lived kids computer magazine, didn’t survive much longer than a year. The November/December 1984 issue includes:


    • Space: The Fun Frontier – A look at computer games for Trekkies!
    • Let Your Computer Organize Your Hobby! – Need help sorting out your collection? Here it is! Plus, a look at hobby software. And a program to help you organize your hobby!
    • Computer To Go – K-POWER’s guide to buying a portable computer. And a chart of portables you might go for.


    • Editor’s Note – How to make your computer part of the holidays.
    • Logon – Pen pal information, reader requests, and a coconut!
    • Compuzine – The lowdown on new computer TV shows. Plus, an exclusive repot from a computer trade show, Silicon Alley, and Scrolling Dough.
    • Dr. Kursor’s Klinic – The Dvorak keyboard, and big news for Timex owners.
    • K-Net – How to battle on-line frustration.
    • Screening Room – Reviews of Amazon, Cell Defense, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Jack Attack, and Castles of Dr. Creep.
    • Strategy – Zork hints! And, how to survive fantasy/role playing games.
    • Classified
    • Contest – What’s the use of computers?

    Hacker Heaven

    • Programs – Palindrome Construction Kit, Music Gizmo, Amazing Drumulator, and Melodies from Mars. Plus, the winners of the Word Twister Contest.
    • Pixel That! – Take off with the E-Z Flight Simulator.
    • Compucopia – Encoder/Decoder Contest winners.
    • Microtones – Musical Stings – mini-routines that play tunes! For the Apple, ADAM, CoCo, and more.