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  • Rastan (Commodore 64)

    Rastan (C64) – 1987

    Rastan started life as an arcade game by Taito in 1987. It is a fantasy based side-scrolling fighting game. You fight you way through each level, facing various enemies and a boss at the end of each level. Various weapons and special items are available throughout the game.

    The initial home ports of Rastan were done for various 8-bit home computers and first released in Europe. The Commodore 64 version, along with new ports for the PC (DOS) and Apple IIgs were released in North America in 1990, which was pretty late in the life of the Commodore 64. There was also a version released for the Sega Master System.

    The 8-bit ports received pretty mixed reviews in general and the Commodore 64 version is probably one of the better ones though that is no great praise. It isn’t a terrible game but it isn’t one of the better ones in its genre either. There aren’t a huge number of fantasy based games in this genre so it is somewhat unique in that regard.

    Of the home ports, I would probably pick the Commodore 64 version though the best to play overall is probably the arcade emulated version found on Taito Legends Vol. 1 released in 2006 for the Xbox, PS2 and Windows.

    Images above are from the Commodore 64 version.

  • Commodore Magazine (August 1987)


    Source: Commodore Magazine – August 1987

    Commodore Magazine was the first magazine I bought on a regular basis starting about the time I got my Commodore 64. It was Commodore’s last publication and only lasted a few years but I enjoyed it for most of those. The August 1987 issue includes:


    • Monster-Whompin’, Map-Making, Evil Wizard Excitement – If you haven’t wandered into a dark room lately looking for an Evil Wizard, only to be attacked by 999 Berserkers and a half-dozen Blue Dragons, you aren’t playing enough fantasy role-playing games. An adventurer’s guide.
    • The Carver Gang: Still At Large – Conclusion of a two-part look behind the scenes at Access Software, publishers of Leader Board and 10th Frame.
    • How To Keep It Safe, Happy And Affordable – Care for your computer on a budget.


      • Letters
      • News
      • Tips & Tricks
        • Hints for Fun and Utility
      • Software Reviews
        • Deceptor
        • Portal
        • The Pawn
        • Ogre
        • Zoids
        • Millionaire
        • The Official America’s Cup Sailing Simulation
        • Crosscheck
      • Hardware Reviews
        • Voice Master
      • Adventure Road
        • Things to Do While Waiting for Habitat
      • Telecommunications
        • Connect!
        • Inside QuantumLink
      • The Inside Track
        • Tech Notes
      • Jiffies
        • Calendar Maker
        • What Goes Here?
        • 1541 Disk Stamper
      • Technical Tips
        • String Magician
        • Interfacing Commodore’s User Port, Part 4
        • How to Build an Audio Digitizer
      • Game Programs
        • The Jupiter Jump
        • Radio Search
      • Computer Tutor
        • MIDI Programming, Part 1
        • C Tutorial, Part 5
      • 64 Users Only
        • Bingo Simulator
        • Autorun
      • 128 Users Only
        • The 128 Mode
      • Amiga Update
    • AmigaBASIC Tutorial
    • Amiga ZPlot
    • Amiga Public Domain Software

    …and more!