Electronic Gaming Monthly 2 – Issue Number 17 – November 1995

Electronic Gaming Monthly 2 Issue Number 17 November 1995 Cover .
Electronic Gaming Monthly 2
Issue Number 17
November 1995

Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly 2 – Issue Number 17 – November 1995

What do you do when you publish a 200+ page video games magazine every month but that’s just not enough? Why you publish a 2nd one every month of course. Hence EGM 2 (or EGM^2 or whatever). The 1990s were truly a great time for video game magazines. The contents of the November 1995 issue of EGM 2 includes:


  • Insert Coin
  • Interface: Letters to the Editor
  • Fandom Central
  • Press Start
  • Preview
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Strategy
  • Advertising Index


  • Arcade – Check out the VF-style fighting game, Fighting Vipers!
  • International – Take a look at the games from Japan, like Riglordsaga!
  • Super NES – Score with this hockey game, W. G. and the NHLPA All-Stars!
  • Sega Saturn – Duke it out again with everyone’s favorite polygon fighters!
  • PlayStation – Search and destroy evil aliens in the Doom-like game, Defcon 5!
  • 3DO – Save the day and battle the bad guys in Captain Quazar!


  • The Heat Has Been Turned Up to High for the Next Mega Man Installment! – Mega Man X3 might be a little frustrating to gamers at first. However, after reading this issue’s 16-page strategy guide on the game, MM fans will have no problem battling the bad guys and finding cool items. Everything to help a stressed-out gamer has been included – from how to defeat the Bosses to maps on the various levels. Unlike the prequel, this version has several mechs that actually have a purpose, strategy, unique control as well as set abilities. You’ll learn how to use them all in this guide, too.
  • A Bit of Comic-Book Heaven Comes to the Arcades with Marvel Super Heroes! – If you thought Capcom’s X-Men was a fantastic game, be prepared to be blown away by Marvel Super Heroes. The Infinity Gems have been added to this game, giving it a unique twist. Although the game is still under construction, EGM 2 has a six-page blowout on this quarter-muncher. Check out your favorite superheroes’ super combos, such as Spider-Man’s Maximum Spider, Wolverine’s Weapon X, Captain America’s Final Justice and Hulk’s Gamma Crush. In addition to super combos, other devastating moves are listed.
  • The Latest and Possible Greatest MK Hits Arcades with New Moves and Modes! – As Mortal Kombat 3 hits the home market, fans of the once-cult game will find an awesome, brand-new update – Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. This isn’t a completely new release; however, it will feature four new characters as well as four unique backgrounds. In the Mortal Kombat tradition, there will also be plenty of new moves and secrets. EGM 2 digs into the latest addition with numerous exclusive pix and the latest look at this soon-to-be arcade hit!



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