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  • Atari Jaguar Ad (1995)

    Electronic Gaming Monthly #76, Nov 95


    This ad for the Atari Jaguar is from the November 1995 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. By this point in time, the Jaguar had been out for about 2 years. The price was already dropping considerably (probably because the Saturn and PlayStation had been released by this point). For $300 you could have both the system and the CD add-on.

    The Jaguar beat the PlayStation and Saturn to market by about a year and for that year it was the most powerful system you could buy. With some more effort put into software development, it probably could have kept up a little better too despite those systems being more powerful. However, Atari always seemed mostly stuck in the past when it came to software development.

    There were some good games for the Jaguar but not many and they were no bargain as you can see from this ad. Cartridges made for more expensive games than CDs.

  • Rayman (Atari Jaguar)

    EDGE #13, October 1994 – A preview of the original Rayman on the Atari Jaguar


    Rayman was the Atari Jaguar’s answer to games like the Super Mario Bros. franchise and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It was also probably the most successful franchise to start life on the Atari Jaguar, ultimately spawning 44 games across multiple systems. The Atari Jaguar had a short life and the original Rayman was ported to other systems, including the PlayStation, where it was no doubt more successful commercially. However, it all began on the Atari Jaguar.

    Rayman is a side-scrolling platform game designed with kids in mind much like the Mario and Sonic series. Rayman, the title character, starts the game with only the ability to walk, crawl and make faces. He is able to collect various other powers and abilities throughout the course of the game. Ultimately, the player must guide Rayman through six worlds to free all of the imprisoned Electoons and battle Mr. Dark.

    The Jaguar version of Rayman was an excellent game and one of the better games on that system. However, the subsequent PlayStation version was better. The primary differences are that the PlayStation version has better sound and more responsive controls. However, if you are a Jaguar owner, this should be on your list of must have games. While oriented towards kids on the surface, the game play is challenging enough for die hard gamers too.

    Interestingly, development for Rayman initially started on the Atari ST. Later, it was planned for the SNES CD-ROM which ended up never materializing. An incomplete SNES prototype exists and was released a couple of years ago.

    There are quite a few ways to play this game. The original was released on the Jaguar, PlayStation, Saturn, DOS and various portable systems. Rayman also showed up later on the PlayStation Network and on the PlayStation Classic. If you want to play the original Jaguar version then you will need an original system and cartridge or be willing to settle for emulation.

    The preview above comes from the October 1994 issue of EDGE magazine.

  • Kasumi Ninja (Atari Jaguar)

    “Kasumi Ninja”

    • Video Games , November 1994 (#11)


    Kasumi Ninja was a fighting game released exclusively for the Atari Jaguar in 1994. This is essentially the Jaguar’s version of Mortal Kombat in the sense that it was an ultra violent fighting game with many other similar ideas. To call it a rip-off would probably not be going too far. Unfortunately, the execution was nowhere near Mortal Kombat level.

    While Kasumi Ninja had excellent graphics, the sound was poor, the game play was slow and the controls were…less than stellar. Atari’s less than mediocre controller did not help. Most of the reviews for this game make it sound pretty awful but there were reviewers who had some positive things to say as well. A few of them anyway. Originally intended to have 20 characters, this was later cut down to 8. The publisher claims that this was because of meddling by Atari. Atari tried the same failed tactics with the Jaguar that they did with the Atari 7800. They tried to publish games as cheaply as possible by limiting cartridge memory and development time. It really shows in this game.

    Kasumi Ninja is not all bad but there are just so many better fighting games out there that the only reason you would really probably want to play this one is for the novelty of it. Or perhaps that move in the last screenshot… A sequel was in the works for the Jaguar CD but it was unsurprisingly cancelled. The only way you’ll be able to play the original currently is with an Atari Jaguar and original cartridge or via emulation. This game was exclusive to the Jaguar and there have been no re-releases and probably won’t be unless they decide to publish this for the upcoming Atari VCS.

    The ad above is from the November 1994 issue of Video Games magazine.