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  • EGM 2 (June 1996)


    Source: EGM 2 – Issue Number 24 – June 1996

    Unlike the world of today where physical video game magazines are extinct for all practical purposes, the mid 1990s were overflowing with such publications. So much so that Electronic Gaming Monthly couldn’t get enough into their main multi-hundred page publication and they published a second monthly magazine, EGM^2. The June 1996 issue includes:


    • Insert Coin
    • Interface: Letters to the Editor
    • Press Start
    • Previews
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Strategies
    • Advertising Index


    • Alien Trilogy – Finally, the long-awaited Cheat Menu has now been found…great cheats available!
    • Night Warriors – Double your turbo speed and get a non-shaded pause screen with this code!
    • Game Shark Codes – The Shark can be your friend if you enter the passwords correctly for the SS and PS.
    • SFA 2 – Uncover Chun-Li’s old uniforms and two hidden fighting stages by entering this code.

    Cover Story

    • Play with the Power of a God in this Latest Fighter – The latest entry into the fighting genre is another great title by the gurus at Williams but not by the same MK team. This new 3-D fighter was designed by a completely different group, however, they do the Williams name proud. It is an exceptional example of true 3-D perspective fighting, with all the moves, combos and fatalaties to keep fighting fans happy. Check out the first of many articles on War Gods, covering the initial stages and moves that will get you up and playing.


    • Fight or Die for your Party in Guardian Heroes – Guardian Heroes, Treasure’s first action/adventure title for the Saturn, pits you against a number of worthy (and just plain tough) foes. In this EGM^2, there is a six-page jam-packed guide to help players with moves, opponents, levels and more. It also details characters’ backgrounds and strategy. As well, there are several detailed maps pointing out important information gamers should know. There is also a quick reference guide that gives players some very useful tips.
    • Skeleton Warriors Has More Than Meets the Eye – Deceptively complicated with gameplay and skill level gradually increasing, Skeleton Warriors might be too much for a non-observant player. With huge numbers of enemies on screen at one time, many can become overwhelmed during any point in this action game. However, in this issue there is a detailed guide that takes the reader by the hand and helps him/her through the more difficult levels of gameplay. With much-needed hints on Bosses and levels, this guide won’t leave anyone stranded.
    • They Don’t have a Backbone, But They Sure Are Tough – Who said playing with worms couldn’t be fun? They are if you send in a unit to destroy an opponent with mines, missiles and sheep (yes, sheep!). In this mud-free strategy guide, players will be victorious because everything to know about this game has been packed into this issue. Find out which strategy works best and what weapons to use during certain situations. For example, the Prod works well if an enemy is close to a cliff. However, if you want to knock the opponent forward, the Dragonball works best!

    …and more!

  • The Atari Jaguar


    While 64-bit may have been a bit of an exaggeration (the Jaguar used two 32-bit RISC processors as well as a Motorola 68000), it was still an impressive system, technically speaking, at the time it was introduced. It clearly outclassed the popular 16-bit counterparts of the time. Unfortunately, as with every Atari system after the 2600, it was lack of software that really killed it. Relatively poor 3rd party support plus 1st party support that was often done as cheaply as possible just isn’t a recipe for a successful system.



    It also didn’t help that the Jaguar was a relatively difficult system to program for. The architecture was somewhat complex and included:


    • “Tom”, a 26.59 MHz processor with a 32-bit RISC core used as a GPU, 64-bit Blitter and 64-bit DRAM controller.
    • “Jerry”, a 26.59 MHz processor with a 32-bit RISC core similar to “Tom” but with a larger cache and other components intended for sound processing (two DACs, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis). It was also responsible for timers and joystick control.
    • A Motorola 68000 running at 13.925 MHz used as a controller


    In addition, there would be a CD-ROM add-on that would add to the complexity of the system.

    While there would be a number of very good games for the Jaguar, there just wasn’t enough. Atari always seemed hesitant to put the marketing and software development resources behind their systems that could have made them more successful.

    This ad is from a little later in the life of the Jaguar and it’s doing somewhat bad math to try to illustrate the superiority of the Jaguar to the new 32-bit systems. It wasn’t superior but it was certainly a bargain by comparison at $149.


    Atari Jaguar


  • Ruiner Pinball (Atari Jaguar)

    Ruiner Pinball, Atari Jaguar.

    Ruiner Pinball is a video pinball game that was exclusive to the Atari Jaguar and released in 1995. This game featured two different tables. The first table is called Ruiner and is obviously where the title of the game comes from. This theme for this table is a cold war setting from 1962. Your goal is to decrease the Defcon level from 5 to 1, launch an attack on your enemy and defend your own country. The second table is simply called Tower and has a fantasy setting in which your goal is to cast three magic spells, destroy the tower and defeat the sorceress. Ruiner consists of two screens while tower has three screens.

    This game received mixed reviews but if you like the video pinball genre and you have an Atari Jaguar then I highly recommend it. Ruiner was criticized for not being much better than video pinball games of the 16-bit era like Dragon’s Revenge but personally I loved those games so that’s not much of a criticism as far as I’m concerned. It would have been nice to see more tables though.

    If you do want to give this one a try, you’ll have to do it on original hardware or try your luck with a Jaguar emulator. Ruiner is exclusive to that system and has never been re-released. Hopefully, these sort of Atari exclusive games will see a release on the new Atari VCS when it arrives.