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  • GamePro (March 1993)


    Source: GamePro – Issue Number 44 – March 1993 

    I always preferred VideoGames & Computer Entertainment and Electronic Gaming Monthly but there is no doubt that GamePro was one of the most popular video games magazines. It lasted from 1989 through 2011. The March 1993 issue includes the following:

    • Cutting Edge – 3D0 prepares to unleash its compact disc “multiplayer.”
    • Hot at the Arcades – Get wild in the West with Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold, and shake hands with Arm Champs II.
    • GamePro Readers Choice Awards – You picked ’em! The best games of 1992!
    • ProReviews
      • Nintendo – Zen Intergalactic Ninja, Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland, The Jetsons: Cogswell’s Caper.
      • Genesis – World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Batman Returns, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, Superman, Shadow of the Beast II, Super Battletank, PowerMonger, Previews: Shinobi III and Battletoads.
      • Sega CD – Make Your Own Music Videos with Kriss Kross, Marky Mark, and INXS. Then take a spin with Wolfchild and Chuck Rock.
      • SNES – Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose, The Adventures of B.O.B., The Lost Vikings, Utopia, Outlander, Congo’s Caper, Street Combat, Previews: The Addams Family: Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt, and Lethal Weapon.
      • Turbo Super CD – Lords of Thunder
      • TurboChip – Bomberman ’93
      • Neo Geo – Fatal Fury 2
      • Game Boy – The Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
      • Game Gear – Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Double Dragon
      • Lynx – Dinolympics
    • On Location: Delphine Software – Visit the Paris, France headquarters of the folks who brought you Flashback and Out of This World.
    • Flashback: The Comic – See how all of Conrad Hart’s troubles began.
    • Special Feature: Pinball Games – There are many ways to play the silver ball! Check out Crue Ball (Genesis) and Time Cruise (Turbo Duo) for home systems. For genuine flipper action, see Al’s Garage Band Goes on a World Tour, Doctor Who, White Water, and Lethal Weapon 3.
    • Overseas ProSpects – Fatal Fury is the Super Famicom’s latest beat-em-up. Street Fighter II prepares to fight its way into the P.C. Engine and the Mega CD. Get the scoop on video gaming in the United Kingdom.
    • The Sports Pages – Take a drive with Jaguar XJ220 (Sega CD), Lotus Turbo Challenge (Genesis), and Cyber Spin (SNES). Then it’s time to warm up for baseball with previews of The Majors Pro Baseball (Game Gear), Tony La Russa Baseball (Genesis), and Al Michaels Announces Hardball III (Genesis). After you’ve thrown a few, go to the mound with Roger Clemens MVP Baseball (Genesis). Spend a nice day on the green with PGA Tour Golf II (Genesis). For sports with a demented twist, see Arch Rivals (Game Gear) and Mutant League Football (Genesis).
    • Special Feature: the Supervision Hand-held System – Just when you think you’ve seen everything, here’s a portable system that plays monochrome and color games.
    • Hardware Helpers – Get help from the Pro Action Replays for the Genesis and the Game Boy. Here’s a rechargeable battery for your Game Boy and your Game Gear, – the Handy Power II.
    • Short ProShots – Here’s some quick hits on some cool new games.
    • S.W.A.T. (Secret Weapons and Tactics) – Check out these hot tips and tricks from GamePros everywhere.
    • GameBusters: Out of This World (SNES)
    • Special Feature: Sonic The Hedgehog 2’s ProStrategy Guide, Part One

    …and more!

  • GamePro (October 1993)


    Source: GamePro – Issue Number 51 – October 1993

    There were tons of video game magazines from the late 1980s through the late 1990s. GamePro wasn’t my favorite but there is no doubt that it was one of the most popular. The October 1993 issue includes the following:

    • Cutting Edge – Atari’s 64-bit Jaguar is finally on the prowl.
    • Special Feature: Hot at the Arcades – It’s Part 2 of our Slam Masters Strategy Guide.
    • Role-Player’s Realm – In our first-ever column devoted exclusively to RPGs, we journey through Shining Force – complete with tips (Genesis), The Seventh Saga (SNES), Final Fantasy Legend III (GB), and Defenders of Oasis (GG).
    • Special Feature: 3D0 Games – Check out the first 3D0 releases.
    • Cover Feature: Super Street Fighter II – The World Warriors are back in the arcades with a new coin-op that boasts four new fighters.
    • Special Feature: Disney’s Aladdin – Disney’s Aladdin is a whole new world for video gamers.
    • Special Feature: Star Wars – The saga continues as Super Empire Strikes Back (SNES), Rebel Assault (Sega CD), and Star Wars (Game Gear) come to a galaxy near you. Plus, we’ll show you how LucasArts creates these incredible carts.
    • ProReviews
      • Genesis: Aero the Acro-Bat, Haunting Starring Polterguy, Dashin’ Desperadoes, Dinosaurs for Hire, Gauntlet IV, The Adventures of B.O.B., Previews: Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition, Robocop Vs. Terminator, Robocop III, Pink Panther: Pink Goes to Hollywood, Sonic Spinball
      • Sega CD: AH-3 Thunderstrike, Spider-Man vs. Kingpin, PreView: Stellar-Fire
      • SNES: Terminator 2: Judgement Day, SimAnt, Legend, Battle Cars, Super Aquatic Games, Incredible Crash Dummies, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Mr. Nuts, Previews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighter, ActRaiser 2, Captain America and the Avengers, Cliffhanger
      • Nintendo: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Mario is Missing!
      • Neo Geo: Samurai Showdown Survival Guide
      • Game Boy: DuckTales 2, Ring Rage, Lemmings, Tumble Pop, WWF: King of the Ring
      • Game Gear: WWF Steel Cage Challenge, Strider 2, Cave Dude, Off the Wall
      • Lynx: Gordo 106
    • Overseas ProSpects – GamePro goes 3D with Loricel.
    • The Sports Page – NHL Hockey ’94 (Genesis and SNES), Legends of the Ring (Genesis and SNES), Riddick Bowe Boxing (SNES), Evander Holyfield (Game Gear), Madden NFL ’94 (Genesis and SNES), Football Fury (SNES), Top Gear 2 (SNES), Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing (Genesis, NES, Game Boy), Sports Insider: Sega Sports.
    • GamePro Lab Report – Get your hands on remote controllers, a Pro Action Replay update, with info on the Pro CD-X for the Sega CD, and finally, Naki’s Game stackers.
    • S.W.A.T.Pro – Secret weapons and tactics from the GamePros.
    • GameBusters: X-Men (Genesis)

    …and more!

  • Exile (TurboGrafx-CD)

    Working Designs


    Exile was released by for both the Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-CD in 1992. It was a remake of a game originally released in Japan in 1988 for various computers mostly unknown to those of us in North America, including the NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, MSX2 and the X1 turbo. The game is an action RPG and features both a top down perspective like the original Zelda and other similar games, as well as a side-scrolling action perspective depending on what you are doing.

    While the the Genesis and TurboGrafx-CD versions are very close, the TurboGrafx version has a slight edge in some areas. Because it is CD based, there are more cinematics and better music (though this might be a matter of personal preference to some degree). The graphics are very close but the TurboGrafx-CD version has slightly more colors. The translation also seems to be a little better and the story more coherent on the TurboGrafx version. However, these are all mostly minor differences. One interesting difference is the fact that the Genesis localization (done by Renovation) censored certain aspects of the game (e.g. naked girls in one scene) while the TurboGrafx-CD localization (done by Working Designs) did not.

    Overall this is a very good game even if it is not as well known as some others. While I wouldn’t say it is as good as Ys I and II, it’s still quite good and fans of those games will likely enjoy this one. I am not aware of any remakes or re-releases so you will have to resort to emulation or track down and original Genesis or TurboGrafx-CD versions if you want to play.

    Exile was followed up by Exile: Wicked Phenomenon the following year for the Turbo Duo or TurboGrafx-CD with the Super System Card.