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  • Mr. Do! (1982)


    Mr. Do! is an arcade game that was released by Universal in 1982. Game play is somewhat similar to Dig Dug. In Mr. Do! you play the role of a circus clown who digs tunnels and collects cherries while avoiding or defeating red monsters called creeps. Progressing to the next level can be accomplished in various ways. You can collect all of the cherries, destroy all the creeps, collect a diamond, or collect all the letters to spell EXTRA which you do by scoring enough points. Creeps can be defeated by digging under apples to crush them or by throwing your “power ball” at them.

    Mr. Do! was very popular at the time of its release leading to a quick sequel, Mr. Do!’s castle. That game actually started life as a non-Mr. Do! game but was modified to reap the benefits of Mr. Do!’s popularity. Interestingly, the game is somewhat similar to Dig Dug and the games were released at almost the same time. Both were popular games at the time though Dig Dug seems to be the more widely recognized today.

    Mr. Do! was ported to a wide variety of systems, including the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Atari 8-bit computers, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Neo Geo, and Game Boy Color. The arcade version also found its way to the Wii Virtual Console in 2010.

  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (November 1989)

    Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – November 1989

    Electronic Gaming Monthly and VideoGames & Computer Entertainment were really the only two video game magazines I cared about. VG&CE was my favorite but EGM was far more successful. The November 1989 issue of EGM includes:

    • Cover Story – Ghouls and Ghosts – Heralded by EGM as one of the best video games of all time, Ghouls and Ghosts is bound to sell Genesis machines just as well as Mario sells Nintendos! This fantastic 16-bitter packs a full five meg of power to generate some of the slickest graphics, most brilliant sounds, and exciting game play we’ve ever seen! See if you agree in this special Ghouls and Ghosts Game of the Month spectacular – compete with reviews, tips and maps!
    • Behind The Screens Look At GameBoy – Find out the future of this pocket powerhouse from the white shirts and other top-level executives that make the industry move! Get the first word on new soft and other exciting developments going on behind the scenes at the top game companies!
    • A New Look At The P.C. Engine – Although NEC has finally given the go-ahead to the P.C. Engine on these shores under a new name, Japan is still buzzing over the 8-Bit machine that does all the things 16-Bitters do. Get sneak peeks at loads of new P.C. Engine games that may be coming this way for the TurboGrafx, as well as the latest updates on the Super Famicom and the first look at a new 32-Bit system!
    • Top Secret! – The Game Busters strike again with a whole new assortment of super secrets that will let you become video invincible! Great tips for the TurboGrafx and Genesis, combined with all new tricks for Nintendo and Sega, make this “For Your Eyes Only” info more valuable than a Super Mario 3 cart! Lots of new stuff from readers too!
    • P.O.W. – The War Rages On – EGM continues its “How to Master” photo maps of SNK’s latest battlefield epic! Get Bart out from behind enemy lines and take on the ruthless leader of the Government of Destruction! Also look for new maps on River City Ransom, Scramble Spirits, Blazing Lazers, and more!
    • Also in this issue:
      • Insert Coin
      • Interface – Letters
      • Gaming Gossip
      • International Outlook
      • Contest – Win a GameBoy
      • At the Arcades
      • Nintendo Player
      • Sega Masters
      • Atari Adventures
      • Turbo Champ
      • Outpost: Genesis
      • GameBoy Club