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  • DC-UK (November 1999)

    Source: DC-UK – Issue Number 3 – November 1999

    The Dreamcast was Sega’s last console and one of my favorites. Unfortunately, it led a relatively short life and magazines for that system were few and short lived. Issue number 3 of DC-UK, a Dreamcast magazine published in the U.K., from November 1999, includes the following:


    • The Padstow Bass Project – Sega Bass Fishing incensed us to try some of that angling stuff ourselves. However, we didn’t allow for freak weather conditions or vengeful seagull attacks.
    • Return to the Forbidden Planet – The Saturn has been almost universally slammed, but some of its games were actually rather good. These are the ones we’d like to see updated for Dreamcast.

    On the cover

    • Pure Soul – Namco’s Soul Calibur reviewed in full
    • American Dream – The US gets DC fever
    • Bass Project – We try to get bass
    • Forbidden Planet – The Saturn’s good bits


    • Soul Calibur is fully reviewed by DC-UK. Find out for yourself what we’ve been raving about since issue 01.
    • Hydro Thunder
    • Sega Bass Fishing
    • F1 World GP
    • Buggy Heat
    • Suzuki Alstare
    • Jimmy White’s 2: Cueball
    • Marvel Vs. Capcom
    • Import chart
    • Dreamcasters
    • Expert Witness: Oliver Gavin and Jamie Davies


    • The US Launch happened on September 9 – what did our American cousins make of Dreamcast? Well, they seemed to quite like it…
    • Tokyo Game Show
    • Naomi games
    • DVD peripherals
    • Shenmue delayed
    • Neo Geo Pocket Color
    • TV infiltration
    • Gaming weather map
    • From PC to DC
    • Trumps: Soul Calibur


    • Dave Perry is the man behind Shiny Entertainment and, more importantly, Earthworm Jim
    • Teruaki Konishi and Shinobu Nimura are the names behind Soul Calibur. We talk to them in Japan.


    • Fighting Force 2 is a run-around-and-shoot-people kind of game. Keep an eye out for the review in the near future.
    • Red Dog
    • Virtua Striker 2 Ver.2000.1
    • Worldwide Soccer 2000
    • Furballs
    • Planet of the Apes
    • Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
    • South Park Rally
    • NBA Showtime
    • NBA 2000
    • Worms: Armageddon
    • Stunt GP
    • Metropolis Street Racer


    • Review listings with every single review we’ve had in the mag so far
    • What to write and eager fans
    • Ask Auntie Esther
    • Sonic guide: the last bit
    • Calibur and Hydro Thunder cheat
    • Coining it
    • Import gaming
    • Surf’s up: Internet stuff
    • Playtime toys
    • Team Diary and body parts


    • Editorial intro
    • Letters
    • Subscriptions
    • Next month
    • Brain in a jar

    …and more!

  • DC-UK (December 2000)

    Source: DC-UK – Issue Number 16 – December 2000

    The Dreamcast was probably my favorite Sega console and the only one I owned when it was active. Like most consoles, it had magazines dedicated to it. DC-UK, as you might imagine, is a U.K. based Dreamcast magazine. The December 2000 issue includes:


    • From Geek to Chic – Ex-Edge editor Jason Brookes explores how videogames suddenly became an okay thing to do with your mates rather than a stigmatizing bedroom hobby beloved of lonely boys. From DJ culture to the cynical world of licensing, Brookes assesses the individual elements with the intellectual rigor of a rocket scientist. If you want to know why it is that you’re playing games rather than, say, hanging out at that new wine bar that just opened on the high street, you must read this.


    • Quake: Arena – We bench-test the Dreamcast online happening of the year. Can it live up to the legendary PC exper