Computer Gaming World (June 1988)


Source: Computer Gaming World – Issue Number 48 – June 1988

Computer Gaming World was hands down the best computer magazine there ever was. It hit its peak in the early to mid 1990s by which time it was exclusively a PC magazine. However, in 1988 it was still covering some other computer platforms as well. The June 1988 issue includes:


  • Inside the Industry – New, Notes and Quotes
  • The Hunt For Red October – Tom Clancy’s Bestseller on Computer
  • Bard’s Tale III – The Trilogy Concludes
  • Wasteland Hints – Scorpion’s Tale Looks at EA’s Latest
  • Long Lance – Tactical Naval Combat
  • Return To Atlantis – EA’s “Latest” Release
  • Project Stealth Fighter – Tactics for Computer Pilots
  • Universal Military Simulator Modifications – Adding Objectives to UMS
  • Wooden Ships and Iron Men – A Boardgame Classic Meets The Computer
  • CGW Contest – Win Subscriptions to CGW
  • Twilights’s Ransom – Paragon Software’s Graphic Adventure
  • Networking The Light Fantastic – Gaming On Compuserve and Genie
  • Video Gaming Wo