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  • Computer and Video Games (March 1983)

    Source: Computer and Video Games – March 1983

    Computer & Video Games was a very long running U.K. based gaming magazine that started all the way back in 1981 and lasted until 1992. The March 1983 issue includes the following:

    News & Reviews

    • Games News – The James Gang is in town and gunning for you and those little green men are slipping into their soccer gear for the intergalactic cup final.
    • Video Screens – Our round-up of the best in joysticks plus a look at what’s going on out in deepest space with our look at the Starmaster-type games available for the Atari VCS.
    • Arcade Action – Amidar tips from our record breaker. And how much of an improvement is Super Zaxxon, plus those arcade top scores.
    • Software Form – All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about getting your listing published in C&VG.


    • Defuse – Can you prevent an explosive situation getting out of hand? We hope so – because if you don’t it’s apocalypse time! Atom-powered adventure on the Texas TI-99/4 or 4a.
    • Pool – Here’s your cue to head for the pool hall and practice some of your favorite trick shots. You’ll need them all for this screen-sized version of the real thing written for the Spectrum.
    • Digger – The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming! Not again, I hear you cry! But this time you don’t blast them out of the skies. You dig traps for the little monsters. Intergalactic gardening on your Sharp MZ80K.
    • Connect 4 – The long-haird ancient is faced with a big problem – he just can’t get those counters matched up! Can you help the old chap out before his brain gets befuddled? For Video Genie and TRS-80 owners.
    • Dr. Who Adventure – Another time, another place…the Doctor is off on another time-trek and this time you can be his travelling companion. This time the Tardis comes in the shape of an Atari 400/800.
    • Ski-ing – The air is cold and clear. The piste is perfect. Everything is set fair for a fast downhill race on your Atom.
    • Turbo Car – Put the pedal to the metal and zoom off on a fast and furious race against time in your supercharged Dragon powered supercar.
    • Rockfall – Dodge those falling stones and boulders as you attempt to scale Mount BBC.
    • Positron – Is it an asteroid, is it a meteoroid…no it’s a Positron! These superheroes streak through space at the speed of light to defend truth, justice and the right to have buttered crumpets for tea! The only trouble is they don’t watch where they are going. Fun and games on the ZX81.


    • Mailbag – The Spectrum v. BBC battle rages on.
    • Competition – Bally’s pinball wizards against the rest of the C & VG readership. A Colour Genie goes to the best space commander.
    • Bugs – Abandoning the micro, Snag takes to the living room floor!
    • Chess
    • Go – Life and death with Allan Scarff.
    • Projects – Keith Mott begins a new series.
    • Graphics – Gerry Marshall experiments with colorful patterns.
    • Adventure – Keith Campbell falls in Love!
    • Warpath – Ron Potkin’s exciting wild west battle is taking shape with the positioning of pieces on the board.
    • Puzzling – Trevor Turan sets some challenges to be solved by brain or computer.
    • Machine Code

    …and more!