K-Power (November/December 1984)

Source: K-Power – Issue Number 8 – November/December 1984

In the early 1980s, there were several computer magazines oriented towards kids. Most of them didn’t really last very long. K-Power, despite incorporating another short-lived kids computer magazine, didn’t survive much longer than a year. The November/December 1984 issue includes:


  • Space: The Fun Frontier – A look at computer games for Trekkies!
  • Let Your Computer Organize Your Hobby! – Need help sorting out your collection? Here it is! Plus, a look at hobby software. And a program to help you organize your hobby!
  • Computer To Go – K-POWER’s guide to buying a portable computer. And a chart of portables you might go for.


  • Editor’s Note – How to make your computer part of the holidays.
  • Logon – Pen pal information, reader requests, and a coconut!
  • Compuzine – The lowdown on new computer TV shows. Plus, an exclusive repot from a computer trade show, Silicon Alley, and Scrolling Dough.
  • Dr. Kursor’s Klinic – The Dvorak keyboard, and big news for Timex owners.
  • K-Net – How to battle on-line frustration.
  • Screening Room – Reviews of Amazon, Cell Defense, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Jack Attack, and Castles of Dr. Creep.
  • Strategy – Zork hints! And, how to survive fantasy/role playing games.
  • Classified
  • Contest – What’s the use of computers?

Hacker Heaven

  • Programs – Palindrome Construction Kit, Music Gizmo, Amazing Drumulator, and Melodies from Mars. Plus, the winners of the Word Twister Contest.
  • Pixel That! – Take off with the E-Z Flight Simulator.
  • Compucopia – Encoder/Decoder Contest winners.
  • Microtones – Musical Stings – mini-routines that play tunes! For the Apple, ADAM, CoCo, and more.