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  • Personal Computer Games (August 1984)

    Source: Personal Computer Games – Issue Number 9

    Personal Computer Games is a computer gaming magazine published in the U.K. in the 1980s. It covered popular 8-bit platforms like the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum among others. The August 1984 issue includes:


    • Help! 200,000 men are after you in our Game-of-the-Month
    • Check out Sabre Wulf and PCG’s exclusive map
    • Pages of reviews plus a PCG hit from the Age of the Train
    • Q-Burt – Here’s a listing that’ll really keep you on the hop

    Commodore 64

    • Encounter – state-of-the-art shoot-out that’ll leave you speechless
    • Games galore – seven pages of new releases
    • Last month’s Game-of-the-Month programmer lists his latest game

    VIC 20 / Dragon / Oric/Atmos

    • The good, the bad, and the ugly – scores of games played, reviewed and rated
    • War Games – We look at the best of the battle simulations
    • Valhalla Competition – make us laugh and win a free copy of the Game-of-the-Year
    • Speech Games – Games with a lot to shout about – but can you hear what they’re saying?
    • Star Raiders – Jeff Minter pays homage to this Screen Classic on the Atari


    • Noticeboard – August – is this Games Month of 1984?
    • Buzz – New Commodore machines get the thumbs down, plus the latest news, charts, and gossip.
    • Byte-Back – Sappy letters, and some hot tips on how to increase your scores.
    • Screen Test – Page after page of reviews that really put you in the picture.
    • Program Library – Exclusive Commodore 64 hit listing, plus a great Spectrum game.
    • Adventure-World – The White Wizard presents a great competition, and nearly gets deep-fried in a nuclear shelter.
    • Challenge Chamber – Two top gamesters battle it out, plus latest hi-scores and a loony letter.
    • PCG Hotline – Commander Chance picks up the phone. Are you on the other end?
    • The Final Conflict – See how your votes have changed the course of history.
    • Good Buy – Over 70 games get the PCG seal of approval, plus Jeff Minter goes Star Raiding.
    • Entry Forms – Dare the Challenge Chamber, enter the Final Conflict, and try your luck in our competition.

    …and more!

  • Big K (July 1984)

    Source: Big K – Issue Number 4 – July 1984

    Big K was a 1980s computer gaming magazine that was published in the U.K. In addition to the typical games coverage, it also provided type-in programs for various computer platforms. The July 1984 issue includes:

    Games Programs

    • Duel for CBM 64
    • Daffy Cafe for Spectrum
    • Fighter for Oric
    • Tunnels of Zarnon for Spectrum
    • Peeked at the Post for CBM 64
    • Hare Lifts for VIC-20

    Utility Programs

    • Character Definer for BBC
    • Padlocked for BBC

    Software Reviews

    • Review pages


    • 68000 Assembler
    • Coleco Adam Review
    • Spectrum Disc Drive Review
    • Music, Maestro, Please


    • Mersey Byte Special
    • Steven Jobs Interview
    • Confessions of a Computer Snob
    • Richard Taylor’s Spectrum Graphics
    • Atari Graphics


    • On-line News
    • Zip Code
    • Charts
    • He Wrote One
    • Classic Games of Our Time
    • Dorkslayer
    • Arcade Alley
    • Letterbase


    • Win a CGL MS Starter Pack

    …and more!