VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (October 1989)


Source: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment – October 1989

VideoGames & Computer Entertainment was my favorite video games magazine though it wasn’t quite as successful as magazines like EGM. Though I never liked them as much, VG&CE lived on after its death through descendants like Tips & Tricks. The October 1989 issue of VG&CE includes:


  • The Atari Lynx: Big Games in Small Packages – If you thought Nintendo’s Game Boy was exciting, wait until you check out this color portable.
  • Adventure Island Strategy Guide, Part II – The last half of this game is extremely frustrating, but the second part of our strategy guide will carefully lead you through it.
  • Shinobi Strategy Guide – Ninjas, swords and throwing stars abound in Sega’s martial-arts battle, but our hints will help you to survive.
  • Christmas Computer-Game Preview – Our correspondents give you the rundown of all the releases that will be out for your holiday shopping.
  • A Season Ticket With Scott Orr – If you like computer athletics, chances are you’ve played a game with Orr’s influence. VG&CE goes behind the scenes with the king of electronic sports.
  • Computer-Game Strategies – Flex your joystick muscles with our resident expert on The Honeymooners, Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom and Road Runner.


  • Video-Game Reviews
    • Vegas Dream
    • California Games
    • Mappy-Land
    • Video Shooter
    • Operation Wolf
    • Bashi Bazook
    • Three Stooges
  • Computer-Game Reviews
    • Slipheed
    • Omnicron Conspiracy
    • Star Saga One: Beyond the Boundary
    • War in Middle Earth
    • Time Bandit
    • Reel Fish’n
    • Life or Death


  • Editor’s Letter
  • Reader Mail
  • News Bits
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Inside Gaming
  • Game Doctor
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