Electronic Gaming Monthly (May 1996)


Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 82 – May 1996

Electronic Gaming Monthly was one of the longest lived and most popular video games magazines. Looking back to 1996, it is amazing how many systems there were being developed for including the Nintendo 64, 3D0, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super NES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, Atari Jaguar, and Neo Geo. The May 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly includes the following:

    • Cover Story – Virtua Fighter 3
    • Press Start
    • Review Crew
    • Gaming Gossip
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Special Features
    • Contests
    • Next Wave
    • Next Wave Protos
    • Team EGM
    • Interface: Letters to the Editor
    • Advertising Index


    • Fact Files


      • Saturn – Take a good look at all the cool games that will totally blow gamers away: Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Iron Storm, Panzer Dragoon II, Worms and Shining Wisdom!


      • PlayStation – Die Hard Trilogy, Steel Harbinger and Williams Arcade Classics will soon be released for PlayStation owners’ enjoyment.


    • How EGM Became the Biggest and Best Video Mag Ever! – Take a trip down memory lane with this issue’s eight anniversary special feature. This special is filled with info about the growth and progress of the magazine as well as the video game industry. Read all about the video game highlights of each year and some EGM oddball knowledge. (Did you know that Sendai was in the National Enquirer and Fabio was on an