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  • GamePro (October 1996)


    Source: GamePro – October 1996

    GamePro was never one of my favorite gaming magazines. It did have a lot of good content but the organization always seemed…random. Nevertheless, it was a popular and long lasting magazine. The October 1996 issue includes:

    Cover Feature

    • Nintendo 64: The U.S. Launch
      • The N64: It’s Heeeeeeeeeere!
      • Let the Games Begin: N64 Release Calendar
      • The Game Names: Updates on MK Trilogy, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and Freak Boy
      • The Cutting Edge: Nintendo 64 Graphics Hardwired
      • Super Mario 64 ProStrategy Guide

    Special Feature

    • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Gold! – An inside look at LucasArts’ five hot Star Wars games: Shadows of the Empire (N64), Dark Forces (PlayStation), Rebel Assault II (PlayStation), Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (PC-CD), and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (PC-CD).

    SWATPro Strategy Section

    • Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 ProStrategy Guide – Mario’s most essential moves, how to use camera views, and a breakdown of the first two areas.
    • The Fighter’s Edge Presents: Tekken 2 (PlayStation), Conclusion – Best combos, special moves, linking moves, and throws for the remaining bosses: Anna, Devil, Angel, Bruce, Kuma, Ganryu, Roger, and Alex.
    • SWATPro – Secret coedes and tips! Play as Akuma in X-Men: Children of the Atom, Toshinden 2 boss codes, Game Shark codes, and more!


    • N64
    • PlayStation
    • Saturn
    • SNES
    • Sports Pages
    • Role-Player’s Realm


    • Head-2-Head
    • The Mail
    • Art Attack
    • Buyers Beware
    • ProNews – Johnny Cage will appear in Mortal Kombat Trilogy!
    • GamePro Online – AOL games and hot Web sites
    • GamePro Labs – ASCII Saturn Stick, Psychopad K.O., and Saturn 3D Analog Controller
    • Overseas ProSpects – CoolBoarders and Motor Toon 2!
    • Sneak Previews – Fighting Vipers, Soviet Strike, Treasures of the Deep, Doom, and more!
    • PC GamePro – Starcraft, Interstate ’76, and more!
    • Hot at the Arcades – Soul Edge Version II

    …and more!

  • Nintendo Power (November 1997)


    Source: Nintendo Power – Issue Number 102 – November 1997

    Nintendo Power was always a great resource for Nintendo system owners. In 1997, coverage was primarily for the Nintendo 64 though there was still a little Super Nintendo coverage as the last commercial games for the SNES trickled out that year. Contents of the November 1997 issue include:


    • NFL QB Club/Madden 64
    • San Francisco Rush
    • Clayfighter 63 1/3 Claytalities
    • Top Gear Rally
    • Duke Nukem
    • Kirby’s Dream Land
    • Donkey Kong Land III

    Special Features

    • Konami Close-Up


    • Diddy Kong Racing
    • Dual Heroes

    Every Issue

    • Player’s Pulse
    • Power Charts
    • Classified Information
    • Counselors’ Corner
    • Player’s Poll Contest
    • Arena
    • Now Playing
    • Pak Watch
    • Next Issue
    • Game List

    …and more!

  • Taco Bell / Nintendo 64


    Source: Nintendo Power – Issue Number 102 – November 1997

    This ad is from the November 1997 issue of Nintendo Power. Apparently, around this time Taco Bell was doing a promotion in which the toys given out as part of their kids’ meals was Nintendo 64 related. At this time, I was already too old for these kinds of toys and I wasn’t really a collector at that point.

    The ad mentions that there are 5 different toys to collect. Only two are pictured in the ad: the “Donkey Kong Tree Maze” and the “Mario Kart 64 Joystick”. I think that if I had been a kid of a certain age and went to Taco Bell excited about getting something Nintendo 64 related, I would have been pretty disappointed. I mean playing Mario Kart 64 is so much better than playing with a plastic fake Mario Kart 64 controller. Having said that, it would probably be pretty neat to have these today. And tacos are always good. Anybody know what the other toys in the series were or still have any of these lying around?