VideoGames & Computer Entertainment (June 1993)

Source: VideoGames & Computer Entertainment – June 1993

VideoGames & Computer Entertainment was the first video games magazine I ever bought and it remained my favorite throughout its life. The June 1993 issue includes:


  • Blaster Master 2 Contest! – Sunsoft, VG&CE and Triax have combined forces to give away some great prizes. Don’t miss out. Enter today to win!
  • The Quest For Immortality, Part 2 A Player’s Guide to Gods – This month we’ll take an in-depth look at Level 3 and make sure that your fighting skills will be at their peak.
  • VG&CE Preview: Aladdin – For the first time ever, Disney animators will join forces with Virgin and Sega to produce an exciting 16-meg cartridge for the Genesis. Join Andy as he takes a look at what will go into the making of the game.
  • The Tentacles Have Taken Over The Asylum: A Preview of Maniac Mansion 2 – It’s been six years since the release of the original game. Join the editors of VG&CE for a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of this new graphic adventure.

Reviews & Previews

  • Video-Game Previews
    • SF II Turbo Champion Edition
    • Journey From Darkness: Strider Returns
    • Crash ‘N Burn
    • Super Empire Strikes Back
    • Super Turrican
    • World Heroes 2
    • Cotton
    • Speedy Gonzales
    • Jungle Strike
    • Nigel Mansell’s World Championship
    • Lemmings
    • Puggsy
    • Lester the Unlikely
    • Streets of Rage 2
  • Video-Game Reviews
    • WWF Royal Rumble
    • B.O.B.
    • Toys
    • Summer Challenge
    • Vast