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  • Next Generation (September 1995)

    Source: Next Generation – Issue Number 9 – September 1995

    While EGM and VG&CE were my favorite video gaming magazines, I did really like Next Generation when it arrived with the 32/64 bit generation. Sadly, it didn’t last very long. The September 1995 issue includes:

    • talking: So Which 32-bit system is Electronic Arts betting on? – EA’s Bing Gordan picks his winners of the 32-bit race.
    • breaking: News
      • Joyriding (gaming online)
      • Arcadia (inside the coin-op industry)
      • Generator (game development news)
    • ng special: Reality Check: the future of VR – As the vaporware of the 1980s turns into the hardware of the 1990s, it’s time for a reality check.
    • ng hardware: Saturn: Sega’s plan of attack – Sega Saturn i a tough machine to work with. Very tough. So how is Sega ensuring that its full potential is realized and the games continue to improve?
    • ng software: Alphas: 11 game previews – The future of interactive entertainment is right here: Destruction Derby (PlayStation), WarHawk (PlayStation), Urban Decay (PlayStation), Solar Eclipse (Saturn), Thunderhawk 2 (Saturn), Twisted Metal (PlayStation), The Darkening (PC), Rebel Assault 2 (PC), Yohi’s Island (Super NES) and Virtua Cop (Saturn).
    • rating: Finals: 47 new game reviews – Looking to buy a new game? Trying to decide which system has the best software line-up? Here’s your guide, featuring: Greatest Nine Baseball (Saturn), Ballz (3DO), FlipOut! (Jaguar), Mario Smash (Virtual Boy), Street Hoop (Neo-Geo), Virtual Pool (PC), Dark Forces (Macintosh), Chrono Trigger (Super NES), Tekken 2 (Arcade), and Cybersled (PlayStation).
    • corresponding: Letters – Your means of communicating to a nation. Write us a letter, we print it. Instant respect. No, really.
    • now hiring – The largest recruitment advertising section in the business. Your shot at a dream job starts here.
    • ending – Next month… Next Generation #10 hits the newsstands on September 19. Check out what’s inside today.

    …and more!

  • Next Generation, August 1995

    Next Generation, August 1995

    While VideoGames & Computer Entertainment and Electronic Gaming Monthly were my favorite video games magazines from the late 1980s through the early 1990s, Next Generation was my favorite from the mid 1990s on. It’s a shame it only lasted until 2002. The August 1995 issue includes:

      • talking – Howard Lincoln – Nintendo’s president explains the delay of Ultra 64 – and why he’ll still make more money than Sega


      • breaking – News – All the latest gaming information from the worlds of the coin-op and the Internet
        • Arcadia (word from the coin-op world)
        • Joyriding (game on the Internet)
      • ng special – Saturn: the hype-free guide – You’ve seen the TV commercials, now read the answers to the most frequently asked questions


      • ng feature – Japanese RPGs – They’re the most popular games in Japan, and now they’re coming to a 32-bit console near you


      • ng software – Alphas – From Japan, Europe, and the U.S.: Your first look at the next generation games of tomorrow. Including: PlayStation’s Head-to-head games, VectorMan (Genesis), Duke Nukem 3D (PC), Shin Shinobi Den (Saturn), Wing Arms (Saturn), Terminal Velocity (Saturn), Air Combat (PlayStation), and Bullfrog’s 1996 lineup


      • rating – Finals – Your complete reviews guide to the month’s release on all formats. Featuring: Jumping Flash! (PlayStation), Pebble Beach Golf Links (Saturn), Tama (Saturn), Worldwide Soccer (Saturn), WWF Raw (Sega 32X), Slam ‘n’ Jam ’95 (3DO), Savage Reign (Neo-Geo), Last Eden (PC), Syndicate (Macintosh), Judge Dredd (Genesis), Romance (SNES) and Sega R