Enter (September 1984)


Source: Computer & Video Game Magazines – Enter Issue 10 1984 Sep

Enter was a computer magazine targeted towards kids published by Children’s Television Workshop (later Sesame Workshop). And what computer loving kid could resist a cover with the Enterprise on it? While it did have some gaming content its emphasis was on education including programming and various uses for computers. It covered all of the popular computers of the day that you might find in a home including (but not necessarily limited to) the Commodore 64, VIC-20, TI-99/4A, TRS-80, Apple II, the Atari 8-bit line, PCs (DOS), Coleco Adam and Timex. Unfortunately it lasted less than two years and only 17 issues were published.

The September 1984 issue includes the following:


  • The Empire’s Computer Secrets – The makers of Indiana Jones and Star Wars enter the computer age. Lucasfilm’s Ed Catmull and his high-tech team are creating new ways to entertain us. Plus a look at two new Lucasfilm computer games – Rescue On Fractalus! and Ballblazer.
  • Rock on the Road – Computers spotlight the action for many of this summer’s hottest rock & roll tours.
  • The Write Stuff – What’s the best word processing software? Get the word on packages for Apple, Atari, Adam, Commodore, IBM, TRS-80 and VIC-20 computers in this buyer’s guide and in-depth chart.
  • Portable Power – A hands-on guide and review of four of today’s top notebook-size portable computers
  • The Making of an Arcade Game – Behind-the-scenes at an arcade game company – an insider’s peek at how hit games are put together.
  • Contest #4 – Invent some new computer terms and you just might win a new Apple IIc computer!


  • Pacesetters – Eric Hammond, 17-year-old hit programmer.
  • Pencil Crunchers – Maze. Computer Scramble.


  • BASIC Training – Programming for 9 computers.
  • BASIC Recommends – A good book on basic programming.

…and more!