EGM 2 (June 1996)


Source: EGM 2 – Issue Number 24 – June 1996

Unlike the world of today where physical video game magazines are extinct for all practical purposes, the mid 1990s were overflowing with such publications. So much so that Electronic Gaming Monthly couldn’t get enough into their main multi-hundred page publication and they published a second monthly magazine, EGM^2. The June 1996 issue includes:


  • Insert Coin
  • Interface: Letters to the Editor
  • Press Start
  • Previews
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Strategies
  • Advertising Index


  • Alien Trilogy – Finally, the long-awaited Cheat Menu has now been found…great cheats available!
  • Night Warriors – Double your turbo speed and get a non-shaded pause screen with this code!
  • Game Shark Codes – The Shark can be your friend if you enter the passwords correctly for the SS and PS.
  • SFA 2 – Uncover Chun-Li’s old uniforms and two hidden fighting stages by entering this code.

Cover Story

  • Play with the Power of a God in this Latest Fighter – The latest entry into the fighting genre is another great title by the gurus at Williams but not by the same MK team. This new 3-D fighter was designed by a completely different group, however, they do the Williams name proud. It is an exceptional example of true 3-D perspective fighting, with all the moves, combos and fatalaties to keep fighting fans happy. Check out the first of many articles on War Gods, covering the initial stages and moves that will get you up and playing.


  • Fight or Die for your Party in Guardian Heroes – Guardian Heroes, Treasure’s first action/adventure title for the Saturn, pits you against a number of worthy (and just plain tough) foes. In this EGM^2, there is a six-p