Computer Fun (May 1984)


Source: Computer Fun – Volume 1, Issue 2 – May 1984

Computer Fun, subtitled “The Magazine of Recreational Computing” was an early 1980s magazine dedicated to the popular computers of the day. It was originally Electronic Fun but was revamped to be a more general computer magazine vs. a games magazine for video game systems and computers. However, it only lasted two issues after the makeover. The May 1984 issue of Computer Fun includes:


  • Let’s Get Physical – The health craze and the computer craze meet in new action-packed software which lets you exercise in your home and gives new meaning to the word RUN.
  • Free For All – Public domain means free software but, more than that, it also provides fledgling authors and unheralded geniuses of game design (such as yourselves) with a showcase for their talent.
  • You Oughta Be In Pixels – George Lucas, look out! With these new animation programs and a little imagination, who knows? You may produce the next Star Wars in your own living room.
  • Dis, Dat and DOS – You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to unravel the mystery of operating systems. It’s not as complicated as you think. In fact, it’s elementary, my dear Watson.
  • Gamemakers: Behind the Gumball – Broderbund’s Bob Cook talks about his game, Gumball, and reveals secrets and hidden messages that you probably never knew were there.
  • Hand On: Atari Times Two – The 600XL and 800XL; Atari’s newest computers. They’re sleeker than the old ones and the’ve got built-in BASIC, but are they really better?


  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • Glitches – Comic relief
  • Cartridge Slot – Blanchet on games
  • Input
  • New Products
  • Pass/Fail – Computer tutors
  • Slipped Disks – The unclassifiable
  • Prompts – Your tips here
  • Hits & Missiles – Software reviews
  • Hotware – Pick of the Month
  • Hacker’s Helper – Programming primer
  • First Screening – Readers’ programs
  • Readout – Book reviews
  • Random Access – Silicon Valley dirt

…and more!