Electronic Gaming Monthly – August 1997


Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly – Issue Number 97 – August 1997

In August 1997 all of the “new” consoles were out including the Saturn, PS1 and Nintendo 64. EGM was still also covering the Super Nintendo and the Genesis which were nearing their last days.

On the cover of this issue was Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi. This was essentially a Star Wars fighting game for the PlayStation. It was LucasArts first game for the PS1 and it showed. Expectations were high but this game was a disappointment.

The August 1997 issue of EGM includes the following:


  • Insert Coin – Ed discusses the always-evolving and improving ways of EGM.
  • Press Start – Sega and Bandai cancel plans for a merger.
  • Top 10 – Air Combat 2, Shining the Holy Ark and Star Fox 64 are all crowned #1.
  • Gaming Gossip – The PlayStation will have a 3-D action game based on all the Bond flics.
  • Protos – Dragonball GT should land on U.S. shores for the PS this fall.
  • Review Crew – Will Machine Hunter be a bomb or da Bomb?
  • Tricks of the Trade – Master the Big Cheat for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.
  • Special Feature – War: What is it good for? Games, of course. Plus, a biography on Lara C.
  • Next Wave – Director’s cut of Resident Evil shows what gore-lovers desired.
  • Team EGM – Madden NFL 98 plays “smarter” than the other games in the series.
  • Interface – Reader feels that Nintendo’s 64DD is a “big mistake.”

Win Big!

  • Star Fox 64

This Month

  • Uncle Sam Wages War on the Home Consoles
  • She’s Not Just Another Pretty Face (Lara Croft)
  • The Glitz and Glamour of Video Game Shows

Next Wave

  • D&D Collection (Sega Saturn)
  • Sky Target (Sega Saturn)
  • MDK (PlayStation)
  • Machine Hunter (PlayStation)
  • Poy Poy (PlayStation)
  • Resident Evil: DC (PlayStation)
  • SSF2 Collection (PlayStation)
  • Lethal Enforcers 1&2 (PlayStation)
  • One (PlayStation)

…and more!